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NFT: An Internet "game Token"

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Metasurverse and NFT, both sound a bit fanciful. The difference is that NFT is already making money. For now, NFT seems more realistic than the metasverse.

NFT is a token of non-fungible Tokens. It is a blockchain technology, and thus a set of rules, a collection of all kinds of subversion of the rules of the Internet, art trading principles.

NFT broke the "sharing principle" of the Internet. On the Internet, hierarchies are broken, other people's property is "taken" and so much content is shared at zero cost. In this way, the popularization of information, knowledge, art and technology will no longer have a threshold... The creators of the information, the knowledge, the art, the technology are divided into two groups: those who don't love money are happy to have a good reputation; The nature of money is angry that it is pirated. Therefore, the Internet sharing economy is a little bit difficult to do, video website members price is sooner or later; In the shared real economy, only the charging bank is profitable.

Since the Internet has been developing for more than half a century, it is only natural that a rules-oriented technology system like NFT should be formed. It's like listening to hip-hop when you're a teenager, and Bach when you're 50. Those who are not aggressive in their teens and uneven at 50 are more or less abnormal.

The rules of NFT are to constrain "pirates" and set the threshold for "sharing". As far as its process is concerned, it starts with affirming rights -- that is, making it clear who owns the "copyright" that pirates most ignore. A first published the work on the Internet, B second modified the work, C and B, A third round of processing -- these traces will remain on the Internet. For example, it is like Posting a photo online in the early days. The brand of camera, type of lens, when it was taken, aperture and other technical parameters can be seen at a glance and cannot be changed. The use of this Internet technology is to leave a mark for the work, and the writer's manuscript, painter's draft and so on have long been the history of oblivion cannot be checked, so there are all kinds of original author lawsuit. This process of confirming the right reflects the "irreplaceable" of the creator and his creative track.

The confirmation of rights is the basis for the profit of copyright business as well as the cultural and creative industry. Creativity is the inspiration of literary works. Creativity does not become copyright, literary and artistic works can not become products, can not become products, is in vain. Another analogy is that movies were originally shot on film, and the film was wound into a film reel, which is "Copy", transliterated from English Copy -- now a noun. When a film story becomes a Copy of a film, it can be copied (Copy is the verb to Copy), and once copied, it can be counted and sold, so the film industry is based on the fact that it can "sell copies". As for the English version of Copyright, it means "Copyright", which comes from "the right to copy". Therefore, intangible creativity must become replicable content to form a cultural industry. This is how the cultural and creative industries, often referred to as "cultural and creative industries," make money. This is also the root cause of Japanese animation industry developed - in short, cartoon image is a picture, which you attach to all kinds of goods, the cost of 12 yuan cup because cartoon picture can sell for $22, which the price difference is the cultural value of 10 yuan, 10 yuan of several percentage points, is creating this head portrait painter of copyright.

Nowadays, young artists often create on the Internet -- all kinds of paper and pen are replaced by computers, so that the track of creation can be traced on the Internet, which makes it clear that a work can be created by artists on opposite sides of the world and can tell when, where and how many times it has been changed. So, if there is any copyright revenue, there is no need to quarrel about who gets what percentage.

For creators, NFT is a great way to protect the fruits of their labor from pirates sharing it with others at no cost. For buyers, there are also many benefits.

Buyers no longer have a "one and only" option. In the past, works of art were advertised as "unique", so they were "rare" and therefore "expensive". Then only a very rich buyer will happily buy home to collect, others can only look at the art album, postcards and other cultural products. After the NFT confirms the rights, it can set up 8,000 to 10,000 digital copies of a painting -- that is, it can be encrypted so that 8,000 to 10,000 people can download a high-definition version of the painting to their computers and look at it. What's more, the most common unit price in China is 19.9 yuan -- the emphasis is on popularity and participation, so it's easy to own. Even, when you go home, you can print it into a replica and hang it on the wall. It can be true -- of course, it is a cartoon, animation or postmodern work with less granular texture than the original work. That's because the $19.90 digital rights bought back is a kind of "Token, Token" -- the exact meaning of a Token -- that owns part of the copyright in an artwork, like a Token in a gaming room.

The characteristics of copyright are to stipulate the time, region, scope of use, etc., and the technology ensures the existence of "token", so it also has the attributes of "stock" and "futures". This makes NFT in addition to the first line of 10,000 earnings in economic benefits, but also into the financial market. Foreign NFT transactions, directly linked to the virtual currency, so often involved in financial games, there are sensational transactions. No doubt, at this point, NFT's copyrighted properties have been converted into tradable "stocks" and "futures".

The desire for capital is a universal human disease, which is why NFT and the metasverse are so popular overseas, but everyone is somewhat confused. NFT increases the way of cultural consumption, however, investment is risky, investment should be cautious.

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