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The day when iphone may switch to lying with the USB-C interface is about to pass

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The European Union's bill on unified iPhone interface has been repeatedly raised in the near future.

Not long ago, the European Union Parliament voted a bill, asking all producers, including Apple, mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones and other consumer electronics products sold in Europe to use USB Type-C interfaces (hereinafter referred to as USB-C. To.

The EU, which has always been radical for environmental protection, has a simple position for this matter -by streamlining the use of different equipment charging cables to reduce waste, thereby promoting environmental protection.

This bill has been highly discussed in the past. Apple also responded to this earlier. At that time, the attitude was still arrogant, indicating that 1 billion Apple products were equipped with the Lightning interface. As a result, it does not match the original intention of the EU's environmental protection, and it does not conform to Apple's innovative temperament.

However, since this year, Apple's attitude has actually been visible to the naked eye.

Well-known Apple analyst Ming Yan announced in a report last week that Apple will switch to a USB-C interface in a iPhone15 model released in 2023.

Not only that, according to his predictions, in the long -term future, Apple's AirPods, Magsafe, Second -controllers, mouse, touchpad and other series of accessories will adopt this interface. Bloomberg's previous reports show that Apple is still testing accessories that can use future iPhones to use the existing Lightning interface accessories.

From the perspective of users and the industry, the unification of Apple's ecological interface and Android interface is a good thing for convenience. If you do not consider fast charging, you can solve the charging problem of all devices as long as you use a data cable. But for Apple, on the other side of the problem is that Apple's earnings of earning a lot of money by exclusive interface protocols will pass.

However, the savvy apple will always make itself invincible.

This time, the user overwhelmed everything

At present, the small charging interfaces of one side are divided into two factions: on the other hand, the Android camp mainly dominated by USB-C, and on the other hand, Apple is the Lightning interface launched by iPhone5 with the iPhone5.

In a long period of time, Apple models configuring the Lightning interface have an overwhelming advantage in the experience. However, after entering 2014, the Android camp launched a comprehensive attack through the USB-C interface, the industry quickly formed consensus, and the situation was reversed.

A competition between Android manufacturers and Apple camps is the charging -efficient military reserve competition. Especially the industrial chain in mobile phone battery capacity and the technical breakthrough of battery chips. In order to take into account the increasing demand for mobile phone performance, Android manufacturers have improved their battery life by improving charging efficiency and shortening charging time in the past few years. Experience.

And throughout the process, the USB-C interface played a great role-because the additional signal line support is configured, it can also be compatible with different fast charging agreements. Under the combination of this interface, in recent years, in recent years, in recent years, in recent years, in recent years, in recent years, in recent years, in recent years, in recent years, The Android camp has already exceeded the highest 150W fast charging, and various manufacturers are gradually building their own fast charging ecology.

In contrast, the highest charging efficiency of iPhone is only 27W. In addition, the Lightning interface has problems such as easy break in the past. In addition, the separation of iPhone mobile phones and a lot of Android ecology, users need to prepare an additional charging cable when they use, which affects the user experience under the comprehensive effect.

It seems that there is no innovative and long -term interface, which does not match the temperament that Apple wants to show. "The C port is almost promoted by the entire industry, and Apple is fighting alone. The two are not a magnitude of the technical force and intellectual property power at all," said an industry person.

In addition, the EU proposal is also overwhelming for Apple. Europe is one of the largest markets for Apple mobile phones, and the annual shipments are basically around 40,000 to 50 million. However, in recent years, on the port issue, Apple has also passed a trace of compromise.

Although the newly released Apple mobile phone interface has not changed this year, the USB-C interface has been updated in the iPad series and MacBook. In the future, in order to make the entire IOT ecosystem be harmonious and unified, and considering the needs of users and the pressure of the European Union, the iPhone is not surprising to choose to abandon the Lightning interface.

The days when lying on the interface are about to pass

From the Lightning interface to the USB-C port, the biggest impact of Apple in the short term is that the original MFI empire has a crack.

The full name of MFI is the abbreviation of Made for iPhone/iPad, and it is also a license to produce apple accessories by authorized accessories manufacturers. Although the Lightning interface user experience is average, Apple has gained a lot of "Apple tax" secretly from the hands of the accessories manufacturers in the past.

An industry person told 36 氪 that the cooperation model of authorized accessories manufacturers and Apple is that after the manufacturer has paid a disposable member fee for Apple, subsequent procurement must continue to pay Apple's original chip procurement for Apple.

The amount of this cost is not low. Another industry person said that taking Apple's data cable as an example, an Apple data cable certified by MFI generally costs more than 25 yuan, of which the cost price of a single chip has reached about $ 3.

Due to the high cost, many unauthorized modules also appeared in the market before. Taking the Apple Magsafe module as an example, the module price of MFM certification (similar to MFI certification) is generally obtained on the market. 1/10.

The MFI protocol has always been an important symbol of Apple's proud ecology, and it is also a voucher for accessories manufacturers. Earlier media reports pointed out that the number of MFI ecology has exceeded 800 two years ago, and contributed to develop thousands of Apple peripheral accessories products.

But in the future, the MFI ecosystem created around the Lightning interface will also have signs of loosening. Some people in the accessories industry said that the products of the accessories manufacturers themselves are low -value -added products, and the technical moat is not high. Basically, they are obtained by obtaining apple authorization and eating stable in the ecology. With the changes in the Apple mobile phone interface, the choice of users will become more, to some extent, it will weaken the competitiveness of these accessories manufacturers.

From the perspective of Apple, this decision does not affect the stability of the entire ecology. In particular, the continuous advancement of Apple's underlying IoT capacity building is no longer the core of ecology. "System construction is the real interface of Apple ecology." An industry person said.

As a successful commercial company, interests are always the first consideration. Even if facing the hidden dangers of port switching, Apple's savvy will never fail.

Earlier, there has been an industry point of view that the iPhone has not decided to replace the interface, in order to directly launch mobile phones without charging holes to popularize wireless charging.

This speculation is not unreasonable. Prior to this, the iPhone 12 tried to resurrect the Magsafe wireless charging system. Soon, Apple's MFI certification system moved to the wireless charging field. Wireless charging is irrelevant to the physical port, and can continue to maintain the original business model.

However, due to the higher technical threshold of wireless charging, the Magsafe product has been slightly accumulated after its launch, and has not contributed a better user experience.

Before the bill officially took effect, Apple had enough time to think about everything. But no matter what port Apple finally chooses, the interface is unified. Abandoning the Lightning interface is just a matter of time.

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