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Weima Auto Chairman Shen Hui: Put the Frontier Technology Popularity in Consumers | Path 2022

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Founder of Wema, Chairman and CEO Shen Hui

Titanium media Note: "Pathway 2022" is the topic of titanium media year-end planning, inviting TOP entrepreneurship leaders in various industries to review the industry changes and enterprise growth in the past year, while talking about new logic, looking forward to 2022. This article is Zoho China President Hou Corning Dialogue Titanium Media App "Pathway 2022" column, the following is Hou Kangning's future outlook on the industry

Looking back in 2022, three words "comprehensive outbreak", "China's rise", "smart iteration" can be summarized.

In 2021, new energy vehicles developed beyond expected, sales, ushered in full explosive growth. From January to November 2021, my country's new energy vehicle production and sales completed 3023,000 vehicles and 299 million, a year-on-year increase of 1.7 times.

In terms of market penetration, it reflects a breakthrough in leapfrog. As of November, the new energy vehicle has increased significantly from 5.3% in 2020 to 13.9% from 2020, the growth rate is 162%. Among them, in November, the retail penetration rate of domestic new energy passenger cars was more than 20%, reaching 20.8%.

It can be found that the new energy market has been presented for many years, and it is open to a new round of outbreaks. At the same time, the new forces have also achieved phases rise. The multiplier data shows that in November, the new energy vehicle penetration rate in domestic brands is 33.2%; the new energy vehicle penetration rate in the domestic luxury car is 24.6%; the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in mainstream joint venture brands is only 3.9%. This shows that in the mainstream and luxury market, users have a full recognition of domestic brands. When the Chinese electric car is fully explosing, this user recognizes the catalyst that will become the rise of China's brand.

According to IHS Markit data, China's smart network car 2019 market penetration rate is approximately 35.3%, with the upgrade of automatic driving and networking technology, 2025 market penetration rate will reach 75.9%, China is expected to become the world's largest intelligent network car market.

"Science and Technology Pu Hui" makes everyone have "bought, and cool" smart electric vehicles

I personally think that the most valuable decision is the "Science and Technology Pley" vision we have established at the beginning of Weima, that is, put the frontier technology is praised by the people, so that everyone can have "bought, it is cool" Smart electric vehicle. At present, China's new energy cars are accelerating infiltration, and the mainstream market will usher in new outbreaks. This is the opportunity of Weima, and the home advantage of China's brand. Last year, we have achieved a new breakthrough in many ways around this vision.

Enterprise developmentIn the past year, Weima completed a new round of financing of $ 457 million, and was the new year of the car with the highest-end financing. This round of financing will continue to accelerate Weima "Science and Technology Popular" strategy, financing will be used in the development of unmanned and other intelligent technology and products, as well as sales and service channel development, to maintain Weima's core in intelligence Advantage.

Market salesIn December 2021, Weima delivered 5062 smart pure electric vehicles, and delivered 15,14 smart pure electric vehicles in the fourth quarter, and the sales of single-season sales history! In 2021, Weima has delivered 44,157 intelligent pure electric vehicles in the whole year, close to the total amount of delivery in the past three years. Since the delivery, Weima has accumulated nearly 90,000 intelligent pure electric vehicles, and the first echelon of the new force of the car.

Product planning, SUV + sedan matrix describes, "Science and Technology Popular" strategy is re-falling. Weima In Zero Contact Intelligent Interaction Pure SUV Weima EX555 million yuan large six pure electric SUV Weima EX6, superior force can evolve smart pure electric SUV Weima W6 basis, unveiled the first full scene intelligent pure The power of the electric car M7, the product layout is gradually improved.

Hard technology research and developmentWe will continue to land for forward-looking technology in smart cockpit and smart driving. Weima W6 is equipped with an AVP unmanned parking system, truly achieving an independent access garage function; and starting from self-developed SOA technology applications, high-level custom scene programming features. Weima M7 is more integration of China's scientific and technological innovation - the world's first self-transformed zoom high-eye super-sufficient laser radar, equipped with 4 ORIN-X top automatic driving chips, the highest power to 1,016TOPS, take the lead in achieving "full scene The intelligent scene of the car - City Road - Intercity Expressway is completely covered.

Charging energyWeima is laying out of the complement system and enhances the charging pile coverage. With December 2002, Weima entered Hong Kong EV Power charging pile, became a new power of the car to the charging pile of the Hong Kong layout. Cover 65 public charging sites in Hong Kong, 333 public charging piles. As of now, in the field of public charging, Weima has covered 32 provincial administrative districts, 361 cities, and provides users with more than 440,000 charging piles through the "Delivery" APP.

Outlook 2022, the mainstream market will usher in a new round of outbreak

Under carbon-up peaks, dual carbon actions, new energy vehicles will accelerate, market structure will accelerate from current "dumbbell type" to "spindle", that is, the mainstream market will usher in a new round of outbreaks. For the company, it means that the new round of brand development and market growth opportunities are coming. Wima as the only intelligent pure electric forces that focus on 15-250,000 yuan in the middle market, and there is a first advantage in accelerated "spindle type".

Entering the era of intelligent electric vehicles, and the car logic has undergone essential changes. The industry is generally considered that the software defines the auto era. Weima's thinking is that the competition in the future market will be more intense, continue to pay attention to user needs, and constantly improve user service and operational ability is the core of competitiveness. Based on the above philosophy, Weima strategy proposes "user-defined automobile", and adheres to the "scientific and technological praise" concept. In the mainstream electric market, SUV + sedan layout is formed, "the user builds" safe and reliable, quality, excellent experience, reasonable "intelligence Travel products and services.

Weima W6 is the first mass production model based on the "User-Defined Auto" concept. It is the first to implement the production model of SOA technology applications, and the development of scene programming features, allowing users to have the most fun. Scene programming intelligent experience. In the second half of next year, Weima cars will officially launch a full-time smart pure electric car - Weim M7, is the first full-time smart mobile space in Weima, which represents the new intelligent product development concept of Weima.

(Reporter | Wang Zhenchao)

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