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Euler "core door" continued fermentation: the Great Wall again issued a statement of dissatisfaction with 400 million yuan compensation scheme

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Financial union (Beijing, reporter Xu Hao) news, continued a month of the Great Wall Motor Euler cat "change core door" event, once again ferment. On December 8, Great Wall issued another statement, offering each Good Cat owner 10,000 yuan in compensation, on top of the 7,200 yuan "equity package" previously offered.

However, in the face of Great Wall threw a total of more than 400 million yuan "gift package", some good Cat owners are not satisfied, still want Great Wall to "refund three", and said that they reserve the right to further appeal to the law.

"There are car owners put forward the vehicle 'return three' requirements, because it is the car machine system, affect the driving experience, and does not affect the main characteristics of the vehicle as a vehicle, so the vehicle 'return three' is not likely." Hao Qingfeng, deputy secretary-general of the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law Research Institute of the China Law Society, told reporters that the court will determine the nature of such cases in accordance with the law, and the final judgment will prevail.

  It is clear that the chip cannot be replaced

In early November, a woman who picked up her Olla Cat complained to The company after discovering that her car did not support CarPlay, an in-car system developed by Apple that connects mobile entertainment. In the manufacturer's reply can not increase this function, its own detection has found that the Olahao cat car processing chip was "stolen replacement".

Since its launch, the Olahelo has been advertised as using a Qualcomm octa-core chip, but owner tests have shown it uses an older Intel quad-core A3940 chip released in 2016. The chip has poor performance and compatibility, which is completely inconsistent with official propaganda, and the owners questioned whether Euler was involved in false publicity and consumer fraud.

On November 17, Euler responded for the first time that it had set up a special working group to carry out the investigation. For the demands of car owners, Based on the original product development plan of Ola Cat, Euler Auto decided to speed up the configuration of CarPlay and HiCar functions and upgrade OTA functions for users free of charge. But at this time, Euler did not directly respond to the chip by the "thieve replacement" situation.

Five days later, on November 22, Euler issued a statement saying, "The Current Euler Cat model, which will be launched in 2020, does not have A Qualcomm 8 core chip. This configuration was planned for future models. In the statement, Euler offered a 7,200 yuan "equity package" for car owners.

This is the first time that Euler admitted that the good Cat model does not carry Qualcomm 8155 chip.

However, some owners are not satisfied with Euler's response and have spontaneously formed a "rights protection group" for owners to fight for greater rights and interests. These rights and interests advocated by some owners include "return one compensation three", "replace the chip" and higher compensation amount.

"Generally speaking, the advanced or not of the application of chips will directly affect the owners of the use of the feeling. But the chip is not the decisive factor. It has a lot to do with how the software and hardware fit together." Has the automobile industry practitioner to express.

Part of the good cat owners to "replace the chip" is from this point. Some complaint platforms show that many owners find problems such as lag of Eulahao Cat, unable to update version of APP, inaccurate face recognition, navigation and positioning drift, and unable to save kinetic energy recovery Settings.

"It is impossible to replace the chip, because the system of the whole vehicle needs to match the chip, not so simple to replace the chip." Great Wall motor insiders say clearly, can not carry on hardware upgrade to the chip.

  An internal investigation is under way

In addition to the chip problems brought by the fact that the use of poor feeling, more make part of the good cat owners dissatisfied, is the Great Wall or the existence of false publicity.

According to public information, Aulaoco was officially launched in November last year, based on the pure electric architecture of Great Wall Motor Lemon platform, and equipped with Great Wall Motor coffee intelligent platform.

Great Wall Coffee Intelligence, which was first launched in July last year, is an intelligent brand of Great Wall Automobile, covering intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and intelligent electronic and electrical architecture. It is an intelligent system for future travel. According to the plan of Great Wall, the Great Wall Wei Pai Mocha, which will be launched in May this year, will be carried in Great Wall tanks and Euler Cat models successively after becoming the world's first model equipped with qualcomm's third-generation 8155 chip intelligent cockpit.

However, in the previous promotion of Euler products, Great Wall claimed that Euler is equipped with an intelligent car control system for coffee, and its intelligent service processing platform uses qualcomm's professional on-board chips. It has 8 KryoTMCPU processing cores, one Qualcomm®AdrenoTM 640GPU graphics processor and one high-performance HexagonTM 6DSP digital signal processor.

In the product parameter configuration table after the launch of Aulahao Cat, except Muse version, the intelligent service processing platforms of other models all use Qualcomm professional on-board chips.

"The intelligent service processing platform mentioned in the configuration table of Eulaolao cat only writes Qualcomm and does not write all the chips in the Sanzhi system, which has caused problems for users." Great Wall explained, "The correct expression should be all qualcomm, Intel, Renesas and other chips, and the intelligent service processing platform three smart system separately, what is the chip of the vehicle, what is the chip of the interconnection, and so on, I believe it will not cause users trouble."

In addition, another Great Wall insider told reporters that the tank brand revised the promotional page after receiving information from technicians that the 8155 chip would only be installed this year, "but for some reason, The Good Cat didn't change it." The person said that Great Wall is conducting an internal investigation into why it failed to make changes to the promotional page for The Olahao Cat product.

Founded in 2018, Euler, one of the six brands under Great Wall motor, is responsible for Great Wall's transition to intelligent electrification -- achieving annual sales of 1 million vehicles globally by 2023. Data show that from January to November this year, the overall sales volume of Euler was 114,102 units, up 162.2% year on year, among which the accumulative sales volume of Euler Good Cat was 40,246 units.

According to the plan, Euler will move towards a higher value product matrix. In 2022, Great Wall Motor will launch euler Ballet Cat, Punk Cat, Lightning Cat and other models, and plans to release the first C-class sedan of Euler brand next year.

In the face of such a huge target, is still in the fermentation of the Eulahao cat "core door" incident, whether it will have an impact on its brand and sales, it is still unknown. Financial union auto channel will also continue to pay attention to.

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