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618 Consumption recovery trend Obviously stone technology domestic sales continue to exceed expectations

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618 is crucial for the second quarter performance of the enterprise. In the context of this year's optional consumption affected affected overall pressure, the weight of 618 data will be higher.

As early as mid -to -late May, platforms such as Tao Department, JD.com, and Douyin e -commerce have thrown out the support and discount reduction policy of 618 merchants this year to stimulate consumption. Among them, the discounts of home appliance brands are slightly higher than in previous years.

Both the brand and the platform's data show that 618 home appliance sales this year ushered in a real "opening of the door." It is reported that the transaction of mid -to -high -end appliances on the Jingdong platform increased by more than 8 times year -on -year, and the turnover of 10 minutes of home appliances pre -sale payment increased by more than 3 times year -on -year; Douyin E -commerce 618 Good Prince Kitchen Kitchen Electric GMV increased by 598%year -on -year.

In emerging categories, clean electrical appliances, integrated stoves, projectors, and massage instruments show high prosperity, and the leading company Hengqiang's situation. The reporter learned from the Merchant Battle Report that the sales of the scanning robot head brand Shito Technology 618 opened the door over the full cycle of last year; the Tmall single platform alone achieved 200 million yuan in sales, accounting for more than 180%of the transactions in the same period last year.

Some institutions analyze that the current home appliance sector is at the bottom of the valuation, and the emerging smart electrical circuit with both growth and certainty will usher in a good opportunity for development. For example, stone technology products and technological innovation are strong. By accelerating the shortcomings of marketing, the domestic market share continues to increase. At the same time, 22Q2 overseas new products are superimposed with low base effects, which is optimistic about its export growth rates to improve quarterly.

Domestic sales continue to exceed expectations

China is in the early stage of the third consumer society at this stage. The consumer unit starts from the family to the individual, paying more attention to personalization, miniaturization, and diversification; consumer content shifts from durable products, necessities to fast -moving consumer goods, providing emotional value consumer goods; consumer value orientation From cost -effective to focusing on quality, segmentation, and personalization.

Clearance of strong consumption such as cleaning electrical appliances, projectors, and massage instruments has become a key beneficiary sector, bringing new commercial opportunities to the field of smart small appliances. As the domestic epidemic situation weakens the pressure of domestic sales, the pressure of the new product is sufficient.

In the Clean Electric Circuit, Shito Technology launched the rapid capacity after the G10 series of the G10 series of self -cleaning products last August. The market share of 2022Q1's domestic sales was close to 150%of the market share, and the online market share increased rapidly from 10%to 24%; new products driven by new products; , 2021Q3Q4 and 2022Q1, the domestic sales of stone brands achieved a year -on -year growth rate of 58%, 130%, and 88%, respectively.

Earlier this year, Stone launched a new generation of self -cleaning products G10S sales is also strong. According to Stone Technology Fang, the brand has actively accelerated the shortcomings of marketing in 2021, and focuses on creating brand image and value identity. Online traffic acquisition, brand exposure, product reputation Institute of investment, fully tap new user groups, inject new impetus into the company's rapid development, and realize the double pre -sale data of the G10S series compared with the G10 series pre -sale data.

After entering 2022Q2, despite the influence of the epidemic and the continuous pressure of the industry in April to May, the domestic sales of stone technology still increased by 45%and 67%year-on-year, respectively. Judging from the current 618 data, the performance of the stone brand is still exceeded. According to the official report, as of 22:30 on May 31st, the overall channel sales exceeded 200 million yuan, exceeding the full -cycle sales of 618 last year. According to Magic Mirror data, as of June 3, Shito Technology 618 opened the door of Tmall alone to achieve 200 million yuan in sales, which fully driven Q2 domestic sales to maintain high growth.

Previously, in the capital market, the discussion of the stock price, car manufacturing, and performance around Stone Technology was the most concentrated, but in a certain sense, the performance only represents the past of a company. Investors should obviously pay more attention to the future. continued.

As a high -tech enterprise that goes to invest in R & D innovation and accumulates nearly a thousand intellectual property rights, after the high technology barriers are high, the marketing capabilities of Stone Technology are also rapidly improving, and the brand has continued to empower the global market.

The low -selling bonus bonus will be displayed

In the middle and long term, the sweeping machine track still has growth globally, and stones have the potential to continue to expand its global market. On the one hand, the domestic anti -screen leader's product strength, supply chain, iterative innovation speed, etc. are stronger than overseas leaders, and have global competitive advantages. Benefiting from this, the global market share of Stone Technology increased from 1%in 2017 to 17%in 2020, and has been highly recognized by users in major markets such as North America and Europe.

It is reported that in 2022, Stone Technology launched a new product S7 MAXV series overseas. It attracts foreign consumers through automatic dust collection and self -cleaning function. challenge. At the same time, the 2021Q2Q3 sea transportation is not smooth, especially in the port of North American routes that affect the shipping period. At present, the marginal situation is alleviated. Stone Technology will also enjoy the low base dividends sold overseas in Q2-Q3.

Judging from the growth rate of 2021H2 and 2022H1, the layout of the overseas product system and the improvement of the environmental improvement, with the continuous improvement of the stone brand's market channel construction and marketing system at home and abroad, the global market share is still expected to continue to increase.

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