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Did the wechat video number broadcast the first transcript faster than shaking?

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At present, the biggest advantage of video number live broadcasting lies in public-private domain linkage. For the creators of wechat video account, private domain will become the long-term assets of the creators' sustainable operation, which is also the biggest feature of wechat video account that distinguishes it from other platforms.

At the end of 2021, compared with the beginning of 2021, the overall sales increased by more than 15 times, private transactions accounted for more than 50%, the average customer unit price was more than 200 yuan, and the overall re-purchase rate was more than 60%. This is the latest report of the live streaming business announced on wechat Open Class PRO on January 6, 2022.

Wechat has long been cautious about the amount of advertising and marketing in its ecosystem, despite its huge traffic pool. With the development of short video industry, traffic has migrated accordingly, and wechat Video number has also begun to accelerate the speed of live broadcast e-commerce business.

Small step for a run

In October 2020, the live streaming function of the video account was launched, and shopping cart and small shop were opened. In 2021, the video number will get the same amount of position in the discovery page with moments and video number, and further get through with the public number to achieve live drainage.

In an interview with CBN reporters, the relevant person in charge of wechat video live said that from the perspective of video number, short video and live broadcast are two very important points. First, we started with short video, then launched live broadcast. At the team level, we quickly built a small team from planning, operation, research and development, and then joined the team from wechat open platform, wechat Pay and other teams.

At the industry level, tiktok magnetic engine and Kuaishou Giant Engine provide rich tool system support for merchants.In December 2021, Kuaishou e-commerce director Xiao Gu said that after the first stage of growth and original accumulation, Kuaishou e-commerce 2021 has entered the era of professional, systematic, refined operation. In 2022, Kuaishou e-commerce strategy will add "big development industrial belt" to support more merchants in the industrial belt and emerging brands relying on the industrial belt.

Wechat video number live related person in charge of a financial reporter said that the biggest advantage of video number live is public-private domain linkage. For the creators of wechat video account, private domain will become the long-term assets of the creators' sustainable operation, which is also the biggest feature of wechat video account that distinguishes it from other platforms.

Specific to how to encourage businesses to activate their private domain users into the video number broadcast room, the person in charge said, on the one hand is the ability to live red envelopes, through the broadcast room red envelopes, can touch up to 20 wechat groups at the same time.The second is the ability of live booking. By providing booking reminders, the rate of watching video number live booking with goods is more than 50%. The third is the ability of live broadcasting and sharing. The video number live broadcasting provides the ability of sharing with reference to help merchants to carry out performance attribution. In the future, attribution data will be further opened to meet the personalized performance attribution demands of different merchants.

In addition, the person in charge said that the video number live platform encourages businesses to deposit the public domain traffic of the platform into their own private domain, and provides the ability to add enterprise wechat groups, add enterprise wechat friends, and launch public accounts. Businesses can deposit direct broadcast users into different private domain scenarios according to their own needs.

Differences among different platforms

CBN reporter experience found that in Kuaishou noodles, an order of 100 yuan can achieve the effect of 769 to 1429 viewers live; In Douyin, an order of 200 yuan is expected to bring 267 to 502 live viewers. As for the progress of commercial products, the relevant person in charge of wechat Video live told CBN reporters that the video live team has no more commercialization plans so far, and the core focus is on how to improve the efficiency of user conversion.

When it comes to the choice of live platform, Zhou Shuying, head of the user growth and private domain operation team of Paomaat, told CBN reporters that Paomaat began to build its own e-commerce platform through small programs since 2018, and began to live online in 2021 to regularly reach fans.According to Zhou shuying, Paomat chose the video livestreaming in combination with its fan base and interest-driven category of trendy toys.

When it comes to the differences between different live platform, Zhou Shuying told the first financial journalist, live video, can use the public number, search, within the community, such as small program WeChat ecological matrix tools, better do an appointment for live, live in air of that a moment, WeChat old fans can immediately get stronger push and let us know, Bubble Marte is also in the video number in the last six months of the flow policy, video number with some public domain flow feedback with support.

Number but it is undeniable that video electricity properties also in the process of cultivating slowly, Zhou Shuying said, because the user wont see WeChat as social browsing tools, so compare taobao live video, live in the store information and is a traffic advantage, since the sowing and taobao from seeding in electric tools, marketing products such as this will be more close to the electricity business environment.

And trill live in Zhou Shuying seems live between live video, and taobao platform, on the one hand, businesses can get larger public domain on its platform flow feedback - either by paying on the form or form of feedback algorithm, on the other hand trill increased investment in electricity tools, including coupon fission ability, the ability of partial electricity conversion tool, etc. Therefore, in contrast, although the video number live broadcast e-commerce attribute is a little weak, but the private domain attribute is the strongest.

As a customer group, Zhou Shuying believes that the challenge of Taobao Live broadcast and Douyin Live broadcast to brands lies in the comprehensive balance between the investment in traffic costs and the investment in e-commerce conversion discountsIn the current environment, not every brand is ready to pay high traffic costs for the transaction volume or commodity transformation of live broadcast scenes, which is exactly where the opportunity of live broadcast lies at the current stage.

As for how long the low-cost flow support of VHD will last and how large the investment in commercial tools will be gradually increased, the person in charge of wechat VHD said that currently VHD hopes that this incentive will be sustainable and long-term.

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