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Can thousands of yuan to play? Perfect comparison "original god" and "cloud, original god"

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Speaking of cloud games, what will you think? Host game, 3A masterpiece? Indeed, when the concept of cloud game is just launched, everyone will put their eyes on a large game of relative gravity, more time, but after a period of development, it is now moving on the cloud. More than those large games.

实测对比《原神》与《云·原神》: 想玩爽还是离不开旗舰机

In recent, "Cloud & Middot; Original God" has opened public beta. As one of the games that best drill mobile phone performance, "Original God" has become one of the indicators of the performance of mobile phones. As a "original god", I have just bought a game of mobile phones. So what is the original god experience? I have just purchased the game mobile phone that can I have to retreat? Let us take the test.

01 starts the game is very simple, the charging standard can be accepted

Although it has become a cloud game, the first step of experience "cloud & middot; original God" is still the download and installation. Currently "Cloud & Middot; Original God" provides iOS and Android version, for "original God" players, in the menu, there is "Cloud & Middot; Original God" option, click to enter the download page.

实测对比《原神》与《云·原神》: 想玩爽还是离不开旗舰机

For new players who use the Android system, I want to directly experience "cloud & middot; original God" is also a small variety. Xiaomi, OPPO, Huawei and other mainstream systems do not provide "cloud & middot; original god" download, the author directly searches clouds & middot; original God, did not find the game download link, eventually is in its official WeChat public Number downloads the game.

On the link of the installation package, you can clearly feel that "Cloud & Middot; Original God" is compared to the "original God" 3.9GB installation package, "Cloud & Middot; Original God" The installation package is only 79.8MB, more saving space. Not only that, let the "original god" players are unparalleled data download, can also be exempt from "Cloud & Middot; Original God". After opening "Cloud & Middot; Original God", you can choose to start the game.

实测对比《原神》与《云·原神》: 想玩爽还是离不开旗舰机

"Original God" (left) and "cloud & middot; the original god" (right) is obvious on the installation package size

At present, "Cloud & Middot; Original God" is used on time billing, 10 meters per minute, according to this price, recharge 6 yuan can be achieved for 3 hours, and the price is acceptable. In addition, you can get a 15-minute free time long, up to 600 minutes.

02 Experience is smooth or not, you can see the speed

After saying the preparation of "Cloud & Middot; Original God", let's enter the official gaming experience. "Cloud & Middot; Original God" is common in the game schedule and "original God", and will continue from the last archive after login.

In the case of a good network, the overall game experience of "Cloud & Middot; Original God" is not much different. We set "Cloud & Middot; Original God" to be super high-definition 60 frames, "the original God" picture quality is set to a very 60 frames, and there is not much different in visual view. In the event of an extremely valued operational delay in the game, "Cloud & Middot; Original God" has been well-known than "original God", which has little effect in daily activities, but may experience the game experience in the fierce battle scene. More significant effects.

实测对比《原神》与《云·原神》: 想玩爽还是离不开旗舰机

"Cloud & Middot; Original God" (on) and "Original God" (below) is not obvious

However, once the network is delayed, or there is a statter, "Cloud & Middot; the original God" will further decline in playability. In our practical experience, the network quality is poorly delayed on the "cloud & middot; the original God" picture and operation, which is basically unavailable. According to the measured, if you want a smooth experience of "Cloud & Middot; Original God" under the screen setting of the Extreme HD 60 frame, the network delay needs to be controlled below 50ms, and the bandwidth requirements are relatively low, and 10Mbps can basically guarantee smooth.

实测对比《原神》与《云·原神》: 想玩爽还是离不开旗舰机

When the network quality is poor, the operation of "Cloud & Middot; Original God" has appeared.

In addition, the traffic consumption is also one of the problems that cannot be ignored without the use of "cloud & middot; original god" in the outdoor or other Wi-Fi environment. Since the screen of "Cloud & Middot; Original God" is calculated by the cloud, the flow consumption is very obvious. Under Ultra HD Picture 10 minutes, it consumes 220MB traffic to estimate "Cloud & Middot; Original God" hourly traffic consumption is about 1GB or more, for most users. Unbearable. If you want to experience "Cloud & Middot; Original God", Wi-Fi is still inseparable from the unique choice.

03 summary

Overall, "Cloud & Middot; Original God" can provide a smooth experience comparable to the local client in the case of excellent network conditions. However, once the network condition is deteriorated, the overall experience will also decline. In this case, the network is strongly dependent on the network, and it does not completely replace the local version of the game. Now I want to save this money to buy a flagship machine, and still far away.

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