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Only 2 decisive headphones Class A Certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology? Perhaps it is misunderstanding

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On January 13th, a topic of a "Class A Certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology" only rushed to the hot search, which triggered a big discussion on the reliability of noise reduction headphones.

According to CCTV report, according to CCTV report, nearly 50% of the noise reduction headset has insufficient noise reduction, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's test evaluation of the headset, only stroller Neobuds Pro, small active noise reduction intelligent headset PRO two types of Class A certification .

After the information is transmitted, some netizens found that there was no effective result in the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As a result, many netizens have also been questioned on the truth of this topic.

Only 2 products get A-level certification?

At this moment, almost all mobile phone manufacturers have introduced noise reduction wireless headphones, such as Apple's AirPods Pro, Huawei's FreeBuds Pro and OPPO's ENCO Free, etc., these products are called TWS (true wireless stereo) Bluetooth headset, with noise reduction function, The price is more expensive than ordinary headphones.

According to Apple's official introduction, the noise reduction headset mainly adopts the design of the double noise reduction mike, which is also a scheme in which most high-end noise-free headphones in the industry, a microphone external microphone built-in, can detect noise other than headphones and Secondary noise reduction is achieved by the built-in microphone detects noise reduction.

However, only two noise-saving headphones have been very loudly of the CICC Certification, and these two noise-saving headphones are not the mainstream brand on the market. Therefore, it was questioned by people from mobile phone manufacturers.

The insiders of a mobile phone manufacturer said the "Financial World" Weekly, "I only have to call the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the" Certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "in Weibo Hot Search. Certification Information.

According to the A-level assessment certificate circulated by the network, issuing agencies are the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center. The center is the subordinate unit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. By looking for the center website, you can find a content related to the Class A Evaluation Certificate with the Noise Reduction Headset on December 24, 2021.

This article mentioned that on December 18, 2021, China Intelligent Voice Industry Development Summit Forum released the "Intelligent Noise Reduction Headset and Call Decorative Ruth Multi Scene Properties Evaluation Research Report". According to the report, combined with the noise scene in real life, the evaluation of the four noise-saving headphones, and the noise reduction A grade assessment certificate was obtained. The four headphones that were certified were a speecher TWS NB2, a conquinator Neobuds Pro, OPPO ENCO Free2i, OnePlus Buds PRO. However, there is no figure of the above-mentioned small active noise reduction smart headphone pro.

According to the certificate judgment, the active review of individual headset brands according to the certificate, "does not have a multi-sample comparative test of the noise reduction headset hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology."

People from another mobile phone manufacture also told the "Weekly" weekly magazine, "We understand that there is currently no government department to actively organize large-scale TWS noise reduction headphone evaluation."

According to the above evaluation report, it can be found that the research focuses on domestic brand and market share, technical strength, etc. A total of 12 products. Many well-known brand products in Apple and Huawei are not in the sample pool. At present, there are more than 300 statistics on national noise-saving headphones producers, and the products are not counting. Less sample quantity, it is actually unable to obtain "only 2 to get A-level certification" conclusions.

The "Financial World" weekly periodically, CCTV is indeed reported that nearly half of the reducing amount of noise reduction in the active noise reduction headset in July 2021. This report is more in order to remind consumers, noise reduction headphones are insufficient, and there is a risk of hearing loss. The State Market Supervision Administration has tested the 60-headphones of 47 companies. It adopted the relevant standards of EU and military.

But most of these headphones are wired noise reduction headphones. A headset manufacturer said in the "Financial World" weekly, the standards for the TWS active noise-saving headphones are also advised to take care of the TWS active noise reduction headset and traditional wired active noise reduction headphones on the scene. In the words, CCTV reported nearly 50% of the noise reduction headset noise reduction is insufficient, which is a high-level traditional testing standard. At present, the TWS headset industry is not perfect and unified for the standard for active noise reduction.

Apple a large situation in tattoo

TWS is the fastest growth rate of consumer electronics in recent years. Because there is no headphone cable, it is better to experience better than traditional wired headphones.

Since 2016, Apple launched AirPods, he led the wireless headset market. 2020 Apple TWS headset market share reached 31%. A year ago, Apple's share of Apple is still a ranked 54.4%. Although Apple's market share is a decline, it still dominates in this market.

Apple's success also brings more and more players to it. A person of a mobile phone manufacturer headphones tells the "Financial World" weekly, as in recent years, the TWS headset market is rapidly mature, the products are dazzling, and the competition is increasingly fierce. "A large number of brands flooded into the market share of Apple."

Apple, Android camp, driving TWS earphones quickly walking into mature period from sprouting. According to CounterPoint, 2016 global TWS headset shipments were only 9.18 million. In 2020, the data increased to 233 million pairs. And it is expected that the 2021 global TWS headset market shipments will exceed 310 million.

The price is also going down quickly. There is data show that from the first quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2021, the global TWS headset is more than 50% of TWS earphones below less than 20%.

In 2016, Apple released the first generation of AirPods, and the domestic price was 1288 yuan. After about one year and a half, Huawei entered the game, directly hit the price within 800 yuan. Since then, the domestic Android brand has splended, and the lowest price of ordinary TWS headphones has dropped to 200 yuan.

In 2019, TWS headphones with noise reduction were rapidly developed. Actively reducing the environmental noise of the headphones with a noise-saving module, which is gradually loved by the city consumers. Apple launched AirPods Pro led the market again. Huawei is tightly biting apple rhythm, in the same year's similar products, the price is still only about half of apple. Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO these domestic Android vendors still play the role of the price killer. Since 2020, TWS noise reduction headset has quickly improved the era of 500 yuan.

The rapid reduction in the price is attracted to more consumer groups. The market named apple also ushered in its growth crisis. There is an agency report show that Q2 Q2 has a long-term share of more than 30% of the global TWS market share, and the first time there is a negative growth. Apple TWS shipments have also fallen above 15.5 million in the same period in 2020, fell more than 25%. Although its distance is still a big leading advantage, the leading landscape that is maintained is facing violent impact.

Mobile phone manufacturers have stronger ecological advantages, master the right to speak in the earphone and mobile phone. From the data of IDC statistics, the top three of TWS headphones in the 2020 are mobile brands, apples, Huawei and Xiaomi.

"Apple's market share is transcended by time." The above-mentioned headset business people tell "Financial World" weekly, the number of domestic Android mobile phone users is overall, and the product is more price advantage. During the TWS headset overrides more consumer groups, the Android End TWS headset market share has improved the basis. "Although Apple shipments and share are declining, the TWS market still presents a rising situation." In other words, the domestic Android TWS headset market still has greater development potential. He believes that TWS earphone price war will further exacerbate in the next few years.

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