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App ushered in the strongest new regulatory rules strictly prohibit ranking brush quantity control review

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Our reporter Pei Yu reports from Beijing

Internet apps, which have become a necessary part of social life in China, will face stricter regulations from August 1.

On June 14, the state Internet information office (hereinafter referred to as the "net letter office") published the "mobile Internet application information service management regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), has been clear about the App information content provider and the distributor shall perform management main body responsibility, establish a management system for the protection of data security and personal information, adhere to the correct public opinion direction at the same time, Fulfill our social responsibilities and maintain a clean cyberspace.

The regulation will come into effect on Aug 1, the same day as the old regulation on the Management of Mobile Internet Application Information Services, which came into effect in 2016. An official with the CAC said that since the implementation of the old regulation, it has played a positive role in maintaining the ecology of online information content and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations. With the rapid development and wide application of mobile applications, new situations and problems continue to emerge, which need to be revised and improved to adapt to the development of the situation.

Internet companies have fully anticipated the regulations. In January 2022, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) solicited comments on the Regulations. However, the differences between the draft and the official version of the Regulations are very small, and there are no substantive changes, only changes in the order and wording of individual articles. Compliance department of an Internet enterprise told China business newspaper reporter, the regulations for advice, the company has been in accordance with the contents of the draft of their business processes and standards have been adjusted, have time to buffer, therefore, new regulations while more strict than 2016 version, but compliance pressure is not big.

Two items in the regulation have attracted more attention from the industry: one is to require instant messaging and information publishing apps to implement a real-name authentication system for users; The second is to prohibit manual or machine way brush, brush quantity, control rating, etc., but also prohibit bundled download and other behaviors.

According to the regulations on the Management of Mobile Internet Application Information Services (2016 edition), article 7, Clause 1, shall authenticate registered users based on mobile phone numbers and other real identity information in accordance with the principle of "background real-name and front desk voluntary".

Article 6 of the new regulations requires that application providers providing users with information release, instant messaging and other services should authenticate the users' real identity information based on mobile phone numbers, ID card numbers or unified social credit codes. Users who fail to provide their true identity information, or who falsely register with the identity information of their organizations or others, shall not be provided with relevant services.

The 2016 version of the Regulations on the Management of Mobile Internet Application Information Services does not involve the behaviors of ranking control. Article 9 of the new regulation clearly requires that app providers shall not use false publicity, bundling downloads, machine or manual methods such as ranking, quantity and rating control, or use illegal and bad information to induce users to download.

The above regulations will affect the way some players in the current Internet ecosystem conduct their business. The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, in the field of cultural entertainment, consumer products, etc, exist in a certain extent before use social media marketing accounts for promotion of operation, including some "zombie" accounts, the account in the hands of different people or institutions, the relevant contracting business, published to entrust the business people or commercial subject's comments, the new "regulations", after carrying out Stricter requirements for real-name authentication would greatly reduce the scope for such operations.

The purge of zombie accounts is ongoing. In 2021, CAC issued the Opinions on Further Consolidating the Responsibility of Information Content Management Subjects of Website Platforms, requiring that account registration management be strengthened and the relevant requirements on real identity information registration be strictly implemented. Strengthen the disposal of illegal accounts and strictly prevent the reincarnation of illegal accounts; Clean up the zombie and the Shell.

"Further changes will be made in the ecology of this field by cleaning up the inventory and strictly controlling the increment of real names." An employee told reporters.

Brushing, ranking and review control are phenomena that exist to varying degrees in the process of App distribution and promotion. Industry insiders told reporters that because the total number of apps is large, in order to be downloaded by more people, it is necessary to improve the ranking in all kinds of mainstream App store. Although the ranking rules of each platform are different, they are mostly related to downloads, reviews, reviews and so on. In order to get a better ranking or recommendation, There are App developers who pay to "brush" fake downloads and more and better reviews to induce more users to download.

Generally speaking, there are two motivations for brushing. One is the developer or operator of App actively brushing in order to beautify the data. The other is that the developer puts forward normal promotion requirements to the third-party promotion company, but in the promotion process, the third-party company or its partner implements brushing without the knowledge of the developer in order to complete the promotion task and obtain higher profits.

Brush quantity way has "machine brush" and "meat brush" two kinds. "Machine brush" refers to the automatic flash through electronic information equipment and the corresponding program operation, every flash, mobile devices of all kinds of information is updated once, then forged into a new cell phone, simulate the real user click finish from the phone App market, download, install and run the software, then the simulation of false data uploaded to the server. "Meat brush" is to hire people, download related apps, increase downloads.

At present, the major App stores are cracking down on the behaviors of brushing and rating control, so as to fulfill the main responsibility of distributors. Cac officials stressed that app providers and app distribution platforms should earnestly fulfill their responsibilities and obligations in accordance with the new regulations, strengthen their own management in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, actively accept social supervision, and constantly promote the healthy and orderly development of app information services.

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