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The world's first large-scale investment! How far is the Hydrogen society from Wintero?

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Today, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Winter Olympics) officially opened.

It is understood that the Beijing Winter Olympics will become the first Olympic event that truly realizes "carbon neutrality". Previously, the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee issued the "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics Low Carbon Management Work Program" identified 18 carbon emission reductions and 4 "carbon neutrality" measures, comprehensive implementation of 100% Renewable energy meets routine power consumption needs of venues, and promotes new energy vehicles in all divisions, and actively promotes demonstration applications that meet the auto - fuel vehicles in related models.

According to the data released by the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, Beijing Winter Olympics will demonstrate over 1,000 hydrogen energy vehicles, equipped with more than 30 hydrogenation stations, and is the world's largest fuel cell car demonstration. This also makes the hydrogen fuel batteries have become a bright color of the green winter Olympics, from Toyota Auto, Beiqi Group, Yutong Bus, Futian Automobile, etc., the hydrogen fuel batteries, etc., are actively investing in Beijing Winter Olympics.

The first securities reported that Beijing Winter Olympics will fully show hydrogen application potential, and quickly improve hydrogen perception, which is beneficial to industrialization. According to the Chinese Automotive Engineering Society, by 2030, my country's hydrogen production value is expected to break through trillion yuan.


Auto Pharmacy

As the Global Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Toyota is a vehicle in Beijing Winter Olympics. It is reported that Toyota has officially delivered 2,200 new energy vehicles to the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, including Toyota to invest large-scale FCEV models in China in China.


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According to the official statistical results of Beijing Winter Olympics, as of now, in the Beijing Winter Olympics event traffic service vehicle, Toyota provides energy-saving and clean energy vehicles accounted for 100% in the small bus, 85.84% of all vehicles. For the highest winter Olympics.

At the same time, as the cooperation achievements of Toyota and Beijing Auto Co., Ltd., Beijing Yuantong Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Winter Olympics will also use Beiqi Futian hydraulic fuel cell bus with Toyota hydrogen fuel cell system. A.

As a local "host", the model of the Beiqi Group is also riveting in Beijing Winter Olympics. It is reported that Beiqi Group has 212 hydrogen-fuel passenger cars and 330 electric vehicles serving Beijing Winter Olympics. Beiqi Group said that vehicles who serve as service guarantees have been tested by low temperature and cooling, low temperature continuous mileage, low temperature temperature rise performance, and 100% achieved and exceeded all test standards.

Helping the Beijing Winter Olympics, commercial car companies are not willing to show weakness. In the Winter Olympics in Beijing, 1223 Futian Ouhui bus provide security for Winter Olympics, including 515 hydrogen fuel passenger cars, accounting for this Winter Olympics to provide guaranteed hydrogen fuel buses accounted for 80% The record of the largest number of international-level sports events in history, and the number of models of the number of models in history; Yutong Bus will provide more than 700 vehicles including hydrogen fuel passenger cars, T7, provide travel to events in Beijing Winter Olympics .


Hydrogen energy industry has been

Take Dongfeng, the hydrogen industry industry has begun "accelerating run". In fact, under the promotion of the persistent assishes and "double carbon" goals, the hydrogen energy industry has long ushered in the development of the wind and become a new style. In March 2021, hydrogen energy was officially incorporated into the draft "14th Five-Year Plan" plan. As of 2021, my country's government accumulated support for hydrogen energy and fuel cell research and development funds more than 2 billion yuan; December 2021, "The 14th Five-Year Plan" "Industrial Green Development Plan" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also proposed to speed up hydrogen energy technology. Innovation and infrastructure construction, driving hydrogen energy multi-use.

By the end of 2021, there were 16 provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shandong, Hebei, Tianjin, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Ningxia, have developed hydrogen energy development plan. In November 2021, Shanghai released a number of policies on supporting the development of the city's fuel cell auto industry, and plans to invest in the national fuel cell car demonstration central fiscal reward in accordance with the national fuel cell car demonstration, in accordance with the national fuel cell car demonstration. Special support fund for the development of the city's fuel cell vehicle, arranged in the special fund of Shanghai energy conservation and emission reduction, focusing on vehicle demonstration applications, key core technology industrialization, talent introduction and team building. At the same time, Shanghai City Group fuel cell car demonstration application works for the first time, marking the formal entry of my country's fuel cell development.


Image Source: Daily Economic News Drawings

According to the prediction of China Hydrogen Energy Alliance, by 2030, China's hydrogen demand will reach 35 million tons, accounting for 5% in the terminal energy system; in 2050, demand will reach 60 million tons (equivalent to 2020 292.68%), accounting for 10% in the terminal energy system, can reduce row of about 700 million tons of carbon dioxide, the output value of the industrial chain reached 12 trillion yuan / year; the national hydrogenation station reached more than 10,000, the fuel cell vehicle production reached 520 10,000 vehicles / year, fuel cell system capacity 5.5 million sets / year.

According to the "China Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Report 2020", China Hydrogen Fuel Battery Car Insurance will increase from 7352 in 2020 to 100,000 vehicles in 2025, and the 2025 hydrogen battery car market is expected to reach 80 billion yuan.

Investment Securities Reporting believes that hydrogen can serve as a secondary energy of clean zero-carbon, accounting for an important role in future energy reforms, will assume the mission of assisting the "double carbon" target. The development stage of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is higher in 2010, in the technical level, priority promotion commercial vehicles, and further drive the scale of the passenger car field in the commercial vehicle field, in the next five years The hydrogen fuel cell is expected to reach 68%.

At the East Wu Securities Securities Analytist, the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is in the rapid import period. Since the industry is still in the early stages of industrialization, the head shuffling phenomenon is frequent, with the technical route determination and market demand deposit formation scale effect It is optimistic that the advantageous enterprise for forward-looking layout is the lead in highlighting.

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