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People's Daily Commentary: The "virtual fire" of online live broadcast tips should be cooled down

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Arashiyama People's Daily Review

In online live broadcasts, the protection of minors has always been a prominent problem that has been strongly reflected. Recently, the Central Civilization Office, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the State Administration of Radio and Television, and the State Internet Information Office jointly issued the "Opinions on Regulating Online Live BroadcastIng Tips and Strengthening the Protection of Minors" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), which refers to the undesirable tendencies and irregularities of online live broadcast tips, and draws a bottom line for creating a good environment for the healthy growth of minors and promoting the standardized and orderly development of the online live broadcasting industry.

The discussion about webcast tipping has a long history. On the one hand, as an emerging online entertainment activity, live broadcast rewards provide an expression for the audience to support their favorite anchors, attract more ordinary people to share their lives and display their talents on the Internet, and promote the prosperity and development of the live broadcast economy. However, on the other hand, in the network live broadcast, the anchor's behavior is irregular, the reward behavior is out of norms, the platform responsibility is out of place and other chaos occurs frequently, especially the minors' mental development is not yet mature, there is still a gap in self-control ability, and the concepts of unearned gains and overnight wealth bred by huge rewards can easily lead to the psychology of following the trend and the mentality of comparison, so that the young mind is eroded and poisoned.


In fact, the routine of live rewards is not complicated: the audience buys currency or props through the live broadcast platform, and then converts them into virtual gifts to give to the anchor, and the platform finally converts the value and shares with the anchor. It is not difficult to find that in the business economy of "a million profits", the anchor and the platform can make steady profits, and only the audience is the "fragrant food" that is targeted. Not only that, compared with live streaming with goods, the cost of relying on the audience to brush gifts and brush lists is lower, and the money is faster, and some illegal anchors do not hesitate to lure and deceive the audience to consume through soft pornography such as "verbal stimulation" and "emotional hints". In the long run, cyberspace will hide dirt and grime, and the live broadcast ecological smoke miasma will inevitably lead more and more people to go astray.

Because of this, the "virtual fire" of online live broadcast tips should be cooled down. The "Opinions" can be said to be a sword out of its sheath, a heavy blow, and a strict and serious regulatory measure has been taken against acts that harm the healthy growth of minors in online live broadcasts. For example, on the "prohibition of minors participating in live broadcast tips", it is prohibited to provide minors with various types of tipping services such as cash recharge, "gift" purchase, online payment; on "strictly controlling minors engaging in anchors", it is required that network anchor services must not be provided to minors under the age of 16; on "standardized key functional applications", it is prohibited to use the tip amount as the sole basis for ranking, draining, and recommending network anchors, and it is forbidden to rank users with the tip amount as the standard, and so on. The strictness of the measures and the resoluteness of the attitude can be seen.

It should also be noted that the control of online live broadcast reward chaos must rely on both "blocking" and "slacking". Some minors are addicted to the Internet and participate in tips, which is inseparable from the lack of parental supervision and family emotional regrets. To some extent, to build a "fence" to protect the healthy growth of minors, a wooden board cannot be lacking, and a wooden board cannot be short. It is necessary to increase the number of policies, continue to increase the cost of violations of laws and regulations, so that chaos that violates public order and good customs does not dare to occur; it is also necessary to add points emotionally, continuously improve the ability to understand the Internet, and make the factors affecting physical and mental health not work, so as to build a strong whole-process full-chain juvenile protection system.

Minors are full of vitality, and the live broadcast economy is in the ascendant. For the two to complement each other and grow together, a clear cyberspace is indispensable, and more perfect normative guidance is imperative.

This article is a people's network review, the original title of "people's network commentary: the "virtual fire" of network live broadcast rewards should be cooled down"

Responsible editors| Tong Zongli and Xu Yuhan

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