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Overseas giants officially announced, iron heart to enter the Chinese market? Huawei may be the target again

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In the early stage of the domestic smart phone market, there were only Apple and Samsung, the high-end brands, which occupied more than half of the market share in China. At that time, domestic brands were still making OEM machines in the low-end market. But now the situation is reversed, domestic huawei, Millet, OV and other local giants such as the rise of the army, in the world's entire mobile phone market accounted for half of the country.

It is worth noting that domestic consumers are the most enthusiastic to buy smart phones in the world, and China is the largest mobile phone consumer market in the world, but Samsung, the South Korean giant with the largest global shipments, is frustrated in the domestic market, and sales are always ranked in the ranks of "Others". Faced with this situation, Samsung set up a special department overnight and launched an investigation into the spending habits of Chinese users. This is not hard to see that Samsung is "determined" to return to the Chinese market, in an attempt to share a slice of the Chinese market, the final result?

Samsung has no shortage of technological advantages

The reason why Samsung is small in the domestic market is largely because its products are very substitutable and cost performance is very low. For example, in terms of fast charging, perhaps for safety reasons, Samsung models have been on par with Apple's fast charging speed, even though Qualcomm's QC5 has long been commercially available, but Samsung's fast charging is still less than 100W. In addition, Samsung uses the same Snapdragon processor as domestic brands in the mainland market, and the system optimization is not as good as MIUI and colorOS. The price of the flagship model has been high, which is an important factor to discourage many users who want to buy Samsung.

Can, however, for a long time the list on the status of "global ship king", enough to prove that samsung is not lack of technical advantages, especially in the screen, the respect such as flash memory, samsung for their flagship model materials very carefully, every time the samsung phone, always making waves in the overseas markets, and consumers are snapping up overseas spectacle is fully capable of break an arm-wrestling with apple, If Samsung is determined to return to the Chinese market, it is not impossible.

Consumers are often the most unconscionable, the same experience will always choose higher cost performance, the same price will always choose better experience. Samsung set up a special department to investigate Chinese consumers, in fact, is to solve the pain points of consumers, low profile, gather water into the sea.

Why return to The Chinese market?

A close look at the current domestic mobile phone market is not difficult to find that virtually every company is reintegrating their enterprise architecture to spare energy for attacking the high-end market, because the middle market is so crowded that only the high-end can realize product premium. A redrice spokesman previously revealed that the price of a dozen redrice units would have to match the profit of one apple. And while Huawei's business has faltered, other Chinese manufacturers have struggled to make inroads into the high-end market.

The domestic high-end market, it is no exaggeration to say that has not been eroded by other brands, almost entirely by apple swallowed into the stomach, in the eyes of many analysts, the domestic high-end market only apple dominance, the samsung is a high-end brand in the international market, to return to the domestic market is taking further said originally belong to huawei's market share, So Maybe Huawei will be taken advantage of!

Can you make a comeback?

In the domestic market, samsung is not without loyal users, samsung flagship model of each generation, almost all Ann rabbit rabbit high praise on the list, the problem is that the user group is not large, and in front of samsung in China is not just like millet, OV and other android manufacturers, and apple of word of mouth is better, to take share from apple's mouth is a snare.

What's more, Huawei has also launched 5G mobile phone cases, and Huawei is striving to achieve independent control of its core supply chain, and huawei's loyal customers are returning one after another. It is not easy to make a comeback in China, but it is not impossible, unless we follow domestic manufacturers to provide consumers with what they need.

For example, domestic manufacturers have the cloud disk function, so that users' address books, pictures and videos can be uploaded to the cloud disk for long-term storage, and slowly accumulate user groups. Depth optimization should be carried out for the domestic ecological environment. After all, the domestic ecology is very different from that of foreign countries. The fast charging that consumers like should also be adapted, and the cost performance should also be raised. Samsung may be able to take a bite out of the domestic market if it really wants to come back, thanks to its design.

So the final question is, if Samsung solves consumers' pain points, will you choose it?

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