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Tencent and NetEase have launched an inflection point in the iOS Duanyun game industry.

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Half half in 2022, manufacturers such as Miha, Netease, Tencent, and other manufacturers all launched iOS Cloud games. The topic of cloud games was once again pulled back to the public's vision. Earlier, industry analysis agencies IDC and China Xintong Institute's "2022 Global Cloud Game Industry In -depth Observation and Trend Research" (hereinafter referred to as "Report") showed that in 2022, it will become an inflection point of the Chinese cloud game market, with revenue increase to 7.92 billion yuan RMB, a year -on -year increase of 95.1%. Has the outbreak of the predicted outbreak come in advance?

■ New Express reporter Liang Ruxin

Three iOS Duanyun games are online in half a year

But mature product experience is still rare

Following Miha, the two head manufacturers of Netease and Tencent launched "Cloud & Middot; Datang Warriors" and "Cloud & Middot; Tianya Mingyue Sword Mobile Games". In just half a year, three domestic manufacturers have launched iOS -Duanyun games. And this is more than 10 years since the concept of cloud game. As early as 2009, the American cloud service provider ONLIVE announced to the outside world's 3A masterpieces (referring to high cost, high body volume, high -quality game) such as cloud game versions such as "Island Story", which was once regarded as the earliest mature cloud game products. Subsequently, Nvidia, Sony, etc. followed closely. At that time, "breaking the equipment restrictions, that is, to play, and the high quality of the picture" became the keywords in many manufacturers to outline the development of the blueprint. However, the technical bottlenecks such as bandwidth and cloud services, and the effective business model of not exploring travel, the cloud game was dumb, and it was silent for a long time.

According to the industry's generally recognized statement, cloud games are essentially a game method based on cloud computing technology, that is, put the game on the cloud server, transmit the rendered screen to users through the network, and obtain instructions, realize interaction, realize interaction Essence Players do not need to download, install, and consider configuration and other issues, and can play various games in the Internet. However, the emergence of the cloud game seems to reduce the threshold of experience games, which is actually invisible to use the requirements. This means that network technology needs to support high -quality game screen rendering, fast operation response, etc., and the network bandwidth and stability in the 3G/4G period are limited, which directly leads to the delay of cloud games failed to move forward.

With the arrival of the 5G era, the cloud game ushered in a new turn. The low latency and high bandwidth characteristics of 5G, while achieving a better gaming experience, reduce the operating cost of the platform; its mobile characteristics also expand the diversification of the game scene, thereby increasing the frequency of players and promoting the cloud game Popularization. Around 2019, domestic and foreign game manufacturers, cloud service providers, and telecommunications operators successively launched related products, such as Google's cloud game platform Stadia, Jinshan Cloud's PaaS platform, China Mobile's 5G cloud game platform Migu Kuaisou. For a while, the market re -ignited the optimistic expectations of the development prospects of the cloud game.

But unlike the external expected, the mature cloud game experience is still rare. Recently, the reporter randomly experienced a variety of cloud games. Compared with local games, it was found that the touch reactions, screen presentation, and audio effects of such products were relatively inferior, especially racing and shooting. In addition, most of the cloud games on the market are mobile games, with fewer hosts, 3A and other types of products.

IDC Chinese analyst Zhao Siquan explained in an interview with the new express report that this was mainly caused by the causes of both ends of supply and demand. "From the perspective of the supply side, due to the reasons such as network construction and computing power supply, the current cloud game has limited improvement in user game experience; coupled with the game publishers have not formed a mature profit model, the upper cloud power is insufficient. As for the demand side, the side of demand. The domestic cloud game platform is mainly based on the combination of duration and membership expenses, the cycle subscription system, free and internal purchase combination system, and consumers still need time to develop paid habits. "

From "Yunhua" to "Yunyuan"

You need to work more in content, network and computing power

It is worth mentioning that the above -mentioned manufacturers launched the iOS cloud game, which seems a little more special in the industry. Earlier, Apple once banned all APPs from relying on the cloud platform streaming. After that, the official attitude was loosened, saying that the app store was allowed to allow cloud games and other streamlined apps, but provided that the streaming products on the platform need to be officially reviewed and there must be a corresponding application list. If you can operate profit in a relatively closed iOS ecosystem, it may bring new inspiration to the industry.

In fact, because the development of cloud games require huge amounts of technology, funds, and time costs, there are still a handful of manufacturers that can participate in and break through and break through. In January this year, Mihayou took the lead in the iOS version of "Cloud & Middot; Original God". According to public statistics, as of April, the iOS version of "Cloud & Middot; Original God" has passed more than 1 million, and the estimated revenue of the entire platform is about 20 million yuan. Prior to this, Mihayou has invested in the era of Weilong many times, and the latter is a real -time rendering solution provider, and has more than 10 years of research experience in the field of cloud game technology. And Tencent's "Cloud & Middot; Tianya Mingyue Sword Mobile Games" has also been developed for many years, and now it is "long overdue."

Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of enterprises for cloud games is no longer diminished. The balance between Hengtong in the cost of user experience and operating efficiency, many people in the industry have hoped on the "cloud trial play" to explore the form of diversified payment and business models. The report also believes that "'Cloud Test Play' Advertising Mode simplifies the promotion process of the game and reduces the threshold of the game experience, and it has a significant improvement in the new registration conversion rate and promotion conversion rate of the game. The business model is clear and the business model is clear and the business model It has been verified successfully. "It also pointed out that in 2021, Yun Games increased in investment and financing and the number of enterprises compared with 2020. It is expected that from 2021-2023, the cloud game industry will enter an important transition from" cloudization "to" cloud origin ". stage. After 2023, the "Yunyuan" game will usher in a new turning point.

In other words, it is necessary to allow existing games to provide cloud services on the cloud and how to provide more stable cloud services, and then to develop and design in the cloud, and even create a new type of game types. Will the predicted new turning point come smoothly, and how should manufacturers lay out? In this regard, Zhao Siquan admits that the current mainstream form in China is still lacking high -quality games on the cloud, and the "Yunyuan" game is relatively scarce. For computing power providers, the key is to continue to strengthen its infrastructure's service capabilities for the service of Yunyuan games. For the issuer, it is necessary to continue to explore the content.

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