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Online Tarot dining can buy "early know"? "Yun fortune" can't be confused

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Just provide a problem with age, gender information, meditation, and then select 3 numbers in 1 ~ 78, you can know that in recent months, feelings, career, and school trend ... Today, easy to operate Tarot online The divination is sought after by some young people, and some people regard it as a "compass", and some people will add them. They can't extricate themselves.

塔罗牌 Tarot

 Canada buy "early know"?

22-year-old Zhao Qingyang is recommended by friends in WeChat because of emotional problems. "At that time, the diviner said that I and my boyfriend were not suitable, and I will break up soon. Later, we didn't have long time." Zhao Qing said.

With the first "accurate", Zhao Qingyang is deeply convinced of Tarot. Different from the past, direct use of the cards in the scene, most of the Tarot filming is the online divination, which makes "fortune telling" more quickly and convenient. So, every time I encounter some people's troubles, Zhao Qingyang will shop online, hoping to dremount to their lives "pointing to it."

解读塔罗牌Interpretation of Tarot

How many cards can predict future? In this regard, the researcher of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Tianfeng said that Tarot is a factory that is popular in the Middle Ages. Tarot dine is not accurate, just provide a directional reference and recommendation. When the diviner gives a strong psychological implies, it is a label to the person who came to divination, and people will be self-regulated to close this label, which is "calculated".

Tianfeng said that young people lacked life experience and handling problems, and they were prone to panic, confused, and hope to get guidance. For some privacy or heart, compare with your relatives and relatives, they may tend to choose the network tootury.

  From entertainment to profit and NBSP;

In the half-month talk, the reporter noted that due to the difficulty of network space supervision, coupled with young people confused fascia, online Tarot Divination has come from entertainment to profit, fraudulent charge, fancy marketing, etc.

- From a few yuan to tens of thousands, the price is a mystery. "This line does not have a certificate, and how many charges are full of family. The famous arrivals, marketing, experienced annihilate, fees are also high." Oncertorator said, there is a contempt of contempt, abroad, can't look for domestic Domestic teachers can not see from them. These factors will affect prices.

- "Water Army" brush screen, it is not satisfied with it. Since there is no relevant qualification certificate, the diviner can only rely on customer online feedback to increase credibility, but these feedback often is difficult to distinguish. In the month, I talked about the keywords in Weibo to search for "Tarot Divination", and I found a large number of network "water army" brush screens, released a chat record with ambiot, deliberately creating a good reputation.

Many consumers are therefore deceived. Xiaochen, who worked in a Taobao shop, said: "I was a good review. After dining, I said that I didn't think that the customer service immediately took me black."

- From "Letter" to "Learning", the surrounding product extends. Some diviner soldiers related courses and divination tools, and the course is generally divided into 3 to 4 stages, and the whole school usually requires tens of thousands. Xiao Liang took more than 4,000 yuan to learn the primary Taorta course, "I listened to the teacher at the time, I could solve myself for myself, but I didn't learn what practical things I didn't learn more than 10 hours. ".

  Management and boot demand

For some young people who are indiscriminant and the deception, profit, consciousness control in Tarot online divination, many experts say: On the one hand, to guide young people to establish the correct three views, solve the problem in life through reasonable ways; On the other hand, it should be strengthened to the supervision of online Tarot brand, and pay attention to whether the operators involve illegal activities such as online fraud, pyramid schemes.

Sun Yuanming, researcher, Chongqing Institute of Social Sciences, said that Tarot is based on entertainment, lacks scientific basis. Its popular reflects the mental health problems of the current young people: some young people have a lot of life, and they hope to overcome confused and find shortcuts through divination. "To really solve the confusion and problems in your life, you should learn to face reality or seek help through professional psychological counseling and relatives and friends."

The Doctoral King of the School of Law, Nanjing University, said that some network platforms provide promotion services to network divination, allowing their use of platform to carry out marketing. The relevant departments should issue policies and regulations as soon as possible, carry out law enforcement inspections of network platforms, strengthen the intention of supervision of the network platform, and prohibit the operators from divination into illegal activities through network divination.

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