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Redefine high performance! An article about Qualcomm Wi-Fi 7

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Original title: Support 6-channel to 16-channel data connection Qualcomm first launched the world's most scalable commercial Wi-Fi 7 professional networking solution

On May 4, Qualcomm announced the launch of the world's highest-performing portfolio of commercial Wi-Fi 7 network infrastructure platforms, the third generation of Qualcomm professional networking platform portfolio, for the next generation of enterprise-class access points, high-performance routers and carrier gateways.

The platform supports key Wi-Fi 7 features including 320MHz channels, provides tri-band and quad-band configurations, and supports 6-channel to 16-channel data stream network connections.And up to 33.1Gbps of peak aggregated wireless capacity and more than 10Gbps of point-to-point connectivity.

In addition, the platform has the characteristics of interference detection multi-connection operation, etc.Enables deterministic low latency in shared wireless environments, delivering application performance comparable to the private domain spectrum.

重新定义高性能!一文了解高通Wi-Fi 7专业联网解决方案

According to Qualcomm, the third generation of Qualcomm professional networking platform portfolio has been sampled to global development partners.

At the same time, the platform has a scalable modular platform architecture through custom design, with common software and hardware development methods can create suitable configurations on a global scale, and all support the optimization of multi-frequency channel usage solutions, thereby enabling downstream customers to create more applicable and extensive connection solutions for the global market.

The new platform brings high-speed, low-latency wireless backhaul to home mesh Wi-Fi and enterprise-class infrastructures, enabling reliable performance even in neighboring areas.

The platform can combine high-performance network access methods such as 5G fixed wireless access and 10G-PON fiber to provide an immersive networking experience in scenarios such as high-definition video conferencing, AR and VR, and high-performance cloud games.

Qualcomm has also further improved the portfolio of the third-generation Qualcomm professional networking platform, bringing the following professional networking solutions for the differentiated needs of enterprise-level, small and medium-sized enterprises, operator gateways, professional user mesh networks, and home deployments:

Qualcomm 1620 Professional Networking Platform:

Supports quad-band 16-channel data stream connection with a peak wireless capacity of 33.1Gbps, for sports venues, large enterprises and top-of-the-line home mesh network systems.

Qualcomm 1220 Professional Networking Platform:

Supports 12-channel data stream connection with a peak wireless capacity of 21.6Gbps, and is suitable for enterprise-level, small and medium-sized enterprises, production and consumers, and top-level home mesh network systems.

Qualcomm 820 Professional Networking Platform:

Supports quad-band 8-channel data stream connection with a peak wireless capacity of 13.7Gbps, and is aimed at enterprise-level, small and medium-sized enterprises, production and consumers, and top-level home mesh network systems.

Qualcomm 620 professional networking platform:

Supports tri-band 6-channel data streaming connections with a peak wireless capacity of 10.8Gbps for enterprise-class, small and medium-sized enterprises, gaming applications, and home mesh networking systems.

重新定义高性能!一文了解高通Wi-Fi 7专业联网解决方案

Today, whether it is the hybrid office that has become the new normal, the digital transformation of enterprises, or the high-profile meta-universe, there is a need for reliable connections with high speed and low latency, especially in some critical businesses.

This time Qualcomm brings a portfolio of third-generation Qualcomm professional networking platforms that support Wi-Fi 7, which can not only empower thousands of industries and promote the industry into the 10Gbps+ era, but also help enterprises in the ecosystem innovate with more advanced connectivity solutions.

Moreover, for Wi-Fi 6/6E end users, relying on the advantages of multi-generation Qualcomm professional networking platform, the new platform combines the characteristics of Wi-Fi 7 networks with Qualcomm Technologies' intelligent multi-channel management technology to help achieve speed improvement, latency reduction and network utilization improvement, while also bringing ultra-high throughput and low latency to the next generation of Wi-Fi 7 terminal devices.

For enterprises in the industry, Qualcomm's launch of the third-generation Qualcomm professional networking platform portfolio means that there are new options, but this does not mean that Wi-Fi 7 will replace Wi-Fi 6 in a short period of time.

Nick Kucharewski mentioned in an interview with the media that in general, the performance of all Wi-Fi 7 functions is higher than that of Wi-Fi 6, and when industry customers have higher demand for connection performance, they can choose the Wi-Fi 7 platform.

According to reports,The third-generation Qualcomm Professional Networking Platform portfolio offers tri-band and quad-band configurations that support Wi-Fi connectivity in the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz spectrum.

At the same time, the platform continues the innovative and customized architecture design optimized for multi-user environments, with network acceleration capabilities and low CPU occupancy, and the Wi-Fi 7-enabled platform can provide a better experience for the current rapid development of services that require large network capacity or the use of tri-band.

Support for Wi-Fi 7 320MHz channels (up to 2x throughput compared to Wi-Fi 6) provides maximum throughput and ultra-low latency for the most demanding real-time gaming, streaming, video sharing, and XR applications.

In addition, multi-connection technology enables dynamic aggregation of user traffic or replacement of frequency bands in highly congested network environments to avoid wireless interference and provide a defined, predictable low latency.

When paired with leading Wi-Fi 7 client systems such as Qualcomm FastConnect 7800, the third-generation Qualcomm Professional Networking Platform leverages high-performance 5GHz and 6GHz bands to achieve optimal throughput and multi-connection latency through support for high-frequency multi-connection concurrency.

重新定义高性能!一文了解高通Wi-Fi 7专业联网解决方案

In addition, Qualcomm also mentioned that the newly launched automatic frequency control one-stop service also provides support for Qualcomm's professional networking platform, exerting its highest performance in the 6GHz band. Qualcomm's automated frequency control solution can be integrated with customer terminals and will be commercially available after formal regulatory approval.

Nick Kucharewski also mentioned that Wi-Fi 6 will not cause resistance to Wi-Fi 7 adoption or delay its deployment. For now and for some time to come, Wi-Fi 6 will coexist with Wi-Fi 7, but Qualcomm hopes to leverage the high-performance advantages of the Wi-Fi 7 platform to provide a better experience, complemented by lower-cost Wi-Fi 6.

While Nick Kucharewski did not disclose the current progress with partners around the new platform Qualcomm, he mentioned: "We are working with customers around the world to jointly develop and deploy a new generation of technology, including customers from China, and our cooperation with them not only serves the Chinese domestic market, but also helps Chinese manufacturers better respond to and serve the needs of overseas markets." ”

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