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The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and four other departments: Opinions on Regulating Online Live BroadcastIng Rewards and Strengthening the Protection of Minors

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Central Civilization Office Ministry of Culture and Tourism

State Administration of Radio and Television, State Internet Information Office

Opinions on Regulating Online Live Broadcast Rewards and Strengthening the Protection of Minors

In recent years, new online live broadcasting formats have risen rapidly, playing an important role in promoting the development of the industry and enriching cultural supply. At the same time, problems such as the lack of responsibility of the main body of the platform, the uneven quality of the anchor, and the irregularity of the tipping behavior occur frequently, resulting in minors indulging in live broadcasting and participating in tips, seriously damaging the physical and mental health of minors, bringing many social problems, and the people have strongly responded. In order to effectively strengthen the norms of the online live broadcasting industry and create a good environment for the healthy growth of minors, in accordance with the "Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China", the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Minors" and other laws and regulations, the following work opinions are hereby put forward.

First, the general requirements

Persist in taking the socialist core values as the guide, focus on the protection of minors, persist in being problem-oriented, strike hard, treat both the symptoms and the root causes, comprehensively implement policies, coordinate and cooperate, and grasp and manage together. Consolidate the responsibilities of all parties through vigorous standardization and rectification, establish a long-term supervision and control work mechanism, effectively regulate the order of live broadcasting, resolutely curb undesirable tendencies and industry chaos, promote the standardized and orderly development of the online live broadcasting industry, and jointly build a civilized and healthy network ecological environment.

2. Work initiatives

1. Minors are prohibited from participating in live streaming tips. Website platforms shall adhere to the principle of the most favorable benefit to minors, complete and improve mechanisms for the protection of minors, strictly implement the requirements of the real-name system, and prohibit the provision of all kinds of tipping services such as cash recharge, "gift" purchases, and online payments for minors. Website platforms must not develop functional applications that attract minors to tip, and must not develop all kinds of "gifts" that induce minors to participate. If it is found that the website platform violates the above requirements, measures such as suspending the tipping function and shutting down the live broadcast business are strictly and severely adopted.

2. Strictly control minors engaging in anchors. Website platforms shall strengthen the management of anchor account registration and review, and must not provide network anchor services to minors under the age of 16, and where minors between the ages of 16 and 18 provide network anchor services, guardian consent shall be obtained. Strengthen daily supervision of the use of so-called "net red children" live broadcasts for profit, strictly take measures to deal with illegal accounts found, and pursue the responsibility of relevant website platforms.

3. Optimize and upgrade "Teen Mode". "Teen Mode" is a useful way to use it that is strictly selected for minors. On the basis of the existing "youth model", the website platform should further optimize the product model and content presentation method, and continue to increase the supply of live broadcast content suitable for minors. Strict content review and control process, equipped with a special review team suitable for the scale of business, not only select the best and eliminate the "three customs", so that parents can rest assured, children are satisfied, and society applauds. To optimize the mode function configuration, it is presented in a prominent position on the home page, which is convenient for teenagers to find and supervise parents, and it is strictly forbidden to provide or covertly provide various types of "star-chasing" services and recharge and tipping functions.

4. Establish a dedicated service team. The website platform shall establish a dedicated customer service team for minors, giving priority to accepting and promptly handling complaints and disputes related to minors. Where minors fraudulently use adult accounts to tip, the website platform shall promptly check on the premise of protecting privacy, and refunds must be made in accordance with provisions if true. Strictly employ measures to deal with website platforms that provide tipping services to minor users in violation of regulations, as well as brokerage institutions and network anchors that know that users are minors and still induce tipping.

5. Standardize the application of key functions. Lists and "gifts" are important functional applications that attract teenagers to "watch" and interact. The website platform shall cancel all tip lists within 1 month of the release of this opinion, prohibit ranking, drainage, and recommendation of network anchors based solely on the tip limit, and prohibit ranking users based on the tip limit. Strengthen the standardized design of the name and appearance of "gifts", and must not induce users by exaggerating displays, rendering special effects, etc. Strengthen the security assessment of new technologies and new applications on the line, and must not run all kinds of functional applications with the amount of tip as the only criterion for online operation.

6. Strengthen peak hour management. Daily 20:00 to 22:00 is the peak time for teenagers to go online, and it is also an important time to regulate online live broadcasting. During the daily peak hours, the number of "Lianmai PK" between live broadcasts of a single account shall not exceed 2 times, and the "PK punishment" link must not be set, and the "PK punishment" must not be provided with technical implementation methods to avoid inducing and misleading minors. The website platform shall, after 22:00 every day, forcibly go offline for all services under the "youth mode", and must not provide or covertly provide regular mode opening methods to ensure that young people have sufficient rest time.

7. Strengthen network literacy education. Encourage schools to carry out online literacy education for minors, cultivating minors' awareness of network security, civility, behavioral habits, and protective skills around online moral awareness and codes of conduct, online rule of law concepts and codes of conduct, network use capacity building, and personal and property safety protection. Guide guardians of minors to actively learn network knowledge, and strengthen education, demonstration, guidance, and supervision of minors' use of the Internet. Support all sectors of society in jointly carrying out publicity and education, promoting minors to broaden their horizons, improve their quality, cultivate their sentiments, and delight their bodies and minds.

3. Organizational leadership

1. Raise your mind and understanding. All departments and platforms should profoundly understand the extreme importance and urgency of standardizing online live broadcasting and strengthening the protection of minors from the height of "shaping what kind of future people", include them in the important work schedule, refine and improve work measures in combination with reality, and ensure that all tasks and requirements are implemented in place.

2. Strengthen overall planning and coordination. In accordance with the principle of who is in charge and who is responsible, who hosts and who is responsible, we will build a multi-field and cross-departmental work pattern of coordination and cooperation, and form a regulatory synergy with strong overall planning, smooth coordination, each performing its own duties and each taking its own responsibilities. Adhere to the problem-oriented, highlight key links, pay attention to methods and methods, and build a strong whole-process and full-chain juvenile protection system.

3. Compaction of the responsibilities of all parties. Guide website platforms to truly perform their main responsibilities, conscientiously implement relevant policies and regulations, and complete system requirements such as account registration, qualification review, daily management, and handling of violations. Supervise and urge brokerage establishments to lawfully carry out online live broadcasting organization, production, marketing, and other such activities. Educate and guide network anchors to enhance their awareness of compliance and comprehensive quality, and actively produce and disseminate excellent cultural content that conforms to the core values of socialism and reflects the new atmosphere of the new era.

4. Carry out supervision and inspection. Establish an interdepartmental coordination work mechanism, strengthen communication and analysis of the situation, and promote the implementation of the work. List and supervise important website platforms to ensure that rectification tasks are completed on time and with quality. Focus on forming a long-term working mechanism, carry out normalized supervision and inspection, and timely study and propose solutions and methods according to new situations and new problems.

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