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Breakthrough: Chinese scientists have discovered and confirmed the boson exotic metal for the first time

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Signatures of a strange Metal in a Bosonic System were published in a research paper entitled "Signatures of a Strange Metal in a Bosonic system" in The international journal Nature on January 12. The first discovery and confirmation of boson exotic metals in high temperature superconductors.


IT Home learned that the work was completed by The team of Academician Li Yanrong from the State Key Laboratory of Electronic Thin Films and Integrated Devices, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), with Doctoral student Yang Chao as the first author and Professor Xiong Jie as the first corresponding author.This is another major discovery made by the team in the field of quantum technology, following their first reported experimental discovery of quantum metal states in Science in 2019.


▲ Strange metal states near the quantum metal-insulator quantum phase transition point in YBCO nanomesh films (a) transport characteristic curve, (b) linear magnetoresistance curve, (c) Hall resistance Rxy curve with temperature, (d) Boson strange metal phase diagram

Elementary particles in the universe are divided into fermions and bosons.Among them, the development of electronic industry and devices on which human society currently depends is almost entirely based on fermionic system. However, due to high energy consumption and large loss, the physical size has reached its limit, and the bottleneck problem of continuous improvement of performance is faced, which cannot meet the rapidly growing demand for information transmission. Boson devices, represented by high temperature superconductors, have perfect zero-loss energy transfer characteristics, which is expected to bring revolutionary changes in electronic information industry. Strange metals, as their name suggests, are different from ordinary metals in that their resistivity is proportional to temperature, and exist in copper-based high-temperature superconductors. They are a new state of matter with highly quantum entanglement between electrons, and their disorder tends to the limit of quantum mechanics.Scientists discovered fermion strange metals 30 years ago, but the existence of boson strange metals has long been a scientific conundrum.

The research group of Academician Li Yanrong and Professor Xiong Jie from UESTC, in collaboration with professor James M. Valles Jr from Brown University, Academician Xie Xincheng and Professor Wang Jian from Peking University, researcher Liu Haiwen from Beijing Normal University, sichuan University and other collaborators, successfully broke through the limitation of Fermion system. Strange metal states were induced in boson system for the first time. The research team by precisely building nano-mesh array in HTS YBCO film, achieving the boson coherence, dissipative energy and other properties of cross-scale regulation, in the critical region of quantum phase transition resistance with temperature and magnetic field linear change of singular metal states. At the same time, the Hall resistance of the system decreases sharply to zero below the critical superconducting temperature, and h / 2E superconducting quantum magnetoresistance oscillation associated with The Cooper electron pair exists, which proves that the carrier of the system is a boson.By scaling analysis, it is found that the resistance of the boson strange metal is determined by the simple linear addition of temperature and magnetic field, which proves that the resistance in the quantum critical region is independent of the internal energy scale of the system, satisfying the relationship of invariant scale, and reveals that the boson strange dynamic behavior exists in the quantum critical region.The complete phase diagram of the boson singular metal is established and the physical picture of the dissipative quantum phase transformation of the boson system is explained.

Chandra M. Varma, an internationally renowned theoretical physicist and academician of the American Academy of Sciences, published a special comment article, highly appraised the discovery of the boson strange metal as a major breakthrough in the field of condensed matter physics. Nature reviewers praised this work as a transformative result leading the development of quantum theory. At the same time, Nature published a review article on the highlights of the topic, commenting that this work breaks through the existing cognitive framework of singular metal states and disordered superconductors, and will promote the field of condensed matter physics to take a big step forward. This finding for understanding the singular metal physics of condensed matter physics, reveals the universality of the singular metal, perfecting the quantum phase transition theory laid the important scientific basis, to reveal the effect of dissipation on the boson quantum coherence of the quantitative influence, promote future low-energy superconducting quantum computing and high sensitive detection technology development is of important theoretical and practical significance.

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