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E-commerce pulls people dividends? Be wary of new pyramid schemes "10-sided ambush"

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Original title: E-commerce pulls people dividends? Be wary of new pyramid schemes "10-sided ambush"

With the advancement of information technology, the pyramid scheme is constantly changing. On December 20th, the "Rule of Law Market Supervision Construction" issued by the State Market Regulatory Branch (2021-2025) "will increase the intensity of mission-to-market, and use the technical means to identify the new situation with e-commerce, micro business, consumption rebate The new pyramid schemes carried out in the name of nominal, investigate and deal with direct sales violations. E-commerce shopping, "new retail" group purchase, buy coin financial management ... MLM can be described as "ten-faced ambush" in life, how to polish your eyes, attack the mistribution violation?

  MLM on "Net"

Shopping on the shopping mall app, becoming a member to pull the head, can participate in profit dividends, and obtain the equity after the company is listed in the future. In the face of these baits, many people are gone.

According to the case of Zhejiang Province, the case, a shopping mall APP platform called "Sommelon entrance" is spread throughout 32 provinces, with a registered member account, more than 700,000 actual pay members, and more than 7,000 funds 7000 10,000 yuan.

This is a typical network pyramid scheme. The prompts released on the website of the Market Supervision Bureau said that online pyramid schemes release pyramid schemes through a specific website or social platform, often with e-commerce, free profit, consumption, online entrepreneurship, investment wealth, love mutual help, online betting (game) ), The fashionable and "generals" of capital operations, "flourishing" is highly concealed and deceptive. In fact, it is not essentially different from traditional pyramid scheme, but it is mainly used to use online banking, online payment and other means to collect entry or contributions, directly or indirectly to pull people as their own line.

Take network marketing, online shopping, online direct sales, etc. At the same time, many "free profits" "value-added" "" value-added consumption "formation behavior, claim" consumption without spending money, free purchase goods "," consumption = save money = free "" Follow 500 back 500 ", etc. , Strong deceptive, and temptation.

When the senior partner of Beijing Yingke Law Firm, Gao Qualwu said in an interview with Beijing Business Daily reported that "the past pyramid schemes need to be listening, investigating, superior, and requires the construction of the meeting atmosphere. And the online pyramid scheme is free, easy to operate The amount of investment is small, not limited, and the location is limited. Moreover, traditional pyramid schemes main 'killing', online pyramid schemes not only 'cooked' It has uneerquisitive.

According to the official website of the Market Supervision, there is currently, in addition to the traditional fitness equipment, health products, health cosmetics and other physical products, there have also occurred network commercial advertising communication data, business fund share, computer software and other virtual services. Virtual concept, the type of MLM tend to complicate, virtualized and is not easy to determine the identification.

  Financial investment buried pit

Network pyramid schemes are sometimes wearing a wealthy coat. In the last month, Xuzhou Xiangning police disclosed a large network pyramid scheme, the suspect passed a virtual currency pledge mining platform called "BBGO", and then rewarded the high rebate to the bait to attain it home Pull the head for investment, engaged in organizing leading pyrance sales activities. Since July 2019 to July 202, members of the gang reached more than 110,000 members, involved in capital of 1 billion yuan.

The police investigation found that the suspects found a "BBGO" virtual currency pledge mining platform to find outdoor publicity personnel to help them falsify false minerals and miners, and published a so-called large event in some short video platforms. To trick investors to join its MLM.

In a city anti-MLM, the Beijing Business Daily reporter noticed that some netizens had called, and their friends were brainwind because of BBGO, and they investigated hundreds of thousands. The BBGO propaganda content she forwarded, this pyramid is claimed to be "small investment, and stability." There are different rewards in different levels, such as V1 level, as long as the team is directly pushed, the team performance reaches 200,000 US dollars, you can take 5% of the reward; V2 level requires team to cultivate 3 V1, get 9% reward, The number of layers and development of the subsequent and development will continue to improve.

Mr. Yang, who is engaged in anti-MLM activities, told Beijing Business Daily reporters. "About five years ago, a friend was pulled to participate in a pyramid scheme called 'radar', and I also took me to persuade him. He didn't listen until it was later sold. " In these years, he also received a lot of people in consultation, just before a month, some netizens asked him, "the old man's pension is 100,000, being smashed by the friend to buy radar coins, now I do?" For these He often advises the other party alarm.

Jiangxi Public Security has issued a tip of "MLM", indicating that this is a way to use virtual currency and encourage members "pull the head" to earn returns, and constantly absorb the membership fee to achieve a pyramid scheme for the purpose of paying the purpose.

"Any 'XX virtual currency, XX block chain, XX original stock, XX Internet of Things, publicity investment stock, guaranteeing money, static, dynamic more' these statements, is a scam; anyone requires development, It must be cautious in layers; all rewards, it is inevitably high risk.

  Regulatory chase

Digitalization is changing all aspects of life, and the pyramid scheme is also rushing to understand the new things in the unsuspetent stage, carrying the pit and fraud. Regulatory is like a chartering, striving to block its finishing at the fastest speed.

Recently, Jiangsu Nantong City Public Security Bureau issued a reminder that some banners of "new retail" economy have been found, induce consumers and merchants, and use the number of developers as the payment or rebate. These platforms are fictitiously ordering quantities, false transactions, pull-headed heads, suspected of organizing, leading pyramid schemes.

Similarly, the Tongling Market Supervision Bureau of Anhui Province recently investigated the city's first online pyramid scheme, a platform called "Exclusive Broad School", by promoting network courses, requiring participants to purchase VIP membership services to join qualifications, recommenders and It is recommended to form a top and lower relationship. The case is covered with the business model of "New Art" coat, and the whole process is spread online, transaction, concealed, cross-regional domain.

On June 7 this year, the company has closed all the servers of the above projects, and the parties have also terminated the case.

In addition, for direct sales involving violations, the Market Supervision Administration will also investigate and punish according to law. Tall Du Wu said to Beijing Business Daily reporters. For direct sales, pay attention to whether to obtain direct sales activities, whether to change direct business license and enterprise registration registration, the relevant departments should strengthen the supervision of the recruitment of direct salesman, pay attention to the recruitment main body, Recruitment objects and recruitment advertising content is legal, whether to pay a fee or purchase of goods as a condition for developing direct sales. It is also necessary to strengthen supervision of direct training activities, pay attention to whether the direct sales trainers will be certified, and the training content and methods are legal.

He added that the industry and commerce and market regulatory authorities should strengthen direct sales meetings, marketing methods, reward systems, etc., such as direct sales enterprises, marketing methods, reward systems, and methods such as direct sales enterprises, marketing methods, reward systems, add-to-how, include, but are not limited to, seminars, incentives, and commendation. Meeting, product promotion, business communication, beauty or nutrition lectures, etc.) The contents of the meeting should not exaggerate the product efficacy, exaggerated promotion and sales behavior such as deception, misleading.

Beijing Business Daily reporter & nbsp; Tao Feng & NBSP; Lu Yinling

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