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How to change the account one key unbind the phone number? The most anticipated service is about to arrive

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It's easy to change your mobile phone number, but there's still trouble before and after you know that? That is the mobile phone number corresponding to the binding of a series of network accounts how to do. There are two troublesome steps:

Step 1, discard the old number: the old number bound to various accounts such as shopping websites, short videos, games and so on many accounts can be logged in by SMS number, soYou have to close those accounts first.

Otherwise, after the cancellation of your old mobile phone number for a period of time, the number will be re-enabled by the carrier, so that the new users of the number can use the verification code to log in to use.


Step 2: Enable a new number: If you get a new number that no one has used before, that's fine. But if you get a deregistration reboot number and the previous person didn't deregistration, you'll run into problems when you apply for a new account. The number is registered. The trouble.

So what to do?

Something you have to do before you drop your number

For the first step, we can only be in the cancellation of the old number according to the memory of the cancellation of the previous account, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble (some websites also put the account cancellation function hidden quite deep). But there are still some websites that do not provide account cancellation service, we have to take the means of emptying the relevant information inside the account to avoid privacy disclosure.

Must cancel probably have these:All kinds of instant messaging, all kinds of short videos, all kinds of mobile phone numbers attached to the bank (which is supposed to go to the branch), all kinds of shopping websites, payment tools, and all kinds of social toolsEtc. (not comprehensive ah!)


And for registered too many accounts, they do not remember those websites registered account partners, we can not help, after all, xiaobian is one of them.

Originally below to introduce “ # 1 Check ” There is a one-button query function, but it is currently in the testing phase, and there are some problems, so it is offline. But even if there is access, the search to the Internet account is not comprehensive.

Please go to the business hall to cancel the mobile phone number!

How to deal with the trouble that the new number account has been registered

For step two, there may soon be a quick fix, and that is under the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. # 1 Check ” The launch of mobile phone number one-click unbinding Internet account service.

Using it, you can apply to unbind the new number from the Internet account bound before the restart. Unfortunately, shortly after its launch, the service was taken offline again, with the official announcement that it was currently in beta and the official account name changed from “ # 1 Check ” Changed to “ Code Number Service platform & RDquo; .


In & other; # 1 Check ” We were lucky enough to get access to this feature when we first launched, so here's a brief introduction.

Specific operation: wechat & RARR; Search & rarr; # 1 Check → No. 1 general check public number & Rarr; Enter the public account & Rarr; Bottom service bar & RarR; Number binding & Rarr; One key unbinding → Enter the phone number → Query & rarr; Check the Internet account & Rarr that you want to cancel. Apply for untying. Enter user information → To submit.


According to our tests, “ # 1 Check ” Service scope includes weibo, Taobao, Meituan, Dianping, Douyin, Toutiao, Xiaomi 7 mainstream Internet account unbinding operation.

“ # 1 Check ” Service Description:

1. Number binding “ One-key query ” Service: To provide information about the Internet account registered and bound during the period when I hold the number.

2. Number binding “ One key unbind ” Service: Disassociate the Internet account bound to the number registration before the number is held (that is, before the number is cancelled and restarted) (the Internet account bound to the number is not affected).

3. In-network mobile phone users of China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom (excluding those who will transfer their numbers before 2021) can apply for the service.

4. The service covers the Internet applications of Weibo, Taobao, Douyin, Toutiao, Meituan, Dianping, Xiaomi Ecology, etc. The specific application page shall prevail.

I have to say, Check One works pretty well. Unfortunately, it has been temporarily offline. According to users' feedback before, there are some bugs, such as canceling the corresponding account when using the query function. Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon and the service will be back online.


The service of No.1 Check is very good. However, when we tried it before, we found that the Internet accounts supported are still relatively few. We hope to support more and more Internet accounts in the future.

In fact, the most convenient method, or the major operators may be unified before the cancellation of mobile phone number restart, automatic cancellation of previously registered Internet accounts, but the implementation is very complicated.

Hope & other; # 1 Check ” /“ Code Number Service platform & RDquo; Service can be resumed as soon as possible to meet everyone's needs.


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