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Dialogue Glory CEO Zhao Ming: Folding Screen will be the opportunity of domestic mobile phone corner overtaking apple

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(Reporter, Shanghai Huangxinyi)Recently, glory the first folding screen flagship mobile phone MAGIC V officially released. At this point, mainstream mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi have entered the folding machine market.

In an interview, glory CEO Zhao Ming regards folding screen as a strategic component of impact, is a chance to be shoulder and beyond Apple. "There is no doubt that the folding screen mobile phone gives us a chance to overtake, prove that we can do better than Apple's mobile phone in a new field.. "Zhao Ming said to the" Science Bank Daily "reporter.

The timing of the folding screen becomes the main machine is mature?

China Golden Company pointed out in the development of the past, including the popularity of folding screen mobile phones, including folding screens and hinge durability, battery life, cover adaptation, etc. After years, it has made a big breakthrough.

At present, the AMOLED flexible screen can have a folding of more than 200,000 times, which can meet the needs of use, flexible substrates, TFTs, touchpads, and packaging technologies, etc. in the smart phone. AMOLED production and yield are also continuously improved.

Research institutions Counterpoint expects 2021-2022 folding screen mobile phone shipments will grow rapidly from 5.6 million to 1.7.2 million.

Zhao Ming told the "Science Bank Daily" reporter, and the folding screens entered the main machine era have been mature.

"We want to tell the entire industry and consumers, the folding screen is no longer a product of test water, but can be used as the main flagship mobile phone,Straight mobile phone and folding screen hand chance is a long-term parallel developmentAnd the development speed will be more than our imagination.2022 will be a fast zooming in the entire market of folding screens.。”

Zhao Ming pointed out that with more manufacturers and brands into the market competition of folding screens, it will further accelerate the development of the entire industry.

"2021 folding screen sales may still be in millions of levels, if they arrive in 2022, then they must have no problem. Of course, this still wants to see the satisfaction of the entire supply chain, and the products made by each home, consumers Accepted, experience is still the most important.

But in terms of user experience, there are still some shortcomings in the folding screen. China CITIC Jianotou pointed out, thoughThe folding screen can be maintained without bad, the flexibility is high, but it will leave a variety of folds, which affect the display effect.. At the same time, the folding screen phone is larger than the traditional mobile phone, the thickness is more than 15 mm after folding. also,The high price is also important, such as the left and right round folding folding screen mobile phone price is more than 10,000 yuan or moreThe price is approximately more than 2 times more of the traditional low-end smartphone prices.

At present, these pain points have also become the direction of all major mobile phone manufacturers to solve.

Recently include the new generation of domestic folding screen mobile phones, including glory Magic V, OPPO Find N, and the price has dropped below 10,000 yuan. In the future, with the rapid improvement of mobile phone penetration, the price is improved, the price is further explored.

Glory Magic V This time is further reduced in the thickness of the fuselage. Through the suspended water droplet hinge technology of the self-developed, the mobile phone is only 14.3 mm, which is the thinnest folding phone in the industry.

For folded folds that have been suffering from diagnosis, glory MAGIC V has greatly improved compared to industry foreigners.

However, in order to improve the anti-fall performance, glory MAGIC V does not use crease to handle stronger UTG (ultra-thin flexible glass) solution. If you look closely, you can still see two fine beas in the middle of the folding screen.

Zhao Ming explained this,Innovation is a folding screen. If UTG glass is used, it will affect the anti-fall performance of MAGIC V.

At the press conference, Zhao Ming took the phone to the ground for 2 consecutive times to reflect the ability of glory MAGIC V anti-fall.

"In fact,There is no such fold on the folding screen mobile phone, you can reach a point of creases. Unless it is very thick. "Zhao Ming said," And now we do is narrow than everyone, thin is a core requirement of a normal mobile phone. From the development of the entire flatness, there is no problem in use, in most cases, I think the crease can be ignored. "

Folding screens become a chance to impact high-end mobile phones?

In the past year, glory, OPPO, Xiaomi, etc. Attempts to sprint the high-end heart have been very urgent, and the high-end flagship machine whose price is higher than 5,000 yuan has been released. However, in the state of Huawei's lack of displacement, the domestic brand is temporarily replaced in the market competition of high-end mobile phones.

Zhao Ming believes that the folding screen of the mobile phone will be the chance of domestic mobile phone corner overtaking, provided that satisfying consumer experiences.

"From 2022, the folding screen is definitely a good opportunity. Prove that we can do better than Apple phones in the new field. But still, the core technology and ability of folding screens, consumers What is the folding screen that needs.In 2022, I believe that there should be no need to fold the screen in order to fold the screen, but it is really possible to meet the folding screen products that consumers closed, expands.Such a product will definitely lead the market. "

Zhao Ming revealed that it is a folding screen, which is equivalent to making a MAGIC3 series of flagship engines. "Why do you have to do it? Because it represents our breakthrough in some basic and systematic capabilities. This breakthrough has made us declare that the folding screen enters the main machine era, and let us build the future of such systemicization. Get up. It is equivalent to solving the problem from 0 to 1, from 1 to 2, and 3 issues will become relaxed. "

In fact, in order to sprint the high-end, the ambition of glory is not only the breakthrough in the hardware level.

There is no software system and system that can be unique, bringing the consumer excellent experience, and the high-end route is unrealistic.. And the software system is also a very important part of building consumers and different experiences, and glory must go out of their way. Zhao Ming said.

At this press conference, Zhao Ming took the first time in detailing the new system of glory mobile phones, and focused on the MAGIC LIVE Wisdom Engine Technology.

At the on-site meeting, Zhao Ming demonstrated several application scenarios of Magic Live: to the subway station, the mobile phone will automatically push into the station code; go to the community express cabinet, mobile phone automatically pop the courier pickup code. In the words of Zhao Ming, this is not a universal system, but is a personalized operating system customized by the user, and can pre-proprietary user needs.

We hope to create such an operating system, you can constantly understand the user intention, give the user to recommend the service required.To provide an optimum experience to reduce interference. Everyone knows that iOS is very smooth, and the aging rate is very low after using a period of time. And our aging rate can reach 5%. Because its learning ability can match the user's usage habits, this is the direction of the glory on the software. "

It is understood thatThe number of software personnel in the glory R & D team in the past year is the fastest growingAnd the software layout throughout the Institute is also the most. "We have software-related layouts in Beijing, Xi'an, Shenzhen and Nanjing, and the future of Nanjing as the software center will be further strengthened."

In an interview, Zhao Ming has expressed the glory software system to the ambition of the Apple iOS experience.

"High-end is not a slogan, it is a strength and ability, and it is the ability to systematically. From the glory of the entire company's strategyHigh-end flagship mobile phone can be shoulder and surpassing iPhone, software system can be more than iOS, this is our company's goals and strategy. When we do the Magic Live Wisdom Engine, we persist in the key to persistence, that is, in many experiences, we must be more than the shoulders, and even surpass iOS. "

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