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Online shopping health supplies, all night K songs, many elderly people fall into digital fatigue

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Chen Yu / Worker Daily

Online shopping health supplies, all night K song: After leaping the digital divide, the elderly fell into a digital plug

According to the "2020 Elderly Internet Life Report", more than 100,000 people have online over 10 hours. 60-year-old and older users have averaged 1 hour, and the APP is logged in average, which is higher than other ages. The "Yinfa People Insight Report" shows that short video has become the main entertainment method of old netizens, on the mainstream short video platform represented by shake, the elderly per month can reach 1500 minutes.

After learning to use the mobile Internet, after the "digital divide", many elderly people have fallen into the "digital fat" and plagued many families.

  Be lazy, lying down and brush mobile phone

Caves the humanity algorithm design, Xiaoyu's red envelope reward, painting the big cake's help cash back ... In the face of these difficult temptations, the "Internet addiction elderly" team is also increasingly huge.

Before the father of Li Job, he was the old cadre of state-owned enterprises before retiring, and now is a senior user of a short video platform. "The platform is good, the recommended video seems to be refreshed, every day, sitting on the sofa is an afternoon." Li Bin felt that the father was addicted, "Communication dance did not love jumping, and the bend was too lazy, there is A posture was sitting too long, fell when you got up, the whole family was frightened, and he lied more. As a result, he lie down and brush the phone. "

The cheap toilet paper in the box, a large amount of ten yuan of pants ... Liu Dan Ning, who is home, found that the room is full of trophy from the Internet. "I am overtime to the middle of the night, my mother shopping in the middle of the night, sometimes two in the morning, I will send me the group purchase information, the family group is all her bargaining link." Let Liu Dan Ning are confused, the mother is thrilling, how to start online I have changed my personal, and I can't use it, I can't eat.

Tang Dan analyzed Tang Dan, associate professor of the Population and Development Research Center, Renmin University of China, said that after retirement of the elderly, the idle time suddenly increased, and the social identity became the devotees brought from the decision-making, and the children could not bear the empty sense of joy, so that they turn on the line Seeking comfort. They are more curious about the Internet compared to growing in the Internet age, and it is more likely to fall.

Xie Tian, associate professor, associate professor, Department of Psychology, Wuhan University Philosophy, believes that the appearance of "Internet addiction elderly" should be dialective. On the one hand, there is a guaranteed old-age life created consumer demand. In the case of technological advancement, material filling, per capita life, more old people have time to surf. On the other hand, after a considerable part of 50, when you are young, you are busy with your family, your hobby is not developed, and you will have a monotonous way in your old-age entertainment.

  Drink for half a year, drink kidney stones

Talking about the "Internet addiction elderly", Liu Dan Ning is complicated. "I hope that they will look at Yi Wen, learn to sing, retirement is not so boring. I am afraid that Internet time is too bad, and the information of the fish dragon mixed It is easy to be lied to not say, and it is still sad. "Constant flashing light will continue to stimulate the eyes, which in turn lead to decline in vision, dry eye disease, glaucoma and other eye diseases. In addition, sedentary will induce or increase cervical spondylosis, shoulder inflammation, and will be borne to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular blood vessels.

Many young people discovered that some elderly people were easy to listen to and spread fake information on the Internet, and various "shocks" articles were full of family groups. Li Congbin concluded that the father's friends' friends circle fidilized for three types of articles: health pseudo science, emotional moral soul chicken soup, with experts as the title party.

High school teacher Zhang Hao is very worried and no more, "My mother watched the healthwood, holding a big Coke bottle to drink alkaline water, but also forced us to drink, the result is half a year, Isolated dual kidney stones."

In addition, the elderly are poorly presented, often staring at the network fraud. According to relevant media reports, from the lying company to prepare for the "original stock" to sell "Original stock", to the financial class that needs to be pulled into people, and then participate in the national project division, the scam is constantly refurbished, the old people want to earn some small money, but let The savings of the most born have been drifting. Tencent 110 platform released "Middle-aged and anti-fraud white paper" showed that in the first half of 2019, the platform was accepted by middle-aged and elderly people to be lied more than 20,000, of which 97% of the deceived were lost.

"Compared to active creation, the elderly is more online, which is a negative network." Tang Dan said that due to the relatively lack of digital media, the elderly will be prone to deviation when the information is detected by the information of the passive received. Xie Tian felt that the elderly may not be unconscious when they were cheated. "The interaction between network interactions gives them a sense of belonging, filling the emotional vacancy, some 'Heart will' walk into the circle."

  Kung Fu is outside the Internet, always have fun

The 48th "China Internet Development Statistics Statistical Report" shows that as of June 2021, my country's 60-year-old netizens account for 12.2% of the total number of netizens, and the growth rate is much higher than the whole, and become a user group that cannot be ignored by the Internet era.

The elderly accelerate the embrace of digital life, how to guide them rationally moderately online, build a network environment that is more suitable for the old man? Tang Dan pointed out that in addition to the optimization process, the operating main body has to focus on the interface simple, easy to operate, and pay attention to the quality of network information. Platform companies should take responsibility and is committed to building a stage that is suitable for the elderly to show self, achieving value, can't add addicts in web design in order to capture attention.

Where is the "Internet Addiction"? Zhang Hao feels that the city is looking high, and the older is very limited. In this regard, Xie Tian believes that it is necessary to achieve the transformation from "old and have" to "old music", it is necessary to provide a stronger, meaningful life choice, "building a city living room, park, etc. Open space, theater, music Cultural facilities such as the Hall for the elderly groups. In addition, the elderly schools, volunteers organized by the community are also very popular, and when the demand for spiritual life is satisfied, the temptation of the Internet will decline. "

For many empty nests, Internet addiction is helpless and loneliness. Tang Dan feels that the child wants to help her parents quit the Internet addiction, try to understand is the first step, "We have too many engraved presets for the elderly, think that older life should be a card. In fact, young people love life. The elderly can also choose. The child helped parents to increase the awareness of network prevention, share quality content with them, encourage them to use the network to record life. "

"The root of network behavior may be fear." Xie Tian said, "The old man frequently forward the health article, because it is aware of death; will fall into the trap of investment and financial management, it is more secure. At this time It should not be a broadband, restrict the Internet, but talk to them, talk about financial knowledge, face the problem, solve the confusion from the source. "

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