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GAN's father, Ian Goodfellow, left Apple: I don’t want to return to the office to work

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For Apple, the departure of Ian Goodfellow has a lot of losses to the company.

According to The Verge, Ian Goodfellow, director of Apple Machine Learning, resigned for three years after joining the company, partly because Apple's policy on returning to work in the office. In an email for employees, Goodfellow confirms the news that is about to leave.

Ian Goodfellow

Ian Goodfellow

Although the official reason for leaving is unclear, Goodfellow did admit that Apple's policy for Apple to return to the office in the email is part of the reasons for his resignation.

After more than two years of remote work, Apple asked his employees to return to the office from April 11. Initially, employees only needed to work in the office for one day every week, and the rest of the time for remote office. Later, the time of working in the office with the movement of time. By May 2nd, employees work in the office at least two days a week, and at least three days after May 23, at least three days after May 23.

But this request to return to the office office has aroused the dissatisfaction of Goodfellow. He said: "I firmly believe that for my team, greater flexibility is the best strategy."

Of course, in addition to Goodfellow, there are other Apple employees who oppose return to the office plan. A survey of a few employees found that many Apple employees are looking for new job opportunities. The reasons for their departure include returning to the office policy, the possibility of infection with new coronary viruses, dissatisfaction with corporate culture, and unable to achieve work and living balance.

Not long ago, a group of employees said in a letter from Apple CEO Tim & Middot; Cook: If there is no tolerance brought by flexibility, we think we must choose between life and work. We may continue to be part of Apple and may leave. This is a decision that we will not make easily, and it is also a decision that many people do not want to make.

According to the personal data of GODFELLOW on LinkedIn, he joined Apple in March 2019 as the machine learning director of the special project team. However, his profile has not been updated with departure. Previously, Goodfellow was a senior researcher in Google.

Ian GoodFellow 简介

IAN Goodfellow Introduction

Ian Goodfellow is one of the young scholars who have attracted much attention in the field of machine learning. Bachelor and Master's degree study at Stanford University, from Wu Enda, and the doctoral stage follows the famous scholar of the University of Montreal Yoshua Bengio to study machine learning.

His most striking achievement was to propose generating a confrontation network (GAN) in June 2014. This technology has become the hottest topic of the machine learning industry in recent years, and the papers related to GAN have been emerging. GAN has become the research direction of many scholars.

GAN contains two neural networks: the generator and distinction of new data instances and distinguish between the generator create fake data from the real data. These two neural networks challenge each other through increasingly realistic and fake data, optimize their strategies until it is difficult to distinguish between generating data and real data.

In the past for a while, GAN has made major breakthroughs in the field of image generation. Now it can generate highly realistic synthetic images such as animals, landscapes, and face. For example, a website that can synthesize face: ThispersondoesNotexist.com.

However, GAN's success also opened Pandora's magic box, which caused many ethical issues and potential dangers. For example, some people use GAN to develop "Deepfake" face switching technology to make "face change" star pornographic films. At the same time, some people worry that GAN is used to generate fake news to control public opinion.

Ian GoodFellow 论文引用量逐年飙升

Ian Goodfellow Thesis has soared year by year

So far, the number of Ian papers is as high as 180,000, and the quantity of GAN's papers is more than 40,000.


Figure: A few works with the highest references (the second is a book)

In 2016, Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, Aaron Courville and others launched the famous artificial intelligence basic book "Deep Learning", which has been listed as a must -read content in the field of machine learning.

机器之心 Ian GoodFellow & Yoshua Bengio 联合签名版《Deep Learning》

The heart of the machine Ian Goodfellow & amp; Yoshua Bengio jointly signed "Deep Learning"

However, after joining Apple, it may be required by the company. Ian Goodfellow's papers and academic exchanges published by the public are not particularly many. It can be said that it has been silent for a long time.

Ian Goodfellow does not know where the next stop will go after leaving Apple.

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