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Hualong Securities received three more tickets, and the surplus of the Lantashan technology fraud issuance was not available

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Hualong Securities received three tickets from the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

On June 15, the CSRC's website released three administrative supervision measures. According to the announcement of the CSRC, due to the incomplete control of Hualong Securities Investment Banking business, the internal control system is not complete, the implementation of the internal control organization is chaotic, etc. At the same time, in terms of integrity, The relevant person in charge was adopted administrative supervision and management measures for regulatory conversations.

The source of all this dates back to last year's "Blue Mountain Science and Technology Fraud Issuing Case". In November 2021, Hualong Securities was fined 4.5 million yuan for the case. The three fines received at this time were also follow -up of the case.

Receive three tickets in a row

According to the announcement of the official website of the CSRC, Hualong Securities has two violations of regulations: First, the internal control of the investment banking business is incomplete, the internal control system is not complete, the implementation of inadequate implementation, the internal control organization architecture is chaotic, the key nodes of the "three -way defense" are invalid. The second is that the risk prevention and control mechanism of integrity is incomplete, the combing and evaluation of the risk point of integrity is not completed, and the risk prevention and control of third parties is not in place.

(Picture source/China Securities Regulatory Commission)

In response, the regulatory authorities decided to take administrative supervision and management measures for supervision conversations to Hualong Securities, asking Hualong Securities to comply with the head of compliance and the person in charge of the investment banking business to accept supervision conversations. And Huilong Securities has requested that Huilong Securities has cited the precepts, establishes improvement and strict implementation of the internal control of investment banking, and effectively improves the quality of investment banking business. It also strictly follows the internal accountability of relevant responsible persons in accordance with the internal accountability system, while submitting a written accountability report to the Gansu Securities Regulatory Bureau.

It is worth noting that although Chen Muyuan, the former chairman of Hualong Securities, has left in August 2021 from Hualong Securities, he still has to bear the corresponding responsibility for the company's previous violations. Chen Muyuan was the chairman of Hualong Securities at that time and was in charge of investment banking business. Therefore, he was responsible for related violations and was also taken administrative supervision and management measures for supervision conversations.

In addition, the announcement shows that Hualong Securities has problems in the interests of the internal control personnel in the Lan Mountain Science and Technology Selection Listing Project, and the quality control of the project team implementation of the project team is not in place. Therefore Li Haiquan, the person in charge of the person in charge, and Li Jiyuan, the person in charge of the quality control department, were also supervised by relevant departments. It can be seen that the punishment can be regarded as a semaphore of the "Lan Mountain Science and Technology Fraud Release Case" at that time.

Can't bypass the "Blue Mountain Science and Technology Fraud Release Case"

Public information shows that Hualong Securities was established in 2001 with a registered capital of 6.335 billion yuan. The main business scope includes securities brokerage, securities underwriting and sponsor, and securities self -employed. It is an old Northwest securities firm.

In April 2020, Lantashan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lantashan Technology"), which was at the basic layer of the New Third Board, publicly issued the stock instructions (declaration draft) to unspecified investors to unspecified investors and issued it to the selection Severe shocks.

In 2014, Hualong Securities opened cooperation with Lantashan Technology. Hualong Securities was the host brokerage company listed on the New Third Board of Lanshan Technology, and later became its supervisory brokerage. In the public offering project of Lan Mountain Technology in 2020, Hualong Securities, as its sponsor, signed counseling, sponsorship and main inheritance agreements with Lantashan Technology, charging 1.5 million yuan in Lanshan Technology projects.

Beginning in May 2020, Lantashan Technology received inquiries from regulators. Four months later, Lan Mountain Technology took the initiative to submit the termination of the selection layer listing.

In early November 2020, the Securities Regulatory Commission started a investigation of Lantashan Technology. It is reported that during the self -discipline review of the national stock transfer company and the on -site inspection of the Securities Regulatory Commission, the CSRC discovered that the authenticity of the Lantashan science and technology information disclosure was suspected of violating the relevant regulations such as the Securities Law and the Supervision and Management Measures of the Non -listed Public Companies.

At the same time, the CSRC pointed out that Hualong Securities, as the first public offering of stocks in Lanshan Technology, has a number of false records in the issuance documents issued.

After that, Hualong Securities opened many times due to the Lantashan Science and Technology Case. In November 2021, the Securities Regulatory Commission ordered to make corrections to Hualong Securities, gave warnings, confiscated 1.5 million yuan in business income, and imposed a fine of 3 million yuan; Warning, and a fine of 500,000 yuan.

In March of this year, Hualong Securities was punished by the national stock transfer company again, and the national stock transfer company disciplined it. The national stock transfer company said that Hualong Securities did not diligently responsibilities in the process of providing sponsor services for Lanshan Technology, so it took public condemnation measures to Hualong Securities, Zhao Hongzhi, and Li Echi.

On April 1st this year, the "Blue Mountain Science and Technology Fraud Issuing Case" was once again public by the Securities Regulatory Commission. On April 1, the Securities Regulatory Commission announced 20 typical illegal cases in the 2021 Securities and Supervision and Investigation. The "Lantashan Science and Technology Fraud and related intermediaries failed to diligently perform diligently."

The document pointed out that from 2017 to 2019, Lanshan Technology has accumulated a total of more than 800 million yuan through fictional purchase and sales, R & D business, etc., and increased its research and development expenditure by more than 200 million yuan, and its profits increased by more than 80 million yuan, resulting in public issuance documents There are false records. Companies such as Hualong Securities provided relevant securities services for Lantashan Technology and did not verify them carefully in accordance with business rules. There were false records issued by the reports. Relevant intermediaries are required to perform their duties diligently.

Today, Hualong Securities has received another three tickets due to the Lantashan science and technology case. In fact, Hualong Securities has been preparing for the IPO. In 2017, it submitted the first public offering of the stock and the listing counseling filing materials and was accepted. It was interested in completing the declaration in 2021, but due to the Lantashan science and technology case Essence Whether Hualong Securities can go smoothly is still worthy of market attention.

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