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When it comes to the metasemes, why are the red ones always game stocks?

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The metasverse is stealing the show today.

A shares of the capital market, Guotai Junan under the concept of the meta universe 113 stocks, as of the end of the day 99 floating red, Green Treasure to rise 20% to lead, Chinese online, the End of the United States world, 23 and other eight companies trading limit.

Also today, at the 2022 Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference and the launch ceremony of the "Tidal Pujiang" Investment Shanghai Global Sharing Season, Shanghai released four "new track" investment promotion plans, including the universe, green and low-carbon, intelligent terminal and digital economy. Among them, it is expected that the scale of Shanghai universe industry will exceed 350 billion yuan by 2025.

I don't know if this is a kind of echo. From the perspective of several aspects of news, the prospect of industry scale is thriving, and the biggest increase in meta-universe concept in the capital market is mainly game companies, but interestingly, the performance of underlying technology-related enterprises recognized by the industry as having potential in the capital market is not satisfactory.

The 2022 Hurun China Meta-universe Potential Enterprise List, released for the first time by Hurun Research Institute, divides the meta-universe into five industrial sectors. The companies listed in the bottom technology category are the most, accounting for 38%, represented by ZTE (down 0.04%), Ofeiguang (up 2.45%), iFLYtek (up 0.55%). Ecological applications followed, accounting for 23%, represented by Bytedance, Mango Super Media (3.01%) and Sanqi Interactive entertainment (4.38%). Platform technology accounted for 20%, represented by NetEase, Baidu and 360. Terminal industry accounted for 10%, represented by Huawei, Xiaomi and Goer shares (up 0.24%); The network technology sector accounted for 8%, represented by China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, all of which were down today.

It seems that the meta-universe concept, as a product of the convergence of cutting-edge technologies, is attracting the attention and pursuit of the global industry, which has formed a certain consensus. Perplexing is that, from the concept of metauniverse is accepted as the integration of artificial intelligence, cloud native, blockchain, 5G, extended reality, digital twin and other cutting-edge technologies to build a new immersive digital space, why several rounds of capital upsurge caused attention to the game enterprises in the majority?

"It's easy for brands to get involved if they have the right assets in hand. As immersive experiences become more common, brands that have built a rich library of 3D assets will gain a first-mover advantage. From now on, it is important to gain experience in building successful 3D and immersive virtual environments." Adobe Greater China managing director Zhenzhang Wu said.

This may explain why the games industry is the most advanced -- having a large pool of talent and technology means the opportunity to be the first to share in the dividends of the metasomes, both as a provider and a beneficiary of the technology.

, by contrast, near the yuan universe application include entertainment and e-commerce industry, the application of relevant technology might be quicker than we imagined, such as virtual host, more and more virtual idol, for product demonstration in the electricity industry Gao Qingtu also do not need to film in the studio but from various angles to build the 3 d digital model, all of these can save time and cost.

As more and more brands prepare for the meta-universe and immersive experiences of all kinds, the basic industries related to 3D content creation deserve more attention. After all, the metasurses don't just exist to create game-like virtual environments, but to build digital twinings that replicate the real world, and tend to provide cross-regional collaboration and social interaction.

Logically, these are not the corners of the capital forgotten, is the performance of the stock price is not obvious.

There is no doubt that China's enthusiasm for developing the meta-universe continues, as seen in previous acquisitions by several Internet giants. Also interesting is Adobe 3D& AMP; From the perspective of Yin Shan, head of the greater China and Southeast Asia business at I, she illustrates this point with the example of visits to Substance 3D series of apps that deepen 3D and immersive experiences. She noted that the tool is up 100 percent year-over-year, and that China is also the most focused market for companies outside the US and Europe, as "about half of all the IP traffic to the site comes from China".

Mergers and acquisitions and fundraising in related sectors are also active around the world. According to the "Yuan Universe Industry Chain Ecological White Paper" released by China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute, as of April 2022, global VR/AR enterprises have received more than 43 investment and financing events this year, including 18 investment and financing events of more than 100 million yuan, with the highest single financing amount of 2.2 billion yuan and the total financing amount of 8.2 billion yuan.

In the "virtual and real interaction" of the meta-universe, there are also some problems worthy of long-term attention and consideration:

One is copyright protection of virtual works. "We should know where the virtual works come from, how the assets are created. The market will only flourish if the provenance of works is accurate and original." According to Wu, digital art and virtual property can also play an important role in some immersive experiences, helping users express their personalities and emotions in new Spaces. Recently, hangzhou Internet Court publicly tried and sentenced a case related to THE infringement of NFT digital works, which also suggests that platforms and technical service providers need to consider the protection of digital assets.

The other is whether companies with current monopolistic characteristics will use their power to become monopolists of a new generation of platforms. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Unreal Engine and game developer Epic, has expressed concern, but fortunately, there's still time to look.

It would be nice if one day the company leading the metasomes could make a breakthrough on these issues.

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