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Jiangxi Bank welcomes the new sector, the former is dismissed, and the profit has decline since the listing since the market.

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After more than two months, the former sectors were dismissed, and Jiangxi Bank ushered in new president.

On the evening of January 10, Jiangxi Bank released an announcement, and its board of directors considered adopt recommendations to appoint Luo Xiaolin as an executive director.

Previously, Jiangxi Bank has just experienced the style of hiring the leader. Detailed decisions were dismissed, which was uncomfortable in the term of office, and the reasons for dismissed "management style and ideas are inconsistent".

New leader

It is reported that the 50-year-old Luo Xiaolin has a rich experience in banking industry and has financial supervision. The public information shows that in July 1992, Luo Xiaolin graduated from the rural financial major of Beijing Agricultural University. Subsequently, in China Agricultural Bank and the National Development Bank for many years, until 2017 transferred to the financial regulatory agency, once served as Jiangxi Provincial Government Finance Deputy Director of the Office, Deputy Director of the Jiangxi Local Financial Supervision Administration.

. In fact, before soon, Jiangxi Bank has just resisted his predecessor's leader Luo Wei, the reason for the management style, the concept is inconsistent with the development of the bank, and the financial circle has triggered a strong concern.

On the evening of October 15, 202, Jiangxi Bank issued an announcement, and the management style and concept of Luo Wei is not completely consistent with the development of the board of directors. The position of the members and the members of the Committee and the Nomination Committee, dismissed the position of Luo Yi, and Chen Xiaoming, Chen Xiaoming, to fulfill his duties.

It is worth mentioning that Luo Yan does not accept the decision of being dismissed and dismissed. The announcement shows that Luo Yan expressed his objection to eliminating its above. However, Jiangxi Bank legal advisers believe that the above-mentioned detailed procedures meet the applicable laws and regulations and the regulations of the Articles of Association.

According to the public information, Luo Yan joined Jiangxi Bank in February 2018. Previously, Luo Yan once served in the Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank, Guangdong South Guangdong Bank, etc.

Before Luo Wei, in January 2018, Wu Hongtao, the original leader of Jiangxi Bank, submitted to the board of directors because of "personal reasons". Subsequently, Luo Wei, less than 50 years old, was hired as the second president since the founding of Jiangxi Bank. However, from serving as being dismissed, "Old will" Luo Wei took only three years for Jiangxi bank leader. The situation of bank executives is dismissed or dismissed. And Luo Yan was exempted and immediately triggered public opinion.

After the listing, the profit will fall

According to the public information, Jiangxi Bank predecessor is Nanchang Commercial Bank. In December 2015, Nanchang Bank absorbed the merchant of Jingdezhen, and officially changed its name to Jiangxi Bank, and the only provincial legal party in Jiangxi Province. As of the end of June 2021, Jiangxi Bank's total assets were 473.261 billion yuan.

At its beginning, Jiangxi Bank's operating performance showed a high-speed growth momentum. On the basis of the former Nanchang Bank, Jiangxi Bank achieved operating income and returned net profit of 6.892 billion yuan, 773 million yuan. Subsequently, from 2016 to 2017, Jiangxi Bank achieved operating income of 8.984 billion yuan, 9.452 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.35%, 5.2%; realization of net profit of returned property of 1.865 billion yuan, 111.94%, respectively, 74.99%, showing a throne of the throne.

In June 2018, only two and a half years were established. Jiangxi Bank successfully realized Hong Kong listing and became the first financial enterprise in Jiangxi. At this time, Luo Yu has just joined Jiangxi Bank for 4 months, which is the first president of its listing.

It can be good, and Luo Yu has been working for more than three years, and the business situation of Jiangxi Bank is not ideal.

After listed, the growth rate of Jiangxi Bank's revenue has begun to fall rapidly year. Annual report show that from 2018 to 2019, Jiangxi Bank achieved operating income to 11.351 billion yuan, 12.953 billion yuan, 20.08%, 14.12% year-on-year, the weak situation; 2020 years old income straight down 2.7 billion, 10.85 billion yuan The growth rate is reduced to -20.59%, and the leven level has fallen sharply.

With the loss of performance growth, its profit growth is directly "triple negative". In the three years, the net profit of the return of Jiangxi Bank is 2.734 billion yuan, 2.51 billion yuan and 1.859 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of -4.6%, - 24.98%, - 9.34%.

Until 2021, its profitability is improved. In the first half of 2021, Jiangxi Bank achieved net profit of 1.33 billion yuan, an increase of 5.9% year-on-year; but the length of this year, the business income in the first half decreased by 8.14 percentage points, realized 5.354 billion yuan.

The stock price waist, the ticket is constantly

Someone, in the context of the growth rate of performance growth, the stock price performance of Jiangxi Bank has not escaping the fate of the downward.

On the first day of listing, Jiangxi Bank is launched in the price of HK $ 6.39 / share. At the end of the year, its share price rose to HK $ 7.27 in history. However, after this, Jiangxi Bank's share price has begun to enter the down period, and has fallen to the historical low of HK $ 2.32 in early 2022.

Recently, Jiangxi Bank's stock market was red, as of January 11, the share price of the bank closed in Hong Kong dollars, up 4.44% on the same day, the total market value of 16.99 billion yuan. This is the case, and the price of the share price has fallen by 55.87%.

In addition, the penalty of Jiangxi Bank in recent years is also continuous. For 2021, Jiangxi Bank and its branches have received dozens of tickets from the regulators from all over the country, with a total of millions of fines.

In January 202, Jiangxi Bank exposed the fraudulent case, the relevant person in charge was banned by life; in June, Jiangxi Bank received 14 punishments issued by the SMS, involving 7 branches, on the same day. Filled 2.8 million yuan; in September, Jiangxi Bank Yichun Branch violated the service fee was fined 1 million yuan. In addition, Jiangxi Bank also has a credit fund for violation of the real estate or stock market ...

It is worth mentioning that while the non-performing loans of Jiangxi banks are high, the capital adequacy ratio indicators are also declining. According to the data of 2021, as of the end of June 2021, the bad loan rate of Jiangxi Bank was 1.72%, down 0.01% from the end of the previous year, still much higher than the industry average. It is understood that 29 commercial banks in 29 listed cities in the same period were 1.54%.

In addition, the capital adequacy ratio, the first-level capital adequacy ratio and the core level of capital adequacy ratio are 12.71%, 10.08%, 10.08%, which reduces 0.18, 0.22, 0.21 percentage points from the end of the previous year.

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