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12306 APP can issue an electronic temporary ride ID card today (steps)

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IT Home January 15th news, according to China Railway release, the railway public security organ has been on the line of electronic temporary ride on the railway 12306 APP.

1. Passengers who need to handle electronic temporary ride certificates can open the railway 12306 app, click on "Warm Service" on the front page.


2. Subsequently, passengers can choose "Take the Temporary ID Certificate of Passenger Train" in warm services. In addition, passengers can also copy electronic temporary ride identification by clicking "More - Warm Service - Tempory ID".


3. Passengers need to fill in the name, document type, ID number and other identity information in the "Temporary Ride Identity Certificate" page, then click "Apply Now". Users who have logged into 12306 App will automatically display user ID information after the "Temporary Ride Identity Certificate" page.

It should be noted that the application for electronic temporary ride is required to authorize the positioning service; the electronic temporary ride identification is only supported by the Chinese resident ID card.


4. Proof of electronic temporary ride identification requires the current applicant to conduct real personnel.


▲ Figure self-China railway, the same

5. After the inspection is passed, you can view the audit results of the electronic temporary ride identification.

The two-dimensional code is updated once. After 30 minutes, it needs to be checked again. Non-registered users closes the page, they need to make a sense of personal verification. During the validity period of the electronic temporary ride, check and re-verification does not occupy the number of applications.


6. Railway 12306 App registered users can view related records for the application for electronic temporary ride within 1 month.


IT House learned that passengers who have not successfully handled the electronic temporary route identification, and the paper temporary ride of the public security system will be transferred to the station.

Viewing and using the precautions are as follows:

To ensure accurate information security, unregistered and unregistered users must fill in the real identity information, and the application can be submitted or viewed after the operation is confirmed; if the user uses a non-Chinese ID card, the system will prompt the document that cannot be applied for temporary multiplication. Car identification.

One natural month can only apply for 3 times, each application for successful electronic temporary ride identification is valid for 24 hours.

In the electronic temporary ride identity, the QR code is used to use the page. The QR code is automatically updated once. In order to avoid other people to use the QR code, it is necessary to re-verify myself to determine myself.

When the 12306 App is exited, after the cache is cleaned, check the application for an electronic temporary ride, and you need to determine your own operation through a face-speech.

In order to facilitate the preparation of passengers, the passenger allows passengers 3 hours before the current electronic temporary ride, apply for new electronic temporary ride identification.

The following is a common problem that China Railway announced:

Q: Why can't my urban positioning function cannot be used normally?

A: You can click "reposition" attempt to obtain location information again, and confirm that the mobile phone positioning service is turned on and authorizes the railway 12306APP.

Q: Is the electronic temporary ride identification limited number of limitations?

A: During the pilot, each person can apply for 3 electronic temporary ride identification in one natural month. If you apply for more than 3 times, please go to the station's public security certificate window to proof the paper temporary ride.

Q: Is there a validity period for electronic temporary ride?

A: Yes. The electronic temporary ride identification is valid within 24 hours after the user's application is successful. In the process of travel, if the electronic temporary ride identification is invalid, the passengers can re-submit the application or run outline procedures through artificial channels.

Q: The electronic temporary ride identification certificate can be displayed normally, but cannot pass the gate?

A: In the electronic temporary ride, the QR code is used to use the page, the QR code is 60 seconds automatically update once, possibly because of the network reasons, the QR code is not updated in time, please click the "Refresh" button below the QR code.

Q: Why stay in the electronic temporary ride identification QR code uses a page for a while, prompts to re-perform my certification.

A: In order to avoid others, the electronic temporary ride identification 2D code uses the page to stay for 30 minutes, users need to re-verify myself through the physical verification. This operation does not take advantage of the application during the expiration date of the temporary ride identification.

Q: After the application is successful, in what circumstances, in the case of use, people need to conduct people's experience?

A: After the application is successful, the non-registered user will try again when the QR code is used to use the page, and the registered user needs to be checked again after exiting the login, the cache is cleaned up, and needs to be reserved again.

Q: I bought a ticket or regular ticket, but I forgot to bring an ID card, can I enter the station by using an electronic temporary ride?

A: Of course you can.

Q: What services can I handle with an electronic temporary ride?

A: At the station of the e-ticket, it can be sold, the real-name system, and enter the station ticket, and the car board ticket.

Q: Can minors can apply for an electronic temporary ride identification?

A: The minors who have handled the Chinese resident ID card can apply for an electronic temporary ride identification.

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