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After all, it was Microsoft that beat Internet Explorer

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When's the last time you opened Internet Explorer? Did you open Internet Explorer last time to download Chrome?

By the time you read this, the browser, which was born in August 1995, is probably dead.

These two years IE can be said to have been living in everyone's memory. But it's not IE itself that gets written down, it's a lot of memes around IE. Do you feel like there's a piece missing from this picture? ▼


Like Soviet jokes, IE jokes are a valuable intangible cultural heritage on the Internet. so

I· Compatibility Killer & Middot; Enemy of the front-end & Middot; Banks and various registration systems used to be favorites. · E  How the Internet was so big back then that it left us so much. “   The heritage & have spent ”   . So now that it's buried, we have to think about what to do with these old web pages.

Ancestral pride;

At Microsoft, by bundling operating system marketing, the browser was successfully dismantled. “   Dragon & have spent ”   After Netscape. By 2003, the market share even reached 95%. The level, believe that many poor friends in those days when the computer class, are in and blue shoe cover and blue IE deal with.

As a result, Microsoft float also very fast, very fast, in the next few years, IE from the scrap, not only their own old problems do not go to repair, the new technology support is also lackadicable. After the launch of IE in 1995, it was updated to IE 6 in 2001. Internet Explorer 7, the next generation, actually waited until 2006... That's a lot longer than a rich old thief.

Security, compatibility, the two most important weapons of the browser, IE hasn't made much progress in recent years, and after a few years at the top of the industry, it has finally become the dragon itself.

And the warrior who stands out this time is the one we know. Chrome  . The first version of Chrome, released by Google in 2008, is light, slick, simple, more secure and futuristic.   IE 2022 looks back at it and sees itself as it was 27 years ago.

Chrome  Like Microsoft, it has bundled its own Google services instead of hardware.

It worked. Ten years after Google launched Chrome, it had more than 60% of the market. And the old King Microsoft is unbearable IE burden, announced that the future Microsoft Edge will be based on Google Chromium kernel development...

Also announced the death of Internet Explorer, the old Internet Explorer will cease support on June 16, 2022, by the time you read this article.


The mess of development time

Of course, when Microsoft stopped supporting IE, it left a lot of mess behind. For instance the website that teaches endowment signs up, the system of a few elective courses in the school, still have partial company Intranet, net silver system is waited a moment. All of these things, they only support Internet Explorer.

If there is a reason why these sites are so deeply tied to IE... Microsoft dug a hole. When these sites were developed, they coincided with the rise of our mobile Internet.

There seems to be no problem with developing projects on the biggest platform in the market.

In those years, many web projects were based on NBSP; IE  On ActiveX  Control, although this thing only supports Windows, but in those days the design concept is still very good, can support netscape Native code, can use C++& NBSP; Development, can support a variety of WinAPI. And Microsoft has opened up a lot of permissions for ActiveX to make web development fun and more functional.

But the most important problem is that this authority to billions of little more, it in the development of the project, it is easy to be stuffed into a lot of private goods.

Details are shown below


Even after Microsoft reacted and patched a lot of them... I can't control these problems. And it was Windows only at first... Therefore, in the subsequent development of other browsers, for security, monopoly considerations,   Active X is a technology that almost no one uses and has become obsolete along with IE.

At this point, the original problem was clear. — Why do Internet banking and course selection require IE for many of their functions? Because it's very likely that the Windows where you enter your password on these platforms are Windows that use IE's ActiveX support.


After the shutdown

What if I still need access to these sites after IE has stopped running? In fact, we do not need to worry too much, these problems, the browser adaptation manufacturers have to consider about the.

We can see it in the official documentation provided by Microsoft. Edge  Browser pair & NBSP; IE  Compatible mode support,


Many domestic manufacturers in this time also take a hand, such as 360& NBSP; The browser has previously announced that it will continue to support the IE kernel. Can support both Trident of IE and Blink of Chrome.

The required control support is also a failure.


Can manually switch, but also intelligent recognition, their own want to add rules is not difficult.


In addition to 360 & have spent , and sogou, QQ browser these are some of the IE compatible support functions, we actually do not have to worry too much. If you really don't want to open a new browser, but must use online banking. Also check out the ActiveX for Chrome plugin.

Of course, there is another way to solve these problems. — :

Use your phone App.

To tell the truth, this tweet today, the world is supposed to use IE on the public account background to write. The result may also be IE is not up to par ah, completely unable to open.


The audacious idea had to be abandoned. She also asked her friend who was a computer teacher in primary school.

The reply was that both IE and shoe covers had been out of their computer room for a long time.


Yeah, times have changed. No matter what technology, it has its life, that is, the day they are obsolete. Internet Explorer, the companion of our youth, eventually became a name. One to keep track of Microsoft making dead products. — “ Product Tombstone & RDquo; The name on the

Goodbye, IE.

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