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Quick hand group cooperation, two "Tencent Department" company blocking shake

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Author / Yang Anqi

The two "Tencent" companies finally join hands.

On December 27, the quick hand and the US group announced the reaching interconnection strategic cooperation. The two sides will open the content scene marketing, online transactions and online compliance service capabilities to form a complete consumption link.

Simply, the quick hand provides content scene and flow, and the US group provides the supply chain, two companies complement each other.

It is worth noting that the fast hand and the US group are considered "Tencent" company by the outside world. According to the former discounted book, as of the IPO, the founder of the fastener, the founder of the fastener, 6.648% and 10.023%, Tencent holds 21.567%, is the largest shareholder; the shares of the US Mission, the founder Wang Xingzhan Around 10%, 2018, Tencent's IPO was released by Tencent to hold 20.1%. After the listing was diluted to 19.2%. After the latest increase in April this year, Tencent's shareholding was approximately 17%. .

Tencent's investment style is, although the stock, but does not affect the company's founder decision-making. Both Wang Xing and Su Hua, Cheng Xiao is still the US group and the quick decision maker, and there are more cooperation between the two parties because each parties need.

For US groups, their boundaries need to expand. In 2020, the US Town takeaway catering business annual income exceeded 60 billion yuan, net profit was only 2.83 billion yuan. With the adjustment of the country's resale rider salary social security related policies, the profit margin of the US Mission will squeeze.

It can be seen that the focus of this cooperation is the local life service consumption link, which is the field of the US group constantly involved in 2017. Sources such as truck, tourism, movies, etc. are new income sources for the desire of US groups. Live broadcast is also an important traffic pool and marketing means in local life scenes, and the fast hand is a few choices for traffic costs.

For fast hands, it lacks a supply chain system outside of traffic. Previously, the quick hand used to work with another "Tencent" company Jingdong, but recently Tencent has reduced Jingdong shares, it is not the largest shareholder of Jingdong.

At that time, the cooperation strategy of the fast hand and Jingdong was basically similar to the current US groups. Users can purchase Jingdong self-operated goods directly in the fast-handed shop, and do not even need jump links and serve Jingdong distribution and after-sales service.

The logic of the quick hand is that it is difficult to establish a logistics supply chain system in the short term, which is the barrier established by Jingdong and US Mission in the past 10 years.

More importantly, regardless of the US group and the quick hand, even Jingdong, they all have a common opponent-byte beating.

According to "late LatePost", the e-commerce carrier has more than 500 billion yuan in 2020, and the e-commerce is still growing rapidly. In October this year, the vice president of joking e-commerce said that January to September, the e-commerce GMV increased by 7.9 times year-on-year. Also, the shake began to build closed-loop e-commerce internally in September 2020, cut off the foreign links of the third-party source in the live broadcast, and increase the support of the shake self-owned merchant.

Outside the e-commerce, the hanging will extend the tentacles to local life services, which is the same as the previous e-commerce path. In the product, the shake is joined in the same city. Users can search for short video content related to food, attractions, play, etc., and purchase goods online through the store address in short video, and then go to the offline verification. Compared with the huge storage logistics cost of e-commerce, the barrier of local life services is that it is difficult to get in the short-term in the short term. But the advantage is that the small shop owner can feel the traffic bonus brought by the shake.

According to the media consultation data, the local life service O2O market is currently only 12.7%, and the market size is approximately 1.08 trillion in 2019. It is expected to reach 2.8 trillion in 2024. It will maintain more than 20% in the next 3 to 4 years. Growth rate. These are all the future of hanging can be seen.

The shake is involved in the local life service directly to move the cheese of the US group. According to the US Mission 2021 Q2 financial report, the revenue of the catering takeaway is 23.1 billion yuan, the net profit is 2.44 billion yuan, but in contrast, the total collection of the store, the hotel and tourism is only "8.6 billion yuan, but net profit Up to 3.66 billion yuan. For a high profit, the future prospects of the future, the US Mission, the trick, and the tricks are obviously three unwilling to give up.

Can the two "Tencent" companies and beauty groups can block the shakes with huge potentials? Logically may be reasonable, the shake seems to have a living space from the giants of the giants, and this path does not know whether it can be replicated in the local life service war. (

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