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Yuan universe will reshape digital copyright state, two short video copyright difficult solution ... 2021 digital copyright hotspot release

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Author: Wang Jun editor: Huang Yuyi

This year, the new concept of Yuancai, NFT, Cloud Draft, and a number of people, etc., the new things such as the number; the anti-monopoly is under the big copyright; the interconnection will benefit the circulation and achievement of digital copyrights ... This year, it is a digital copyright. The year of protection and development. Recently, the National Copyright Trade Base of Renmin University of China issued a few keywords on digital copyright protection and development in 2021.

  Yuan Cosmic Age Works Rights will be more complex

There is no doubt that the Yuan Universe is one of the most thermal concepts of this year. Zachberg describes it as a "real visual environment that can live in".

In March 2021, the first owned Roblox of Yuancai was listed in the United States. It quickly ignited the heat of Yuancos, and major technology companies have entered the bureau. Facebook expressed in May 5 years to transform into a Yuanci Company, announced in October to change the company name to "Meta"; Microsoft is in the August official "Enterprise Yuan Cosmic" solution; Ying Weida also launched "Engineer's Yuan Universe" Platform Omniverse. Domestic, byte beating with 9 billion yuan high-priced VR technology company Pico; Tencent investment several yuan universe-related companies such as artwork, soul network, etc. The reaction in the capital market, China Qingbao, Chinese online, etc., the share price is ushered in a big rose after entering the Yuancos business.

What impact will the Yuan universe give the digital copyright? The relevant person in charge of the National Copyright Trade Base of Renmin University of China pointed out that in the first hand, the Yuancai will reshape the industrial ecology of digital copyright. At present, the main application scene of Yuanhe is in the online game industry, the future, with artificial intelligence creation, AR / VR, cloud computing, high-speed communication, block chain, digital twin technology, the application scenario of Yuancai can be expanded to Social intelligence, art, education, and all areas such as cultivation and other areas, and reshape the industrial ecology of digital copyright. & nbsp;

On the other hand, the Yuanhe Universe will change the content of the content and authorization mode, bringing new challenges to copyright protection and authorization. "In the Yuancai platform, artificial intelligence creation, multi-user collaborative creation will be greatly strengthened, the creation of digital content will have changed, and the rights of the work will be more complex, and the rapid large-scale authorization of massive work will face challenges. "The person in charge said.

  NFT release digital copyright value while exposure

NFT refers to non-homogeneous coins, 2021, which carries a story about wealth. Artist Beeple's works in Qorshi through NFT in the form of more than 60 million dollars auction price, shocked the art circle; the first essay on Twitter was sold in nearly three million US dollars; Su Fuby, Christien NFT The collection of the auction has exceeded 100 million US dollars. Jingdong "Spar", Ant "Whale", Tencent "Magic Nuclear" and other NFT products, such as Jingdong Mascot "Joy", Alipay "Flying" "Nine-color deer" skin, etc., will nft this " The import of imports "introduced national life, which triggered a wave of swaying. In the future, the protection of digital copyrights is strengthened through NFT, and the value of digital copyright is released is expected to become a mainstream trend.

Renmin University of Renmin Copyright Trade Base, with the further application of NFT in the field of digital copyright, if the author sells NFT rights, the use of NFT "Notice - Essential Measures", etc., these problems It is worthy of our concern that NFTs need to be further improved in the digital copyright industries.

  The two short video disputes is still difficult for the industry.

Short video is a new industry in recent years, and its copyright issues are accompanied by, and they have ushered in this year. On April 9, 2021, 73 film and television institutions issued a "joint statement", indicating that the behavior of arbitrary clips, cuts, handling, and dissemination of film and television works, and called for short video creators to respect the original and protect copyright. Two weeks later, Tencent and other long video platforms and more than 70 film and television media units, more than 500 practitioners issued an initiative, focused on the "secondary creation" of the film and television industry, etc., once again called for copyright of film and television works. This news event is called "long short video dispute" by the industry.

In addition to the issuance of the joint initiative, the long video platform is also aimed at the two-creating short video of the thermal broadcast drama, and the legal rights protection measures will be applied to the court. Such as Youku to Qingdao Zhongyuan requests B to delete the "Yu Lou Spring" infringement Link, Tencent requested that the "Douro Continent" and "Sweeping Storm" infringement short video.

On December 15th, the China Network Audiovisual Program Service Association released the "Network Short Video Content Audit Standard Rules (2021)", "Unauthorized self-cut, adapted movies, TV dramas, online film and television dramas and other audiovisual programs and fragments "It is considered to be the most stringent new regulations for short video industries.

The Renmin University of Renmin International Copyright Trade Base pointed out that the future, the copyright issues of the two short video are still one of the difficulties of the development of the industry, expecting the industry to form a valid solution.

  Anti-monopoly, unique copyright is normal

In 2021, it was a year in which my country's anti-monopoly has advanced, and the platform economy, including the far-reaching impact of digital copyright industries.

The anti-monopoly work is specific to the digital copyright industry. There are two attractive initiatives: The first is July 10, the State Market Supervision State Administration banned the fighting fish and tiger mergers according to law, and believes that their merger will further strengthen Tencent in the game live market The dominance, thereby producing exclusion, limiting the effect of competition, prohibiting both live broadcast platforms from being merged according to law. The second is on July 24, the Market Supervision State Administration is ordered to take measures such as elimination of exclusive music copyright within 30 days to avoid illegal implementation of operators to concentrate on damage market competition order.

In the context of national antitrust, on the one hand, the country will prevent the formation of the Internet content platform absolute domain, the head Internet content platform needs more cautious; on the other hand, non-exclusive copyrights become normal, will enable copyright The price is returned, which is conducive to the maintenance of the orderly development of the copyright market.

  Interconnection will benefit to digital copyright flow and achievement

Sharing and interaction is the essential feature of the Internet, the result of sharing and interaction is the flow of data, that is, the interconnection of data. However, from my country's Internet in recent years, the Internet platform has to maintain their competitive advantage, in each of the buildings, self-establishment gardens, and the "interconnection" of the Internet "interconnection". In order to curb this phenomenon, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched a special rectification action for a half-year Internet industry in July 2021, and improving the shielding website links such as heavy punching rectification.

For a time, interconnection, such as immediate communication, e-commerce, payment, etc. have become a topic of the industry. Since its special action, it has achieved a certain effect, and the interconnection of major Internet platforms is gradually achieved.

Renmin University State Copyright Trading Base It is conducive to pushing a better development of the digital copyright industry.

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