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"Internet + consumption help" to help rural resurgence farmers touch the net rich

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Original title: "Internet + consumption help" helps rural resurgence farmers touch net rich

Farmers touch the net rich (online China)

The Cadre, the spiritual civilization of Kizile Town, Xinjiang, Xinjiang, and the sales of local farmers from the e-commerce platform.

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Jiangxi's "e-commerce + finance", live broadcast belt in Hunan, Guizhou's "one Your Guizhou" platform ... Consumption help is an important measure to consolidate expand the poverty, promote rural comprehensive revitalization, the National Development and Reform Commission recently announced a batch of 2021 The national consumption helper rural revitalization typical case, many cases have introduced the new achievements, new experiences in the "Internet + Consumption Support", which provide typical experience and innovation practices for rural revitalization.

"Big platform" sales "small commodity"

In Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province, there is a year nearly 90nd net red grandmother Liao Xiuying, she has a hand of pickled salted duck eggs. In the past, due to the inconvenience of traffic, the salted duck eggs she made can only be sold in the nearby market, and dozens of dozens of sale a day. Nowadays, with the support of the Huasu Branch of the Postal Savings Bank, the brand effect has been formed through the "Milk Mai" e-commerce platform, "Liao Grandma Salty Duck Egg", established a professional cooperative, annual sales volume exceeding 1 million.

The reporter learned that the Hong Kong Bank Jiangxi Branch integrates funds, logistics, information flow, business flow, four advantages, actively created "financial + e-commerce + industry" "financial + e-commerce + energy" "" financial + e-commerce + Farmers "and" Financial + E-commerce + Upper and Downstream ", through the" financial benefits "and other products, support local specialty breeding industry, agricultural product processing industry and farmers E-commerce new agricultural business entity development.

"With this 100,000 yuan loan, I expanded the scale of vegetable planting cooperatives, can drive more folks to get rich." Hua Shilin is a famous e-commerce household in Huadi Village, Ye Ping Township, Ruijin, Jiangxi Province. + Financial "beneficiaries. A few years ago, he returned home business and made a green vegetable base. Huashilin said that there is a support of bank loans and postal e-commerce platforms, and the family covers two three-story small building. "E-commerce distribution car directly opens to the door to buy vegetables, and then sells through the postal e-commerce platform, the price is stable, and the sales are also guaranteed."

It is reported that the Huangshu Bank Jiangxi Branch has established nearly 250 "E-Commerce + Finance", and puts various loans over 76 billion yuan for Jiangxi, with more than 400,000 service, providing financial resources to local rural resolution. support.

"New Mode" instead "old channel"

"This tea is just a bit of bitterness, wait a moment it will have a back." Head, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, Hunan Province, and a large household, Gong Chunping. The characteristics of local specialty raspberry tea. This is a public welfare live event jointly carried out by the "Mango Cloud Supermarket" with the Hunan Provincial Zhangjiajie E-commerce Association, helping local farmers and enterprises to sell specialty agricultural products.

It is understood that the Hunan Radio and Film Group has built the "Mango Cloud Supermarket" this help farming public welfare platform, through live shopping, walked into Hunan counties and urban areas to create a local specialty agricultural product card. On the "Mango Cloud Supermarket" platform, enter the farmers can "open the store, one-button live", consumers can watch live broadcasts, purchase products, and purchase products through a number of ways to buy channels, WeChat applets, and achieve agricultural products sales. " One kilometer "and" last kilometer "direct China Unicom.

In order to let more farmers change old channels, take the electric business broadcast, "Mango Cloud Supermarket" is a new farmer training training in Hunan Province, youth poverty alleviation, and cultivates live talents. "If it is not through the live broadcast, the sales of our local bacon can be so good!" Being been "Xiangxi Phoenix Breakfast" by netizens, the first time I started to attract more than 40,000 fans, selling 2,300 mononis. "Mango Cloud Supermarket" has established 25 live training bases in Hunan, and more than 33 million people have been trained.

With the help of Hunan Radio and Television, "Mango Cloud Supermarket" also launched a large-scale live bandinar party, opened up a new model of TV media to help farphe. For example, "Show, Brothers" live broadcast party attracted nearly 100 million to watch, and live broadcasts of live bands reached 10.2 billion yuan. Working with Hunan Women's Federation, the "shot, sister" live broadcast party, and also harvested nearly 14 million yuan, and sold more than 120,000 pieces of agricultural products.

"Small farmers" dock the "big market"

Open the "One Years Guizhou" WeChat applet, a traditional Chinese painting style set market scene presents. "Classic Laofei" "Plateau Xiaofei" "Product Tea Xuan" ... Click on the boat on the screen, automatically jump to the corresponding Guizhou feature product purchase page. This is a New Year's Day, which has been held on the "one yard Guizhou" platform, attracted 37,000 merchants to participate, more than 100,000 items, providing consumers with a variety of benefits.

"One yard Guizhou" is directed by Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce, Guizhou Provincial Data Development Administration, Guizhou E-commerce Cloud Company is responsible for building the "Smart Business Big Data" platform for operation. Platform includes information collection, one-stop shopping, data management three major sections, gain, supply, sales and other circulation, realization of "small farmers" and "big market" effectively docking.

The grapes in the Shanshan County, the sugar cane in Qifeng County, the radish in Xingyi City ... "a code Guizhou" operation puts the agricultural products from all over Guizhou Province to the country. "One yard Guizhou" has opened the first new year's festival in recent days, and the goods cover most of Guizhou high-quality featured products. "I hope that the new year's energy can further drive the consumption, let consumers buy the most satisfying products with the best price." Zhou Kai, general manager of Guizhou E-commerce Cloud Company, said that the "one yard Guizhou" will also optimize the village-level e-commerce The network is functional, and it is better to play a practical work, continue to promote "货 出 出".

The report pre-released reports showed that "new farmers" effectively improved the added value of agricultural products through e-commerce effects, and further launched the origin brand in the agricultural area. Fight more "10 billion subsidies" channel has continued to cover more than 10,000 high-quality agricultural products, more than 30,000 products have been continuously covered in high-quality agricultural products, which are both beneficial to consumers to buy good products with affordable prices, can also help farmers. Improve product quality, create a good brand, sell good prices.

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