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CDC: The symptoms caused by O'Dalt are lighter than the O'Keck, less hospitalized

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According to CNET, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Director Rochelle Walensky, under the US Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on Wednesday in COVID-19, to discontinue data,Omicrona is lighter than the patient's disease compared to the new crown virus Delta (Delta) variant.

Walensky quoted a premium study published on Tuesday, which surveyed about 52,000 people who were infected with O'Keki variants in Southern Californi and about 170,000 people infected Delta. Compared to patients infected with Delta variant strains, the hospitalization risk infected with O'Kron has decreased by 53%, and the risk of entering ICU has decreased by 74%, and the risk of death is reduced by 91%. The study has not yet been reviewed.

In addition, Walensky said that there is no patient infected with O'K戎 needs mechanical ventilation. This supports another study of China Hong Kong researchers. They found that although the contagism is extremely strong, O'K戎 is not as good as Delta, which may lead to less serious diseases.

This new study also added the situation found in many other countries, including South Africa. Although it is more infectious than other variants, O'Kek is not as serious as Delta variant strains. Walensky pointed out that these hospitalization hours were often shorter when it did so that people were sick to hospitalization.

But shortening hospitalization does not mean that it is not hospitalized, nor does it mean that there is no death. There are many people infected with COVID-19 viruses, which will enable the hospital system to be overwhelmed - in some states already in trouble - this may affect the results of care and those who need hospitalization. The overwhelmed hospital not only affects COVID-19 patients, but also affects all those who need treatment, these people may become serious or even deadly diseases if they are not treated.

Compared with the early variant strains, this new variant strain has caused many breakthrough cases that have been fully vaccinated in addition to the extent to which Otki is incredible.And people who have been infected with COVID-19 are again infected. In order to reduce the burden of the large number of people, US health officials encourage all qualified people (12 years old and above) COVID-19 vaccine enhancement needles.

Walensky said that Okeki has created a record of COVID-19 infection in the United States. This "amazing" single-day new diagnosis case has led to a high number of total hospitals. Walensky said data from other countries will continue to provide a understanding of our expected situation in the next few weeks, and COVID-19 cases are expected to reach peak in the United States.

White House Chief Medical Advisor Anthony & Middot; Wednesday, Wednesday:"I want to emphasize that the latest COVID-19 vaccination and strengthening needle can prevent serious diseases and make you away from hospital."

As scientists continue to learn more about Okeki daily and adjust the guidance accordingly, the following is currently aware of this new variant strain and Covid-19 symptoms.

What is mutations or variants?

According to the South African Ministry of Health, some mutations in the prolinus of Okeki are similar to the mutations found in Delta variants, as well as mutations found in Alpha, Gamma and Beta variants - these are worldwide The organization is listed as a variant of attention.

O'K戎 is more variants in its thorn protein, but scientists are trying to understand what this means.As explained by the Yale University Medical Department, some mutations of new crown viruses are harmless, but at other times - just like in Delta and Okock variants - they make viruses easier in people Blocked and infect more people.

The more people who are not vaccinated or those who do not have immunity without immunity, the more opportunities for new crown viruses and formation of variants.

"I think what you see is just what we have been talking about," Wiqi told NBC in November. "This is what people vaccine is so important, and those who have fully vaccinated the vaccination have also inoculated the reasons for the enhancement needle."

In addition to the people who are hesitant to vaccines, many people have no chance to obtain COVID-19 vaccines. According to "Our Data World", 9.5% of the low-income countries have received a coronavirus vaccine.

South Africa President Silil & Middot; Ramadoa said in a speech in November: "The emergence of O'Ceman variants should be knocked the warning of the world, and the vaccine should not be put on."

At the nearest press conference, the White House COVID-19 Reaction Coordinator Jeff Zients said that the US Covid-19 vaccine was donated, he said this is the White House commitment to donate 12 billion people to other countries. COVID-19 Milestone of vaccines.

What is the symptom of O'K戎 and Delta?

In a report on CDC on December 10, 43 O'Ktle cases were disclosed (some were the details of the first appearance in the United States). When talking about symptoms, most people (89%) report that there is cough, 65% of people feel fatigue, 59% have nasal congestion or runny nose. The only 8% of 43 people reported that there was a loss of smell or taste, which affects many people who have been infected by other variants. 14% of the reports have been infected with COVID-19.

Dr. Agelique Coetzee, who helped discovery O'K戎, told the British Broadcasting Company at the end of November. So far, the O'Cho variant patients she saw were "extremely moderate cases" of COVID-19. She said these symptoms include fatigue, headache and throat itching, rather than the obvious losing or cough associated with early COVID-19 infection.

However, Delta variants may slightly change the expression of COVID-19.Based on the Patun Ruge General Hospital of Meio Clinic, the loss of cough and olfactory loss is also an uncommon symptom of COVID-19 caused by Delta variants compared to early variants. Based on the British Zoe Covid study, headache and runny nose and other cold symptoms are now the more common symptoms of COVID-19.

How to detect Okith?

COVID-19 detection will not tell people which variants are infected. In order to make scientists determined whether O'Koi or another new crown virus variant, CDC uses genome sequencing. According to Walensky, Director Walensky, the United States now detects 80,000 COVID-19 positive samples per week (there is an approximately 8,000 per week every 7 positive inspections).

Fortunately, based on the Word's statement, O'Trick variants can be easily detected by PCR testing, and then confirmed by using genome sequencing laboratories.

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