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Xiaomi's dilemma Lei Jun's embarrassment

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Wen Li Denganghua

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Compared with the release of Xiaomi 12 Series, the outside world is concerned about the slogan of "full-scale apple" shouting out.

Put Apple as a competitor in the field of smartphone, Zhao Ming, who is glory before Xiaomi, released the glory 50 series in June this year, and before Luo Yonghao.

Xiaomi's brand positioning, in consumer looks and Apple far from the hierarchy.

The market showed surprised to the slogan of Lei Jun, mainly two aspects:

1, Xiaomi's product force takes high-end route, enough and apple giddad?

2, if the millet is just a slogan, what abacus is playing on the market side?

In fact, Xiaomi and Apple have a gibes, and there is a confusing concept. Xiaomi shipments in the second quarter of this year exceed Apple to become the second, Xiaomi sales in Xiaomi is the Redmi series, not the millet high-end machine defeated Apple.

This is the dilemma of Xiaomi: I want to walk high-end but difficult to look at Apple, even the low-end mobile phones are also competitive in the "Huami OV" camp.

Xiaomi has been very close to the first.

The global shipments of Xiaomi in the second quarter of this year have exceeded Apple, and the first Samsung in the first place is just a step. The IDC data shows that the shipments in the second quarter of 2021 are 53.1 million shipments in the second quarter of 2021, which exceeds Apple to become the world.

I have experienced a day in the list of competitors, and Xiaomi has realized a wave of growth.

From the second quarter's shipments, it can be seen that the quarterly millet has increased by 86.6%.

The good scene is not long, Xiaomi does not keep this growth situation, and the market has not left Xiaomi enough time. In the third quarter, Xiaomi shipments were 44.3 million, lower than 50.4 million of Apple.

There are two important factors.One is the launch of the Apple Autumn Conference iPhone 13, which is Xiaomi's recognition "iPhone 13 is too strong", but there is another factor that Xiaomi has acknowledged is the return of glory.

After the glory of the glory in June, the market share of the third quarter began to rise quickly. The shipments of glory in the second quarter of 2021 were 6.9 million units, and the shipments of glory in the third quarter reached 14 million, and domestic market shipments exceeded millet, and the market share rose to 18%.

In the third quarter, capital is not optimistic about millet. Since June, the stock price of millet is beginning to decline, and today's share price returns to less than 20 Hong Kong dollars per share.

According to the situation in the current situation, I watched the slogan of "The Signs Apple", unlike a drum, the impact of the impact, more like Xiaomi to the mysterium.

Whether it is Xiaomi or Apple, these two "second" are all the markets of Huawei / glory. So in Xiaomi's view, two second award, there is nothing wrong with it.

At the Xiaomi 12 conference, the Lei Jun announced the formal gratification apple and took step by step in the next period of time.

Xiaomi's target apple, mainly divided into two dimensions. One is the new three-year strategy of sales, Xiaomi, mobile phone sales for three years. The world's first goal. One is a product portfolio, Xiaomi has developed the product strategy of rice 12-double size double flagship, "a big one small, respectively gosted iPhone13 and iPhone13 Pro Max."

In fact, Xiaomi's standard apple is very helpless.Android camp millet has been "forced" without an opponent.

Domestic mobile phone Huami OV camp, Huawei mobile phone falls, OV although the market share is enough but the status is not enough to let millet go to the mark.

So what is glory?

On the one hand, the position of the old glory is the target of red rice, and Xiaomi will not go back to the end of the standard glory. The new glory will pick up Huawei, but a market share fell to the bottom of the valley, although the capital of glory quickly rebounded, Xiaomi can also go to the target.

So now Xiaomi's dilemma is there is no suitable opponent, but the opponent is very strong, but it is in turn into the sketch.

In recent years, the sales of Xiaomi mobile phones have been driven by overseas markets, domestic sales and reputation caught in a bottleneck. In the domestic Android camp, Xiaomi is in the brand, and there is also a parameter and there is no sufficient advantage.


A report of the huge number of engines showed that Apple users changed the machine, and higher proportion to Huawei users, only 3.6% of users flowed into Xiaomi camp.

At the same time, 24.2% of the users in Xiaomi users have chosen Huawei, 14.6% of users choose Apple.Total approaching 40% flows into Apple and Huawei, why Xiaomi talks about high-end?

As we all know, the high-end machine is the pain of millet.

In the overall smartphone, the emerging market smartphones are the main market with low-end mobile phones, Xiaomi wants the highest end, in addition to their own products, the market strategy is the market space left by Huawei, please apple user.

There are only two high-end mobile phone markets, one is Apple, one is the previous Huawei. However, from shipping, Xiaomi 10/11 series obviously didn't eat the space-free space, compared with the growth of Apple.

This is not difficult to explain, why Xiaomi wants to form the same product portfolio with Apple, the purpose is to maintain the same as possible to the user's size experience, provide convenience for the user to change the machine, and strive for Apple to flow out users.

A Lei Jun, which is deeply versed, knows that the laminate can be occupied when the consumer can choose a change brand.

Xiaomi wants to cut apples and Huawei, Xiaomi still walked low price route.

Xiaomi's previous series and Ultra series, the price once rushed, but the market reaction was not good, even after the new machine was released quickly, so that consumers felt to suffer.

The release price of the millet 12 series, under the same parameter, the price of millet 12 is less than 10/11 price of 300 yuan.

Xiaomi is the first distance of the market, just like Lei Jun once is just like the distance from China's richest.

At the beginning of Xiaomi, the Lei Jun's personal wealth was estimated to be China's new rich, if millet's market value can reach 150 billion US dollars. However, with the low price of Xiaomi, the actual wealth of Lei Jun and the market expectation of thousands of miles.

What is similar. Xiaomi is so close to the world's global shipments, but only the opportunity missed, I want to go back and not so easy.

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