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Luo Yonghao claims to be behind entrepreneurship: Geometry of entrepreneurial investment opportunities in the AR field?

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Council reporter/Ma Tingting & nbsp;

Recently, Luo Yonghao released a dynamic on Weibo, saying that he would start a business again and officially withdrawn from Weibo and all social platforms at the same time. At present, Luo Yonghao's original personal Weibo has been renamed "Play a friend live room". Among the new startups, the company has opened a new Weibo account called "Luo Yonghao's rumor".

Luo Yonghao's new entrepreneurial direction is no longer a secret. He has repeatedly stated in public that he will join the next generation of computing platform -A. AR (Augmented Reality), which means enhanced reality, widely used a variety of technical means such as multimedia, three -dimensional modeling, real -time tracking and registration, intelligent interaction, and sensing. After the virtual information simulation, the application to the real world is applied, the two kinds of information complement each other, so as to achieve "enhancement" of the real world. & nbsp;

In an interview with the media, Luo Yonghao said, "The world holds billions of billion at the same time, and it can sell 100 billion equipment each year to call the next generation of computing platforms. We believe that AR is the next generation computing platform. This is in the science and technology industry. To a large extent, it is also consensus, not our creative. "& Nbsp;

Wu Fei, the founder and CEO of Liangliang Vision, said in an interview with our reporter before, "Just like Microsoft in the PC era, Apple is in the era of mobile Internet. All digital content is highly real, and it can interact with it naturally through human body language and sound language. "Some people in the industry believe that AR is expected to become the entrance of the Yuan universe.

Liu Tianjie, the director of investment in Huaying Capital, believes that AR has a great chance. "AR glasses will replace mobile phones, becoming the core of the next generation of mobile Internet, the sound of the main computing platform and even the entrance of the Yuan universe. Clear. "According to YOLE's forecast, the global AR shipments will increase from 1.03 million in 2021 to 41.23 million units in 2026. The market size is expected to exceed 20 billion US dollars. China is the largest market for AR devices. With the AR price threshold, consumer AR shipments will exceed industry -level in 2025. & nbsp;

  Opportunity to the industrial chain

The concept of AR has a long history. Its vision of C -side consumption began in 2012. Google launched the first AR glasses Google Glass, becoming an iconic event in the AR industry. Although Google Glass is not successful in business, it has opened the exploration of the next generation of computing platforms after smartphones. & nbsp;

The bumps of Google Glass's business journey have not affected the positive layout of capital. Related research data show that the capital market's attention to AR glasses has increased day by day. In 2021, the global and domestic investment in the AR field of the AR is 37.4 billion U.S. dollars and $ 18.1 billion, a record high. Since 2022, domestic AR financing has also been very active. Recently, the car AR HUD products and solutions providers Ruisihua announced the completion of 100 million yuan A+round of financing. Last month, the AR smart glasses brand INMO "Film Technology" completed nearly $ 10 million in Series A financing. & nbsp;

With the development of AR technology, the reuse between the technology and the supply chain of today's mobile phones will become lower and lower. Liu Tianjie believes, "In such a change of dimension, today's mobile phone giants have no ability, and it is impossible to block the road to enter the finals. Just like the technical changes of the past, the old giants have not been able to stop the new giants from stopping the new giants. The production is the same. "& Nbsp;

If AR will eventually become the next -generation computing platform, before it achieves mature consumer -level applications, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to overtake curve in all aspects of their industrial chain. In the upstream components of the AR industry chain, including optics and display modules, computing modules, acoustic modules, and interactive modules. Among them, optics, chips and interactions are the areas with the highest technical barriers, and they are the most worthy of attention. The midstream industrial chain includes AR equipment foundry. At present, there are two forms of separation machines and all -in -one machines. From the perspective of the next generation computing platform, the all -in -one machine is obviously the final form. The downstream of the industrial chain is content and application. At present, the B -end application of AR is significantly better than the C -end. & nbsp;

Taking the AR chip as an example, the chip is still the core of driving the rise of AR products. If AR glasses are completely replaced by smartphones in the future, the chip needs to be configured on the glasses, which challenges the area and computing power of the chip. In particular, SOC mainly undertakes operating system operation, SLAM capabilities, image rendering capabilities, and some network connections, sensor rear -end algorithms, etc. Although the mainstream on the market is occupied by the Qualcomm platform, the future AR chip will develop towards independence and customization. & nbsp;

Liu Tianjie believes that entrepreneurs have a great opportunity on AR chips. "Qualcomm may eventually enter the AR chip, but we do not think that Qualcomm will kill the Quartet in the Android camp like the era of smartphones, emphasizing that the Qualcomm platform of the baseband and radio frequency communication is emphasized. With the Android system, it is not the best solution to the end of AR glasses. Except for Apple, Huawei, and Samsung, if you enter AR glasses, you will develop your own chip, and the AR glasses track may eventually appear new chip giants, even a new chip architecture. . At present, there are already strong chip background teams and teams with deep chip backgrounds and pockets have embarked on this difficult and correct way. "& Nbsp;

  B -side application is better than C -end & nbsp;

At present, both Internet giants and traditional mobile phone manufacturers have entered the game. Apple has acquired AR technology related companies in 10 years and has a number of technology patents. It is reported that Apple's consumer -grade AR glasses are expected to be launched at the end of 2024. Microsoft took the lead in winning the B -level market, and signed a contract worth $ 21.9 billion with the US Army, including up to 121,500 set of HoloLens products. Google invests in Magicleap, Google Glass is still upgrading. Meta acquired Oculus in the early years and announced that the company used 20%of employees to build and invest AR/VR business. & nbsp;

In terms of AR applications, like many technologies, the current application of the B -end scene is significantly better than the C -end. This is because 2B customers have no requirements for the C -terminal's requirements for the performance of the terminal product as the requirements of the terminal product. At the same time, when the application ecosystem has not yet been established, the current AR technology can solve the vertical application of the B -end users of the B -end user. Scenes. At this time, AR is more suitable as a wearable device. & nbsp;

Wu Fei once told reporters that the development of the AR/VR industry must go through the stage from To B to To C -first solve the needs of some people, and then solve the needs of everyone. It is precisely based on accurate forward -looking judgments and targeted technical layouts that now the bright vision of AR/VR hardware products and software services has widely used industries such as security, security, medical, aviation, new energy, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

Liu Tianjie introduced, "AR glasses products have obvious advantages in the segmentation needs of some subdivided scenarios. For example, the smart helmet that takeaway platforms are promoting, replacing the mobile phone used by takeaway brothers for receiving orders and navigation; industrial industries; Intelligent detection and remote guidance in the scene; code scanning glasses in the logistics field, alternative code gun; inspection glasses in police scenes, replacing police passage and law enforcement recorders. What is needed is that the real mature AR products with the overall solution of 2B can really use the entire system of AR devices and the back -end system to access the workflow of B -end customers to improve the efficiency of customers. "

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