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Generally not more than 200 yuan, you can buy it over 8 years old ... About the blind box, this first-tier city shot!

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Recently, in KFC and bubble Mart, the "Dimoo Joint Blind Box Package" has triggered social disputes and concerns, and the blind box economy once again became a topic focus.

On January 14, Shanghai has drawn a "red line" for the business sales of blind boxes.

On the same day, according to the "Shanghai Market Supervision" official WeChat news, in order to standardize the city's blind box business activities, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, maintain social public interests, Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau formulated "Shanghai Blind Box Business Campaign Compliance Guidelines ". (Hereinafter referred to as "Guide"). "Guidelines" from the clear guidance of the scope of application, the blind box operates the red line, the compliance business recommendations, etc., etc. are norms to the blind box business activities. Among them, it is clearly proposed that the price of single blind box is generally not more than 200 yuan, prohibits suggestions such as minor sales under the age of 8.

Specifically, "Guide" is suitable for blind box operators in the Shanghai administrative region, as well as other operators who sell blind box products to Shanghai consumers. Including the main body of the main business state in the blind box, the main body of the sporadic blind box operates with the promotion propaganda, providing promotion, planning, marketing and other services.

"Guide" draws out of the blind box to operate the red line, and the blind box business activities should comply with the relevant laws and regulations rules, and the business scope is generally in the fields of living, literary and entertainment. Laws and regulations clearly stipulate that they are prohibited from selling and circulating, and may not be sold in the form of blind boxes.

Strict requirements for sales qualifications, storage, transportation, and conditions, etc., may not be sold in the form of blind boxes, such as special food, medicines, medical devices, toxic and harmful items, flammable and explosive materials, living animals, etc.

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"Guide" proposes an advocacy suggestion for specific blind box business activities, promoting platform standardization development, and guaranteeing legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Standardize blind box price system. The actual value of the goods in the blind box should be basically equivalent to the sale price, and the price of a single blind box is generally not more than 200 yuan. Do not raise ordinary commodity prices in the form of blind boxes.

Clear blind box extraction rules. Blind box operators should publicize product species, cartlock rules, quantity, hidden extract probability, etc., fully inform consumers, and keep intact probability settings, extract results, and payment.

Encourage the settings of the boot mechanism. Encourage blind box operators to publicize standards. When the same consumer pays the amount of the same series of blind boxes to reach the amount or extracts a certain number of times, it provides reasonable ways to get hidden items or a complete set of products. But non-mandatory requirements.

Strengthen goods after sale. Ask the blind box operator to establish convenient, effective complaint processing mechanism, public complaint method, processing process, return standard, etc., may not push, delay, and refuse to handle consumer complaints.

Standardize marketing hype behavior. It is required that the blind box operator shall not carry out financial marketing, and there must be no marketing in the secondary market.

Minor protection mechanism. The blind box operator may not sell the blind box to minors under the age of 8. To sell blind box products to minors over 8 years old, the guardian agreed by different ways of online.

According to China News Network, this, the person in charge of the blind box salesman bubble Mart said that the bubble mart has always supported the government to regulate the relevant policies issued in the market. A healthy and orderly game market is not only beneficial to protect the rights of consumers, but also creates a good development space for bubble mart. For the recommendations mentioned in "Guidelines", the bubble mart said, the next step will actively cooperate with the regulatory authorities, and gradually explore the specific solutions that can be implemented according to the spirit of "Guidelines".

Not long ago, KFC and blind box sales merchants were jointly launched by "Dimoo Joint Blind Box Package", which triggered consumers to buy. Many consumers have purchased dozens of packages for "Qi Wa", causing food waste. To this end, China Consumers Association No. 12 Name Kran Kerki-induced food excessive consumption.

In the secondary market, the bubble mart landed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2020, and the stock price touched the new high of HK $ 107.34, then continued to fall, January 6, 2022 was a new low of HK $ 39.2 / share. The maximum retardation is 63%. As of the paper, the bubble Mart stock price reported HK $ 45.7 / share, the total market value of HK $ 64.1 billion.

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