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"Chinese version ZARA" is going to close? La Chambel is applying for bankruptcy

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"Raise Bell is applying for bankruptcy" to board the Weibo hot search!

On November 24th, according to the information disclosed by La Chapel, a number of creditors did not pay debt in accordance with the issue of La Xia Bell, and submitted bankruptcy discipline applications.

In the insiders,As a listed company, the shell resources of La Chambel have a certain value, and bankruptcy reorganization is the best choice, not bankruptcy.

However, in the case of a negative value for many years, La Chapel is facing the risk of being terminated by the end of the year. Because the company discloses the new regulations, if the company discloses 2021 annual report, it still touches the relevant refundment indicators, will be directly terminated. Listed.

Once the housing resource is lost, the reforming significance is not large, and the time to leave to La Chamer may not have much time.

Debt cannot be repaid, facing the refund crisis

On November 22nd, * ST La Xia Bell released an announcement, the company learned from the Xinshi People's Court of Urumqi City, the company's creditor Jiaxing Chengxin Garment Co., Ltd. and other three companies have submitted "Bankruptcy Application", apply For the bankruptcy clearance, the company's A-share stock will face the risk of being terminated.


Image Source: Company Announcement

According to the announcement, the applicant believes that La Xia Bell can't pay off the expiration debt, and it is obviously lacking a definition capability, so I propose to the court to apply for bankruptcy liquidation. It is understood that the three creditors and La Charm have a contract dispute, and the contract dispute is disputed, and the contract dispute is disputed.

but The company believes that the applicant's request does not comply with relevant legal procedures, and the company will promptly submit to the court to submit a bankruptcy discovery.At the same time, La Chapel did not receive any ruling on the rule of this bankruptcy clearing, and this creditor applied for the company's bankruptcy clearing.

La Chapel has had "high-gloss time". In 2014, the company was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; in 2017, the company landed on the motherboard of the Secondary Exchange, became the first "A + H" share costume brand. Subsequently,This women's brand company is rapidly expanding in the country, nearly 10,000 in direct sales in the country, with more than ten brand camps, known as "China Edition ZARA".

However, the better, but due to the strategic mistake, the expansion is too fast, after landing A stock in 2017, the company's performance declined year by year. In 2018, the company had a loss in the first day, reaching 160 million yuan. In 2019, the company's loss reached 2.16 billion yuan.

In July 2020, the net profit of the audited year was negative due to the two consecutive accounting years, and the Raise Bell was implemented by the retreat risk warning; La Chapel was listed as being executed several times, and at the same time, the real-controlled people Xing Jiaxing and its Consistent actors held all A-shares shares by judicial ...

As of October 28, this year, 144 bank accounts were frozen, and the freezing amount was about 126 million yuan; the company was freeze, involving the implementation of the case The amount of the amount is about 673 million yuan; the company has involved 58 unsurplified / unmissified litigation cases, and the amount of unreasonable litigation case involved is approximately 530 million yuan.

By the end of the third quarter of this year, the net assets of La Tamberg were approximately 896 million yuan.The company said that at this stage, it is still facing larger debt burden and operational pressure. The company's board will continue to seriously study countermeasures, actively plan to promote asset disposal, creditor debt restructuring, introducing external investment financing and improving internal control levels, etc., and strive to undo risk warning to maintain the company and all shareholders' interests.

In the view of the first lawyer of Beijing Tianchi Juntai Law Firm, La Chapel as a listed company, and its shell resources have a certain value, and the possibility of truly going to bankruptcy is relatively small.The reason why the creditor applies for bankruptcy may be because the controlling shareholder is not launched, causing the creditor to lose patiently forced to apply for bankruptcy liquidation, and do not rule out the creditor's use of bankruptcy clearing methods to force the La Chamer Pier holding shareholders, and even local governments seek to resolve debts. Method.

On November 25th, * ST La Xia did not closing the price of 2.22 yuan / share, the market value was 1216 million yuan,The share price has fallen by more than 90%, and the company has evaporated over 15 billion yuan.In the Hong Kong stock market, La Chapelle rose to more than $ 14 Hong Kong / shares in February 2015, but then shook down. Since 2020, long-term hovering in Hong Kong dollar / shares, the stock price is $ 0.58 / share.

and alsoWhich clothing brands do not have?

In addition to Rashibell,At present, there are a number of well-known brands such as Mei Bang Costume, Wanli, etc. in the first three quarters of this year, 10 companies have lost their results in the first three quarters of this year, and 16 companies have declined year-on-year, including many well-known Brand, such as Jiu Muwang, Jin Haibi, Red 蜻蜓, Yale, Singhas, Red Bean Shares, etc.There are also 6 shares such as ST you, St Edson, etc., are implemented by other risk warnings or have been implemented.

Among them, the company has the highest loss for the company, the loss is as high as 2.128 billion yuan. The US Costume has also been serious in the first three quarters of this year, and the loss is second only to search for special and * ST La Xia. However, the loss has narrowed compared with the same period last year.

Taking the ST noble person as an example, ST nobles have just turned over this year, and in the wave of "domestic hot" in the early stage. In order to alleviate the fluidity pressure, the ST you have recently sold the asset "slimming", helping the company to achieve a large amount of funding, used to repay the debt and related debt principal and interest.

In Shenzhen, CEO Wu Yiyi said in an interview with Beijing Business Daily, the apparel industry presents the phenomenon of brand atrophy, and there may be several problems here:

First, the status quo of the incidence of consumers on the clothes of the clothes and the clothing industry based on the epidemic.

Second, many well-known brands grow and grow up from traditional media developed ages, currently selling + online TV advertising bombings on the line, they can not return.

(Titanium Media App Edited Liu Equity Comprehensive Shenzhen Business Daily, Securities Times, China Fund, Beijing Business Daily, etc.)

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