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Dong Xiaodian announced the shuttlecock, social e-commerce style encountered life and death

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On January 18, Dong Xiaodian issued an announcement that due to business adjustment, Dong Xiaodian has closed all functions other than cash withdrawal and withdrawal authentication, online customer service, no longer calculating income. In addition, Dong Xiaodian applet will close the underside on February 28, 2022, and completely stop all services and remind users to complete the cash as soon as possible.

According to the notice released by the official website of Dong Xiaodian, in order to protect the rights of users, Dong Xiaodian United Fenxiang launched a translation policy, and the strategic partner of Dong Xiaodian can translate to the Fenxiang platform.

Investigations show that the Fenxiang platform is a social e-commerce applet, and 99% of Jingdong has a coupon or rebate in Fenxiang, and some of the goods can choose Jingdong distribution. Fenxiang's legal person Deng Zhengping is the founder and general manager of the former Jingdong Intelligent Home, and has also served as the founder and total person in charge of Jingdong Mobile Department. Some people in Dong Xiaodian have disclosed that it is mainly adjusted in Jingdong, and Dong Xiaodian is the internal incubation project in Jingdong. The output of production and research is not as good as the market, so it is suspended.

East small shop

In 2018, the efficient and fission capabilities of social e-commerce attracted many companies to join, spending a lot, gathering, mushroom street and other social e-commerce platforms have moved towards the capital market, and social e-commerce is pushed up.

In this context, Jingdong launched a social e-commerce platform "Dong Xiaodian" in November 2019, the main mode is S2B2C. That is, small B users promote the promotion of the platform applet, and the exclusive coupons of Dong Xiaodian Channel products are released in WeChat communities, let the sink market users buy low-cost products and earn corresponding commissions. These items come from Jingdong Mall and enjoy Jingdong's after-sales service. Among them, 99% of goods can enjoy special benefits, and the platform has no threshold.

According to the official website, as of June 2020, there were approximately 210,000 store director in Dong Xiaodian realized the month, and the Dong Xiaodian also launched a 2.0 version, and added "adding WeChat" function, and announced Adopting a strategic cooperation with Dada Group, further enriching the commodity pool and supply chain of Dong Xiaodian, and the East shop can sell individual merchants and Jingdong to home products. However, since April 2021, Jingdong store has no new news.

In fact, before Dong Xiaodian, there have been a number of social business platforms announced the shutdown. Last year, Ali's "Tao Ship" released the announcement, due to business strategy adjustment, commodity transactions and other related functions will be stopped on October 11, 2021. On January 17, 2021, Xiaomi's "product has a fish" also claimed that due to business adjustment, excellent products will be terminated by Operation of Operations on March 17, 2022, and will not be able to access the products with fish APPs and applets.

In addition to the Internet giants that have an exit, other social e-commerce platforms are also difficult. On August 4th, 2021, there were suppliers to explode that Bayi arrears more than 1400 supplier goods, and the amount of margin and payment of the money arrears exceeded 140 million yuan. In addition, "The First Share of Social E-Commerce" has also received Nasdaque token alerts in September this year. The three quarterly report showed that the gathering achieved operating income of 1.694 billion yuan, down nearly 60% of the same period last year, margin 626 million yuan, near the same period of last year.

Social e-commerce is no longer

Social e-commerce "pull the head, distribution" model has been questioned for suspected pyramid schemes, there is a risk of chain breaks. With the supervision policy, many social business platforms have also been regulated. According to the public data, 50 social business platforms were punished during 2017, and 2020 were more than 20 in the handicrafts of the penalty society. Including peanut diary, gathering, microwacy, zebra member, a brother, honey source, is all suspected of being frozen funds or is in a fine.

On December 29, 202, the Municipal Supervision Bureau of Yuhua District, Hebei Province, the "TST Secret" parent company Shanghai Darwei is suspected of pyramid schemes, and social e-commerce models have been involved in the tips of public opinion. In this regard, the industry believes that social e-commerce advocates fission, secondary distribution, and three episodes distribution are a little pilot nature, which is the focus of policy strikes, so it has been greatly impacted.

In addition, the product quality and sales of social e-commerce platforms are also frequently spitted by consumers. On the black cat complaint platform, many consumers revealed that they were shopping in social e-commerce platforms, encountered problems such as refund, while selling wakes. Under the double pressure of policy and reputation, the social e-commerce is gradually matched.

According to "electricity treasure", the number of social e-commerce financing has reached the peak of investment in 2018 - 2019. After that, the number of financing incidents in social business in 2021 fell by 22.23% year-on-year. With the electric business entrance to live e-commerce, major social e-commerce has also announced the transformation of the live broadcast track. Since last year, there have been future markets, Bayi, and zebra members have launched a live broadcast function.

Mo Yiqing, senior analyst, Social e-commerce industry, believes that social e-commerce industries have entered the wash period, and the social e-commerce industry needs to find suitable development models and enhance hematopoietic capacity. Under this fierce competition, SMEs are naturally unsustainable, and the jungle law leads to the survival of the fittest. In the future, the social estate session enters more fierce killing, and the transformation and innovation will be a new proposition of social e-commerce development.

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