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Can air disinfection stick kill 99.9%coronary virus? Experts: Several levels of concentration are different

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The principle of disinfection of air with sustained -release gaseous disinfection factor has proven to be feasible, but the problem is that a sterilized rod can disinfect the space very limited. While considering the effect of chlorine dioxide on virus killing, it is necessary to consider the harm to human health.

A few days ago, the First Financial Reporter saw on some e -commerce platforms that there was a kind of air disinfection rod product that claims to kill the coronary virus as high as 99.9%. This is a fine -shaped long tube similar to a pen.

According to the manufacturer, this product reaches the medical level, which can be worn directly on the body or placed in the indoor space that needs to be disinfected. The anti -virus effect can be maintained for about two weeks.

The first financial reporter carefully consulted the working principle of the air disinfection rod. In the fine pipe, the sodium chloride liquid and solid acid directly reflected to generate the oxide gases. Because the chlorine dioxide can produce a strong oxidation effect after contacting the pathogen and can destroy the ingredients of the pathogen, the chlorine dioxide gas can be continuously released through the slow release agent and the slow -release membrane, which can play an air disinfection effect.

At least 1,000 times different from the concentration of the elimination and disinfecting

Previously, people used chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant for liquid disinfection. The special thing about this product is that it uses gaseous disinfection methods to greatly save costs. And in theory, compared to liquid disinfection, when the gas reaches a certain concentration in the air, it can cover any surface of the entire space without leaving a dead end, and it can also eliminate viruses that exist in the form of gas solution.

Based on the above principles, the most critical problem is that how many concentrations of chlorine dioxide gas in the air can kill the virus? In the early days of the epidemic, some research teams in Taiwan hoped to develop a smart, robust -type chlorine gas release system, and evaluated the impact of chlorine dioxide emissions on the indoor environment. To this end, they carried out some cases of chlorine dioxide in some hospitals.

Based on a number of studies from 2006 to 2016, high concentrations of chlorine dioxide have effective disinfection effects on the closed space. For example, in a study in 2007, researchers used the sterilization effect of indoor air in laboratories, hospitals, and conference rooms using 200-1000 ppm (millions of ratio). When it reaches 625ppm, the disinfection effect within 30 minutes reaches 90%.

Dr. Luo Beiping, a researcher at the Department of Environmental Sciences of the Federal University of Science and Technology in Zurich, explained to the First Financial reporter: "The concentration of chlorine dioxide at 625ppm is particularly high, and people must not stay in such a concentration environment. Talents can enter. Generally, the maximum concentration of chlorine dioxide in the air cannot exceed 0.1 ppm in the environment of people. "

This also means that while considering the effect of chlorine dioxide on the virus, it is necessary to consider the harm to human health.

Luo Beiping said that it is impossible to reach hundreds of PPM through a slowly release of chlorine dioxide gas concentration. "This kind of air disinfection stick may be different from the concentration required for disinfection, at least 1,000 times the difference." He told the First Financial reporter, "Through the adsorption of ventilation, walls and furniture surfaces, the concentration will further concentration will be further further. Reduce, the concentration is not enough to play the role of anti -virus. "

Enterprises have not issued strict review reports

First Financial reporter noticed that this air disinfection stick product was produced by a Shanghai company. Public sales records found that the company originally sold a product called "sterilization and disinfection stick", which can be used for deodorization and sterilization, such as placing in the refrigerator for deodorization. At the end of October last year, the company made a change in business scope, adding a new "production for disinfection products for infectious disease prevention and control", and "upgraded" the product into a new anti -coronary virus disinfection agent.

According to the company's person in charge, the product has a report on the anti -killing effect of coronary virus, and it is also qualified in terms of safety. However, the first financial reporter inquired that the current public test reports were also used to use the sterilization effect of bacteria with raw fluids. The company did not issue detailed validity data for killing the new crown virus.

In this regard, Shen Hanming, a professor at the University of Macau, proposed: "Since the manufacturer claims that the product is effective in killing the new crown virus, it is necessary to disclose detailed validity data before being allowed to be listed and sold. The laboratory parameters are listed. This is a product involving the public interest. It cannot be misleading the public. The relevant regulatory authorities must also bear the responsibility of market supervision. "

A industry insider told the First Financial Reporter: "The primary chlorine dioxide as the gaseous style is a new generation of safe disinfection agent identified by the WHO (WHO). It is a product that is both cheap and safe and efficient. The principle of disinfection factor for disinfection has been proven by many authoritative experiments at home and abroad, but the problem is that a sterilized rod can disinfect the space very limited. This depends on whether you placed it in a closed wardrobe disinfection, or It should be used for disinfection of larger public space. "

The above -mentioned persons proposed that the key to chlorine dioxide disinfection is to make the chlorine dioxide "uniformly spread in the air" to achieve continuous disinfection effects. "We are designing a smart system that can ensure the continuous and uniform release of the concentration of chlorine dioxide, and adjust the air supply system and concentration dose." He told First Financial reporter. He added that the matrix disintegration of the intelligent disinfection system design of the pipeline transmission of gasification disinfection factors can ensure the continuous and stable and stable poisoning and sterilization concentration in the large space, and it is not harmful to the human body.

He also said that there are very few products that have such slow -release disinfection effects in the market, and related standards have not been established. It still requires the industry to work together to further formulate disinfection standards.

An expert from the Atmospheric Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences told the First Financial Reporter: "It is also difficult to accurately detect the chlorine dioxide content in the air. To determine whether a product has a disinfection effect, we must see that the complete scientific evaluation report issued by the testing institution can only be seen. get conclusion."

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