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Vice President of Intel: Mobileye automatic driving plan is more suitable for the public than Qualcomm British Weida

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(Source: Mobileye)

Titanium media January 7th news,During the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES), Intel's Automatic Driving Subsidiary Mobileye released the Eyeq Ultra system integrated chip special for L4 automatic driving, and for the L2 Advanced Driving Assist System (ADAS) New Eyeq 6L and EYEQ 6H system integrated chips.

Among them, Eyeq Ultra uses a 5nm process process, and the operation per second is more than 176 trillion, which can meet the needs and application scenarios of L4 automatic driving. It is expected to compete with Tesla, Ying Weida and Qualcomm in the field of advanced driving calculation chip. . EYEQ Ultra is expected to be supplied at the end of 2023, and in 2025, it is fully realized.

EREZ Dagan, vice president of Intel Company, EREZ Dagan, an EREZ Dagan, an EREZ Dagan, an EREZ Dagan, in an interview with titanium media app.The performance of Eyeq Ultra is equivalent to the sum of the performance of 10 Eyeq 5, which marks a huge leap in the Eyeq series system integrated chip. This chip is collaborative with Mobileye software, making it higher than other automatic driving car solutions.

EREZ Dagan emphasizes that compared to the most economical, safest and minimum power products, the most economical, safe and minimum power products, compared to the OEM and Tier 1 (first-class supplier) customers, compared with the high-end computing solutions available to Bidden, Qualcomm. Sensitive, and Mobileye will provide solutions for mass customers, mass production, regional scalability.

"Now there are many Robotaxi (automatic taxi) projects that have a 'moon project', their cars have a lot of sensors, and many computing platforms are piled up, driving in a limited area. This follows the mass production of the mass market. The automatic driving solution is completely different. "EREZ Dagan is represented by titanium media app.

英特尔公司副总裁、英特尔子公司Mobileye产品及战略执行副总裁Erez Dagan(来源:Mobileye官网)

EREZ Dagan, Vice President of Intel, Erez Dagan, Mobileye Products and Strategic Executive Executive Executive (Source: Mobileye Official Website)

It is reported that Mobileye is established in 1999 Global Advanced Driving Assist System (ADAS) and Automatic Driving Solution Service Provider, headquartered in Israel Jerusalem.Through its proprietary software algorithm and Eyeq series chip, Mobileye can analyze the vehicle, pedestrian, rider, animal, fragmentation and other obstacles may have a detailed analysis of the collision vision, providing a road synergistic solution.

In 2014, Mobiley was listed on the New Year, and is the largest IPO in the United States in Israel. In March 2017, Intel announced its merged acquisition of $ 15.3 billion. Before you returned, the city value of Mobileye has reached 13.92 billion US dollars.

At this CES show, Mobileye said that the shipments of Eyeq chips reached 28.1 million in 2021, and over 100 million Eyeq chips have been completed. And the current Mobileye has collected 200 pb virtual driving data, and 188 new models use the company's technology.

EREZ Dagan said in an interview with titanium media APP that they can foresee that 2024-2025 Smart Automobile Market will have a huge market demand for Eyeq chips, and the market prospect is broad. Unlike companies that sell SOC chips, Mobileye provides solutions that OEMs need to scale. "This means that the market needs to be able to suit the low-end (popular) market, and by additional functionality, adapt to the high-end market."

However, there is no previousMedia report, Mobileye exists, the system is closed, the algorithm iteration, the length of the algorithm, and the automobile enterprise cannot modify and adjust the internal algorithm. The main reason is that the company's automatic driving solution provided by the company is chip add sensation algorithm. Packing plan,This has triggered a lot of car companies to choose Ying Weida Orin, Gao Tong RIDE car chip solution, such as the company, ideal, BMW and other vendors.

In this regard, EREZ Dagan told Titanium Media App, they have received feedback and is performing improvement.

Specific in Eyeq 5, Mobileye released an SDK for this, and cooperates with many OEMs around the world. In a new generation Eyeq 6H product solution, Mobileye will provide OEM vendors to customize demand for GPU (graphics processors) and ISP (image processor), allowing customers to have homemade external software layers, enriching the entire smart car ecology.

But he emphasized thatCustomers with basic ADAS (equipped with Eyeq 4) are very sensitive to prices, so they don't need to program on the Eyeq chip, just provide security assistance behind the windshield. He believes that these customers pursue the most economical, safe and minimum products. With the close combination of Mobileye software and SOC, customers can reduce the verification cost, improve energy efficiency, reduce cooling costs, while Mobileye fully meets the demand for Partnership for EyeQ programming. "Our customers like this compact design very much."

For the Chinese market, Mobileye announced that its new intelligent pure electric brands under Geely developed the pure electric car (EV) supporting Level 4, and will be listed in China 2024.

EREZ Dagan said in an interview that it is very important to cooperate with the tenshal, Mobileye hopes to promote the first landing L4 consumer vehicle in China. In addition, Mobileye announced the establishment of a China's local data center and expanded the number of companies in the Chinese team.

"We are indeed a powerful and important Chinese team. We touched people from Intel, from Israel to China. For REM (road network information management) technology, it has been equipped in the model of extreme 氪 001 Related content, in the future, REM will be used in China in full compliance, localization. This is very important to Mobileye. "EREZ Dagan said.

Intel Recently disclosed financial data show that in 2021, Mobileye received 41 new orders for more than 30 car companies, and the overall camp reached $ 1.4 billion, an increase of 40% year-on-year. Since the acquisition of Intel, the company's revenue, the annual chip shipments and employees have increased by three times.

also, Intel announced on December 8 that they intentionally split Mobileye, and expect market values to reach 50 billion US dollars.

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