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Domestic GPU chip developer "Medicine Technology" to complete hundreds of millions of annuality round finance | Titanium news

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On February 23, titanium media learned that domestic GPU chip developers "Nanjing Culture Technology Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "Sprinkle Technology") today announced that hundreds of millions of annuality round financing, the investor includes Datai capital, will Venture capital, everything invested, Haiyong Capital, the establishment of venture capital, funds will be used in the company's first generation of GPU (graphics processor) chip product development, team expansion, etc.

Sprinkle Scientific Technology was founded in August 2021, founded by the industry leadership experts with more than 20 years of leading GPU chip, claiming that R & D truly domestic replacement TRUEGPU, mainly focusing on self-research architecture, self-intellectual property, is building the mainstream Product domestic GPU chip, service 180 billion rendering GPU full market, high-performance graphic rendering of end, clouds and side.

When the financing was announced, the joint CEO founder and joint CEO jointly disclosed that the team was developing the GPU chip based on the original self-developing architecture, the first 6nm process technology in China. First-line enterprise products are expected to officially enter the market next year.

According to Market Study Report data, 2020 GPU markets reached 22.241 billion US dollars, and is expected to grow in a year-on-year increase in speeds of 31.87% in 2021 to 2028. It is estimated that by 2028, the global GPU market size or will reach 165.59 billion US dollars.

In the Chinese market, according to the data of the Huashang University of Economics, it is expected that in 2027, the domestic GPU market will exceed $ 34.557 billion, and the market prospect is broad.

However, the current GPU market, Yingda, AMD, and Intel three US chip giants almost monopolize the sale of the entire GPU industry. As a result, the "comprehensive domestic replacement" hopes to target the "comprehensive domestic alternative" - with domestic high-performance large chips, all-round competition currently on the main rendering of GPU products.

Specifically to the team,Joint CEO, Joint CEO, is a member of the company's founding team, which has been a vice president of the company R & D department, has more than 20 years of design GPU chip product experience; company joint founder and joint CEO Kongde Hai graduated from Tsinghua University Radio Level 84 (after another change to the Electronics Engineering Department) The person in charge of 100 million Virge has more than 20 years of experience in GPU chip.

At present, most of the company's R & D team graduated from the University of California, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Microelectronics Professional and Computer Professional, and has an average 15 The GPU experience in the year, worked in S3, Gao Tong, Intel, British Weida, AMD, and domestic semiconductor company.

"We still think that GPU is a very promising, it is very suitable for us, the same interest will discuss (create a condensation technology)." Xuancheng pointed out that the sessions originated from two points, - Whole chip The semiconductor industry has reached a stage, while the GPU chip has a high difficulty, and the monopoly industry requires domestic substitution.

Self-research architecture technology,The Sprinkle Scientific Team has established a self-developed architecture to design the product.

The team believes that self-research IP, although it is difficult, more challenging, but it has a better development path from the long run. Self-research IP, Truegpu, develop self-research architecture and self-owned intellectual property GPU chip, enabling the medical technology to meet the full-scale multi-level GPU demand, complete complex rendering tasks, with DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan full ecological support, business The chemical path is more smooth to meet the domestic huge GPU market.

"Compared to other companies, the chip of the self-developed chips use our self-developed architecture, the self-developed command collective system (ISA), with its own intellectual property, almost all buy IP. Our team, technology And the entire intellectual property is completely owned. Therefore, we will neither use the ARM architecture, nor need to be compatible with the Yingda CUDA system. "Kongde Sea is expressed in an interview with titanium media app.

Kong Dehai pointed out that the first product of the research and development will be the first chip using the AI Powered GPU technology. The GPU function is quickly and so good through the method of AI, and the performance of performance is enhanced, POWER, Performance, Area) The efficiency will be greatly improved.

In terms of commercialization, the medical technology proposes two commercial landing models:First, develop and sell the Truegpu graphics chip, the application at the end, cloud, side and other fields; the other is to cooperate with customers, customized optimization, provide high performance GPU board and system, directly solve customers' technology and new products. Commercialization problem.

Kongde Sea said to the titanium media app,In the previous visits, the industry is strong in high-performance rendering GPU products, and the core reason is the shortage and price increase of global chip shortages. Once you have a GPU chip product, the market is expected to get a domestic replacement, especially in smart cities, numbers, architectural design, professional design, and digital content, game electrical competition, Yuancos, etc., can be fully placed and applied. Commercial landing prospects wide.

It is worth mentioning that Kong Dehai believes that the Yuan Universe is also the future direction of the medical skills.

"From the GPU to the calculation, the Yuan Universe is a larger value of 10 times, 100 times, 10,000 times. The status in the Yuancai in the Yuancai is the status of the lithium battery in the electric car, no GPU, Yuan The universe will not be established. Especially in the field of digital twins, AI, VR et al. Concept technology, will be higher and higher for GPU chip performance, and we will keep up with the times and have been supporting such demand. "Confield Sea said.

Kong Dehai emphasized,Future GPU big chips will be from 100 million to the trillion digital economic market. Self-research architecture of medical skills, self-developed TruegPu products, will be served, cloud, edge (car) rendering and calculate the market, expected to become the cornerstone of China's digital economy.

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