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Netition: "Recommended Management Regulations for Internet Information Service Algorithm"

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Recently, the National Internet Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the State Market Supervision Administration, jointly issued the "Recommended Management Regulations" of the Internet Information Service Algorithm (hereinafter referred to as "specified"). The relevant person in charge of the National Internet Information Office answered the reporter on the "provisions" related issues. & nbsp;

First, ask: Please briefly introduce the background of "provisions".

A: The "provisions" are mainly based on the following two aspects: First, the need for the comprehensive management of Internet information service algorithms. The Party Central Committee issued the "Rule of Law Social Construction Implementation Outline (2020-2025)" proposed to formulate a standardized management method for improved new technologies such as judicial recommendations, deep forgery. The "Network Security Law", "Data Safety Law", and the "Personal Information Protection Law" and other policy documents have been introduced and related to the relevant top design. On this basis, it is necessary to establish a targeted algorithm recommendation, and clarify the principal responsibility of the recommendation service provider, which is not only implemented by the party's central decision-making deployment. It is also implemented relevant laws, administrative regulations, and strengthening network information security management. need. The second is to actively promote the need for the health development of the judicial recommendation service. The application of algorithm is increasingly deepening, while injecting new movement into economic and social development, algorithm discrimination, "big data killing", induced immortit, induced unreasonable application, etc. And social order, give challenges to maintenance ideology, social equity and justice and netizen legitimate rights and interests, urgently need to recommend the services of the algorithm recommended service, strengthen the standard, and focus on improving the ability to prevent the knowledge of safety risks, promote the algorithm related industries Health and orderly development.

Second, ask: What is the application of application algorithm in the "provisions"?

A: The application algorithm recommended in the "Provision" refers to the use of algorithmic techniques such as generating synthetic classes, personalized push classes, sorting sequencing, retrieval filtering, scheduling decision classes, etc.. & nbsp;

Third, ask: "Provisions" clarifies what information service specifications for the judicial recommendation service provider?

A: "Provisions" requirements, algorithm recommended service providers should adhere to mainstream value orientation, actively spread positive energy, may not use algorithm recommended services to engage in illegal activities or disseminate illegal information, should take measures to prevent and resist bad information; establish and improve user registration , Information release review, data security and personal information protection, safety event emergency disposal and other management system and technical measures, equipped with expert and technical support for the recommended service scale; regular audit, evaluation, verification algorithm mechanism mechanism, model, Data and application results, etc. And user label management rules; strengthen algorithm recommended service version page ecological management, establish and improve artificial intervention and user independent choice mechanism, and actively present information in accordance with mainstream value orientation in key links; standardize the Internet news information service Or disseminate news information released within the scope of non-state; must not use algorithm to implement network public opinion, avoid supervision and management, and monopoly and unfair competition behavior.

Fourth, ask: How does the "provisions" specified for the protection of user rights and interests of the masses

A: "Provisions" clarifies the requirements of user rights protection for algorithm recommendation service providers. First, the algorithm knows the right to tell the user that it provides algorithm recommended services, and publicizes the basic principles of services, the purpose intent and main operational mechanisms. The second is the algorithm selection right, requiring users to provide options that are not targeted for their personal characteristics, or the options for closing algorithms recommended services. The user chooses to close the algorithm recommended service, and the algorithm recommended service provider should stop providing relevant services immediately. Algorithm recommended service providers should provide users with selection or delete the functionality of user tags for their personal feature for algorithm recommendations. The third is to make specific specifications for algorithms recommended services to minors, elderly, workers, consumers. If you do not use the algorithm recommended service to induce the network of minors, it should be convenient for the safe use of the elderly to recommend the service, and the platform order distribution, payment, payment, working hours, rewards and punishments shall not be used, and may not be based on the preference of consumers. Characteristics such as trading habits use the algorithm to implement unreasonable differential treatment in transaction prices and other trading conditions.

V. Q: What is the requirements for the "provisions" to provide Internet news information services to the algorithm recommendation service provider?

A: The algorithm recommended service provider provides Internet news information service, and should obtain Internet news information service license according to law, standardize the application of Internet news information to publish service, reprint service and communication platform services, and do not generate synthetic false news information, and may not spread non-country News information published in units within the specified range. & nbsp;

Sixth, ask: "Provisions" clarifies which file obligations recommended by the algorithm recommendation service provider?

A: "Provisions" clearly, algorithm with public opinion attributes or social mobilization capabilities should use the Internet information service algorithm to fill in the name, service form, application of the Internet information service algorithm system within ten working days from the date of providing services. Field, algorithm type, etc., etc., perform filing procedures. At the same time, it is clear that the filing number marks, the record information change, and the filing is notified.

Seventh, ask: "Provisions" What are the requirements for the implementation of safety assessments and cooperation of the algorithm recommendation service providers?

A: "Provisions" is clear, algorithm with public opinion attributes or social mobilization capabilities should conduct safety assessments in accordance with relevant state regulations. Algorithm recommendation service providers should keep online logs, with network letter departments and telecommunications, public security, market supervision and other departments to carry out safety assessments and supervision and inspection work, and provide support and assistance in technology, data, etc.

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