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Tencent released a input method with eyeball typing

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In November 2019, due to the normal operation of the small brain, the ability to speak normal, the ability of the ability to speak, asked for help on Weibo, which is called "mouse typing & middot; high-level version III" before Weibo. The input method cannot be used.

A few days later, the Sogou input method team contacted Fang Yu, indicating that it will continue to raise this input method, so that this software can help more special people have an opportunity to express. Only 8 days, Sogou input method is the limb barrier input (point input), which is a special population such as Fang Yu and other limbs (point input), is officially launched.


▲ Hui Yu (@ 冷 敏 子 夜) 's help microblogging

Tencent Entering the Legal Accessible Product Experts Zhao Yitao said in an interview with Zhidong said: "Point to enter the current day active user volume has reached 100,000."

As the Sogou input method of the national input method, the long-term concern is unobstructed in the field, which is committed to providing better input services for the barrier. So Sogou Input Method has launched a visual impairment input, limb entries (point input), elders input, etc., for special people.

Just on Thursday, Tencent's Sogou Input Method was officially launched, the Sogou input method "eye input" solution is released on the spot, and the user can complete through the eyeball. enter.

"Zhen Voice" is unbailed to enter the public welfare plan from the China Disabled Federation directly under the China Disabled Auxiliary Appliance Center Guidance, Tencent's Sogou Input Method, Shenzhen Information Accessible Research Association, the national disabled supplies development and supply terminal jointly launched, and Vivo, Tobiidynavox listened to the power of technology, Hannikang technology, and helping the group in the digital world.


▲ "Voice" is unobstructed input public welfare plan launching ceremony

"Voice" is unobstructed, the public welfare plan is specific? How will Sogou input method rely on its own technical advantage to bring convenience to the disabled group?

First, build a barrier-free input open platform

In recent years, China's Internet penetration rate has climbed year by year. At the end of June 2021, the Chinese Internet penetration rate reached 71.60%, mobile phones, and PC input methods have become our daily life, work, study, and express themselves in the network, and express themselves in the network.

However, there is also a group of people seem to be "forgotten". According to reports, China currently has more than 85 million special groups, including more than 17 million visually obligations, more than 6 million patients with cerebral palsy. The seventh national census data shows that my country's 60-year-old population is 260 million, of which is 190 million people in the age of 65 and above. These numbers are still increasing, they are special people, and they also need to input the words to express themselves.

With the start of the "public" unbacard input public welfare plan, Sogou input method will continue to use its own AI technology advantages, existing product coverage, etc., for more AI developers, enterprises, and special people to build an accessible input channel.

Specifically, the "Voice" Accessible Input Public Welfare Plan is initially included in the two aspects, respectively, the research and analysis of group demand, and built an accessible input open platform.

1. Investigation and analysis of group demand. In order to further promote further landing of AI in the barrier-free facility, the pre-plan implementation, Sogou input method product experts will jointly special people's users, China Disabled Auxiliary Appliance Center and Shenzhen Information Accessibility Research Association, in-depth investigation, continue Output barrier-free input demand report, optimization of AI and other technologies in accessibility products. It is reported that the first issue of "Accessible Input Research Report" is scheduled to be released in 2022.

2. Construct a barrier-free input development platform. At present, there is a solution for accessibility, including Sogou input method, the visual impairment input, limb (point input), elders mode, eye input, and OCR reading, AI sign language translation, etc. . In the future, Sogou input method will join Tencent Technical Public Welfare Plan to open AI and other technologies in the whole industry, reduce the development threshold of developers, and use open source technology to promote public welfare undertakings.

Second, AI predict + Lenovo, the typing error rate is reduced by 63%

The vice president of Tencent said in the launching ceremony: "Information is too obstacles, is the digital divide of the obstacle," 2018, Tencent opened the OCR identification, speech synthesis, pictures of visual impaired people, etc. In 2020, the 'audio AI technology' of the open-oriented people, Tencent is exploring technology to help disability, and more application scenarios across the digital divide. "

So how do Tencent build high quality information for special people? From the product itself, Sogou input method continuously implements functional updates, terminal applications, and technology integration, making multiple barrier-free input solutions more user-friendly by repeated grinding, optimizing and upgrading.

The latest version of the unobsibaby input method launched by the "Voice" Accessible Enter Public Welfare Plan launching ceremony is aimed at the topaz crowd, and the Sogou input method jointly developed together, and the eye input technology and Sogou input The high quality of the law, Lenovo language library, intelligent frequency modulation and other functions.

From a hardware side, TobiIndynavox developed eye-controller adopts eye tracking technology, users can use their eyes to replace mice and keyboards. After the user wears an eye-controller, use your eyes to keep your goals on the page, you can complete the action step by step. A multi-set near-infrared light source is provided on the eyeliner, and the eye reflection is transferred to the eyeliner, through the algorithm to obtain the watch coordinate position, allow the computer to identify the position of the eye, and perform instructions.

During the use of ophthammatists, all buttons on the keyboard require eye to operate, and the input method is critical in this link. Sogou input method is equipped with eye-catching keyboard developed by opinion.

First, in order to enhance the user experience, the opinion keyboard designed by the Sogou input method provides the button adsorption function, which can reduce the error rate generated due to false operation when the user selects operation at the gaze button. Eye-controlled keyboard is flexible to set the time of the user-staring button, and the previous user is not familiar with how to use the method, and it can be set for a long time and adjust it in time to find a relatively comfortable method.

Second, the eye-catch keyboard is also equipped with the smart button technology of the Sogou input method. For words that are relatively long or uncommon to pinin, users only need to enter several times, the keyboard can generate "memory", automatic liberal candidate words, such as "deoxyribon Nucleotide "This kind of specialization, uncommon nouns, after entering several times, users only need to enter their first letters" tyhthgs ", you can fully enter this noun.

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