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WeChat Alipay personal collection code will not be used for business collection, digital currency sector rises

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Author / Lu Qian

On November 26, a message on the "personal receiving code to operate from March 1, 2022" and "prohibiting personal static receiving barcode is used for remote non-face-to-face collection" to spread to the network. As of the paper, Tencent and ant procurement has not been issued for the message.

According to the first financial reporter, the news is a new notice from the central bank's recent barcode payment supervision.

On October 13, 201, the central bank official website released the "People's Bank of China on Strengthening Payment Acceptance Terminal and Related Business Management", from payment acceptance terminal business management, special merchant management, acquisition business monitoring Three aspects started, and a series of management requirements were put forward on the subscriber and clearing structure. At the same time, bar code payment is also incorporated into supervision, making specific regulations for the use of personal receivables barcodes and will be implemented on March 1, 2022.

In terms of the secondary market, the payment code subject to WeChat and Alipay will not be used for business collection, and the State Council supports Beijing accelerates the impact of the statutory digital currency pilot message. As of the paper, the digital currency sector rose 7.62%.

  Wind control as a premise

In response to the "Notice of Strengthening Payment Acceptance Terminal and Related Business Management", the head of the relevant department of the central bank explained that the personal receipt barcode has been widely used in recent years, and there is some risk hidden danger. If some criminals use the "running platform", attracting a large number of people with high-income, using personal static receiving barcodes and gamblers "point-to-point" online remote transfer gambling, and split gambling is hidden in many normal trading scenes. In order to better exhibit the popularity, convenience, "Notice" proposes some targeted requirements for the premise of preventing risks.

Among them, the "Notice" has been described on the collection barcode management. For the payment of individual or special merchants, the payer is used to read and launch the payment bar code, which should be effectively distinguished from personal and special merchants. Scenery and use of the model, the prevention barcode is leased, borrowed, sold or used for illegal violations. For individuals with obvious business activities, bar code payment receiving service institutions must not provide operational activities related to payment services.

Bo Tong analyzes the senior analyst of the Financial Industry, said that "Notice of Strengthening Payment Acceptance Terminal and Related Business Management" should pay attention - first is the management of the bank card acceptance terminal and the previous consensus, but also consistent The requirements will consider the same terminal may enter the network a number of clearing agencies, in order to avoid duplication of construction, clearing agencies can be built or entrusting other agencies to establish management platforms, and also emphasize their main responsibility does not move due to commission.

What is much more concerned is that Wang Zibo said that notify the barcode payment to manage and make a clear classification, and make up for the loopholes of the more barcode payment channels that may be laundered before. Especially for the management of personal collections, personal receipt barcode users with obvious business features refer to special merchant management, and provide merchant colleague barcodes for such personal users, requiring personal static receiving barcodes to prohibit remote use for remote Non-face-to-face collection will effectively avoid the use of trading platforms.

For small and medium-sized merchants, Wang Peng believes that this is actually compensated for the vulnerability that has always been misappropriated funds and secondary cleaning calculations and jump code, which helps to better protect personal operators and small micro commercial households. . The compliance tasks of the subscriber institution must be increased, but the personal operator is incorporated into the management of merchants. It has actually added the number of merchants. From the long run, the equity of merchants will be effective in conducive to the development of the overall industry, especially habits. Free merchants.


This time regarding the spread of personal receiving code cannot be used for business payment messages, it is precisely because WeChat and Alipay have become consumers' daily mobile payment tools, which will also play an important verification in payment acceptance terminals and related business management. responsibility.

"Notice to strengthen payment acceptance terminal and related business management" mentioned in the "Special Merchant Management", the receipt mechanism should check the identity information of special merchants in the initial expansion of special merchants, and with special merchants business. For entity special merchants with fixed business places, they should be verified by the on-site side. For entity special merchants and network special merchants without fixed business places, it should be verified by manual or intelligent customer service synchronous video. For network special merchants that conduct business activities through e-commerce platforms, the subscriber can assist the identity information of special merchants by e-commerce platforms in ensuring the implementation of the host's responsibility of the acquiring service management.

In the process of verifying the information, the subscriber should take a significant manner to the special merchant legal representative, the person in charge, or its authorized person to remind, borrow, sell payment payment acceptance terminal (including the barcode payment assist acceptance terminal, the same), the payment bar code , The risk and responsibility of the network payment interface and subscriber settlement account. If the special merchant subscriber settlement account is set to a non-name account, the subscriber should conduct an audit against the legitimate financial management relationship between the special merchant and the non-commentary account account, the legitimate fund management relationship between the same brand chain, the management, and the non-name account. Accounts conduct identification and willingness to verify.

In addition, the liquidation mechanism should establish a sound entry of the special business information platform for this institution, and carry out the necessary monitoring of the relationship between the pending mechanism and the networking special merchant, payment acceptance terminal; If the same special merchants frequently change the core information, the information inconsistency is reported by different receipt organizations, and the contracting agency has repeatedly retracted or the same suspicious situation as other special merchants operating the address and contact information, should request related receipt organizations Risk investigate and feedback the findings.

In terms of receipt services, the liquidation mechanism should improve the cross-institutional payment business message according to the regulations, and support the member agencies to provide customers with reasonable necessary transaction information query services, check the transaction information, monitor the location of the payment acceptance terminal. , Monitor fund settlement, etc.

Wang Zubo said to the first financial reporter that according to the principle of KYC ("Know your Customer"), the subscriber is the responsibility of the customer's funding, personal information, and risk control, is the responsibility of the responsibility.

Simply, KYC is a way to verify the identity of the customer, to protect the customer's funds and services. When it comes to payments and payments, financial institutions start the KYC process is necessary, which helps to combat fraud or laundering behavior. Improve customer financial security. As for the clearing agency, WeChat and Alipay will be more refined under the guidance of "Notification of Strengthening Payment Acceptance Terminals and Relevant Business Management", and is currently not responding.

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