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The "pie" of Online job hunting may turn into a "trap"

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When xiao Zhou was looking for a job on the Internet, he saw an advertisement for a group in Suzhou. The next day, Xiao Zhou came to attend the interview and paid the photo fee, meal card fee and accommodation deposit. As he was getting ready to go to work with high expectations, he found that everything was different. The work was completely different, the promised treatment was impossible to implement... Thinking of the 1,000 yuan deposit, Zhou tried to contact the "supervisor" and "personnel manager" during the interview, but got no reply.

Xiao Zhou is not alone. With the rapid development of the Internet, online job hunting has become the first choice of more and more young people with its advantages of low cost and wide coverage, but also spawned a series of new online job hunting scams.

  Low threshold and high income: pitfalls abound

"More money, less work", "10,000 yuan per month", "no limit on experience, no limit on skills"... This is probably a job seeker's good hope for the future job, but it has become the lure of criminals carefully weaving "sweet trap".

"In mid-March 2018, WHEN I was surfing the Internet in my hometown henan province, I saw a job offer for a truck driver in Suzhou, offering a monthly salary of 10,000 to 12,000 yuan. I was tempted. I traveled thousands of miles to come here, but I was fooled out of thousands of yuan." Speaking of the experience at that time, Master Xu was very regretful, "I blame myself too credulous, such a good treatment, the requirements are not high, where can the sky fall pie?"

The company xu applied for, nominally is a labor dispatch company, in fact, is a crime den. Since December 2017, Yao mou and other 5 people formed a criminal gang, recruitment clerk on the Internet to publish false high salary recruitment information, such as the driver more than 10,000 yuan a month, there are subsidies, five insurance and one gold, eat and live, so that many job seekers heart, they do not know that everything is a scam, aimed at their wallet.

Similarly, another criminal ring that defrauded job seekers in the name of "online recruitment" soon surfaced. They also with high salaries as bait, to attract the unknown truth of the job seekers "set", before and after the victim involved more than 50 and throughout the country.

In 2019, the people's Procuratorate of Xiangcheng District, Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province, prosecuted 14 suspects in the two cases for fraud and sentenced them to prison terms ranging from one year and two months to three years and ten months, respectively, and fined them.

It's all routine

These types of online job scams usually have a formula.

First of all, the criminal recruitment salesman, "hang sheep head sell vinegar" fake well-paid recruitment information on the Internet, the specific content of the recruitment information and requirements, salary, etc, are either salesman making yourself, either to collect other companies of formal recruitment information on the Internet, modified slightly, copy and paste, the general is a driver, welders, chefs, painters, etc.

"As for the names and addresses of recruitment companies, they are also fabricated. In order to win the trust of applicants, some criminals even forge seals and package the fabricated companies as legitimate ones." "Sometimes they claim they have a cooperative relationship with some big companies and can hire them directly under the name of some big companies, but in fact they have neither cooperation nor authorization," said Lee Jingyu, the prosecutor handling the case.

Such as job seekers when, after attending the interview, the criminal will pose at the scene of the interview ask some simple questions, and then in the name of the accommodation deposit, accreditation fees, materials, etc, to job seekers collection of money, cost generally ranging from several hundred to several thousand yuan, then arrange job seekers do sewing worker into the factory, and job seekers pay money.

Such scams are not very clever, and job seekers will soon notice the problem once they are hired, but why do criminals continue to pull it off?

The key is a series of follow-up measures. There are members of the gang whose job is to calm down job seekers. They usually trick job seekers into "obedient" general jobs by claiming that they can transfer jobs or refund deposits after a certain period of time. Sometimes, will pretend to be a job seeker and real job seekers chat up, to "experienced" identity to win trust, coax the other party.

Run into those who insist to return deposit, they also have all sorts of methods. For example, applicants are required to fill out a refund form and claim that they need to wait several working days before refunding the money, but they do not actually do it. Or deduct a part of money with the name such as data fee, can retreat little retreat.

Because many job seekers live far away from home, travel time and financial costs are high, they often have to swallow their frustration and accept their misfortune when they fail to get a refund after repeated urging.

  Victims stand in the dock: regret

It is worth noting that some of the criminal gangs that use online recruitment to commit fraud are job seekers turned fraudsters.

"At first, I just wanted to find a job as a driver. I saw a job listing online and applied for it, paying a deposit of several hundred yuan." "They arranged me to work as a salesman and post recruitment information online," Wang told prosecutors about his experience of joining the gang. It was only later that I realized our job was to scam people."

According to the investigation, Wang mou through the network recruitment into the criminal gang work, found that the "company" in fraud activities did not take the initiative to get away, but more and more deeply, become a member of the gang "main general", was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for three years two months, and fined RMB 8000 yuan.

The victim in the dock, it is a sad sigh. People like Wang are not alone in several cases of online recruitment fraud prosecuted by the Xiangcheng District Procuratorate.

"Online job scams are often team work, requiring large numbers of salespeople, and criminals are recruiting as well as looking for prey. Some job seekers have less social experience and poor recognition of recruitment ads, so it is easy to stumble into fraud gangs." The prosecutor introduced.

These people did not have the intention of subjectively participating in the crime at the beginning, but after working for a period of time, they found problems and realized that they were engaged in illegal activities. However, due to their weak legal awareness and difficulty in resisting unearned commissions and bonuses, they took chances and eventually fell into the abyss of crime.

Network recruitment scam routines, city's procuratorate deputy procurator-general Shi Yiqing after reminding before summary, job seekers when job must sharpen the eyes on the net, with some low threshold high income work to improve awareness and understand company situation carefully before entry, work content, once found illegal and criminal behavior, attention should be paid to protect themselves, and promptly get in touch with the police.

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