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The US chip manufacturer dissolution the Chinese R & D team moved to India! The reason behind it revealed

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According to the news on May 7, according to industry insiders,The Texas Instruments have been abolished the MCU China R & D team located in the Shanghai R & D Center, and all the R & D of the original MCU product line was relocated to India.

According to the data, the MCU R & D team of Texas instruments in China is mainly for the MSP430 product line. This product line has been pushed to the market for a series of 16 ultra -low power consumption, low -cost MCUs, which has more than 500 products. Applications.

The Dezhou Instrument Shanghai R & D Center was established in 2010, and the Chinese R & D team of the MSP430 product line was established in 2011.

According to the history of & ldquo; IC men's struggle & rdquo; Introduction, Introduction,After the establishment of the Texas Instrument MCU China team, it has gone through several years of development. In 2017, it reached its peak. There were more than 60 teams. It was the largest number of Lao Dong family and the most functional team in Shanghai. From market/system engineers to digital/simulation design, from verification to back -end landscapes, from ATE test to chip applications, and even positions related to customer quality.

What needs to be pointed out,The MCU R & D team involved in the Shanghai R & D Center mainly involved in the Shanghai R & D Center, and some of them were merged into the LED DRIVER chip team, while the market and application related teams were retained.

A person in charge also revealed: & ldquo; At present, Ti also has two product lines of LED DRIVER and BCS in Shanghai, and there is a product line in Beijing and Shenzhen. There are at least a dozen R & D team in the MCU team in China. & rdquo; & nbsp;

However, according to the history of & ldquo; IC men's struggle & rdquo; Texas instruments forced the original MCU product line R & D personnel to transfer to the simulation chip department, and directly transferred from a mixed signal chip to a pure simulation chip. And because the original MCU team has a large number, there are not so many vacancies in other product lines, and there is no job to work for employees who transfer to posts. Naturally, the performance of employees will be the worst. If you do not accept it, you feel that the position you arrange is not suitable, you can only leave your own job by yourself.

& ldquo; IC male struggle history & rdquo; believes,& ldquo; This trick is actually forcing employees to resign in disguise. They do not want to take the layoffs, let alone compensation. & rdquo;

However, it is reported that after the Dezhou Instrument has withdrawn the MCU R & D team of Shanghai R & D Center, domestic MCU companies have begun crazy & ldquo; grabbing & rdquo; Thinking about it, even if these R & D personnel were forced to leave, they could quickly find a good job.

In recent years, under the trend of the Sino -US scientific and technological warfare and domestic replacement, domestic MCUs have developed rapidly, especially under the outbreak of MCUs that have exploded since 2020, domestic MCUs have snatched many old foreign MCU manufacturers. market.

Domestic MCU companies represented by Zhaoyi Innovation, Innovation of Innovation, Smart Microelectronics, Washington Semiconductor, National Technology, Zhongying Electronics, Fudan Microelectronics, Xinhai Technology, and Hangshun have also developed rapidly.

Xinzhixun believes that Texas instruments have dismissed the domestic MCU R & D team,On the one hand, the reason is that its MCU business is affected by the rapid rise of domestic MCU manufacturers.Some insiders said that the MCU business of Texas instruments has begun to go downhill in 2018.

On the other hand, due to the blessing of the domestic chip industry in recent years, the domestic chip industry has shown an explosive growth trend. The demand for chip talents has also increased day by day. The salary level of chip talents has also risen.

In order to accelerate the development of start -up chip companies that have received large financing, they did not hesitate to dig people with several times with several times salary. In contrast, for old companies such as Texas instruments, they can give R & D personnel for developers. The salary level may not be enough.

& ldquo; IC male struggle history & rdquo; also said that Texas instruments have dismissed the MCU China R & D team and moved to India,One of the reasons may be that the senior executives of the Texas Instrument MCU team have been replaced by Indians in recent years.

Moreover, it is lower than the cost of domestic chip research and development personnel. As early as 1985, Texas Instruments had established its R & D center in Bangalore, India.

It is worth mentioning that in January of this year, Micron Technology also dissolved the Shanghai R & D Center of about 150 people, and brought the product design and research and development to the areas outside the mainland. At the same time, more than 40 core R & D personnel are selected to provide technical immigration to the United States.

At that time, there were reports that Micron's dissolution of the DRAM design team was likely to be considered for preventing technological leakage, but in fact, before that, the team had lost a lot of employees because of domestic companies' & ldquo; corner & rdquo;

Therefore, some people in the industry said that in the face of the high salaries of domestic manufacturers, Micheh Like withdrew the Shanghai R & D Center and transferred R & D to overseas.

In addition, for Texas Instruments, the MCU R & D team that has retracted the Shanghai R & D Center may also be related to the Shanghai epidemic that lasted more than a month.

德州仪器解散中国MCU研发团队 迁往印度!背后原因揭秘

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