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New rules for application are coming! Analysis of real -name system and Internet regulatory trends

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Text/You Yun Ting

Under the epidemic, big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen have been deeply affected and the economic development has been involved. The author has relaxed whether the regulation of the economy is watching the economy, but after watching the recent updated version of the "Mobile Internet Application Information Service Service Service Service, the mobile Internet application information service "Management Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as "new application rules"), it is found that at least in the Internet field, supervision is still being strengthened. Let ’s talk about my learning experience with you below. The level is limited. Two points. Welcome everyone to criticize and correct it.

  The dimension of the requirements for Internet companies leaps up

The original laws and regulations of the original laws and regulations for Internet companies are: to abide by law, respect morality, and then enumerate the inconsistent things. For example, the "Network Security Law" stipulates that any individual and organization should use the network to abide by constitutional law, abide by public order, respect social morality, must not endanger network security, and must not use the network to engage in national security, honor and interests ...

The new rules of the application have added a new content in it: application providers and application distribution platforms should abide by the constitution, laws and administrative regulations,Promote the core values of socialism, adhere to the correct political direction, public opinion orientation, and value orientation, follow the public order and good customs, fulfill social responsibility, and maintain clear network space.The more refreshing is Article 8 of the first paragraph:Application providers should be responsible for the results of information content,Do not produce illegal information, consciously prevent and resist bad information.

certainly," Responsible for the results of information content"The meaning is that as long as the illegal regulations or illegal contents in the application are not deleted within the specification of the illegal content in the website, the operator must be responsible for and punished. Thoughts and actual operation standards, but the writing of it into the regulations means that the supervision will continue to increase.

  “Responsible for the results of information content"Joining the application of the application of the application makes the Internet company's attention to illegal or illegal content very high, and it is necessary to push the Internet company to do it correctly from the results. Economic costs are even more illegal. This also means that Internet companies continue to survive in environments with huge supervision pressure. The weight movement cannot run forward, so survival is still the first consideration of Internet companies.

  Real -name system accuracy further

my country's Internet real -name system is step by step. The "Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Strengthening the Protection of Network Information", which is implemented in December 2012, should be the earliest real -name laws required by my country. It stipulates that website access, fixed -line, mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile, and mobile To enter the Internet, providing information release services for users should require users to provide real identity information.

The "Internet User Account Name Management Regulations", which took effect in March 2015, first proposed that Internet companies should be required to register accounts after authenticity information certification through real identity information certification in accordance with the principle of "background real name and voluntary front desk". The old version of the "Mobile Internet Application Information Service Management Regulations" implemented in August 2016 followed the corresponding real -name system.

The "Network Security Law" implemented from June 1, 2017 has new content. In addition to stipulating website access, fixed -line, mobile phone access to the network, providing users with information release services requires users to provide real identity information. It also stipulates that the state implementation of the state: the country's implementation Network trusted identity strategy.

The 2022 version of the "Regulations on the Management of Mobile Internet Application Information Service Management" also adds the expression of the network credit identity strategy, and at the same time deletes the content of "background real name and voluntary front desk". Specific regulations: Article 5 Application providers and application distribution platforms shall fulfill the responsibility of information content management, and actively cooperate with the state's implementation of network credible identity strategies ... Article 6 Application providers provide users with information release and instant messaging. For services, the user who applys for registration shall be authentically authenticated by real identity information certification based on mobile phone numbers, ID numbers or unified social credit codes.

The author's understanding is that the network trusted identity strategy is a high -name system that requires a higher requirement. Not only the real -name system, but also credible, to exclude those false registered pseudo -realities. Therefore, the provisions of Article 6 of the new rules of the application should be understood as that the user's true identity information authentication must be used to use a mobile phone number, ID number, or a credible certification method in the unified social credit code, and dual or multiple verifications are not ruled out.

The new application of the application first uses the network credit identity strategy to clearly use it on the application provider. It stipulates that the application store should conduct the application provider based on the real method of mobile phone number, ID number or unified social credit code, etc. Identity information authentication, and according to the different subjects of the application provider, the publicity provider name, unified social credit code and other information are publicized to facilitate social supervision and inquiry.

A more accurate real -name system means higher operating responsibilities for Internet companies, and based on more accurate real -name systems, information content security management, information content ecological governance, data security and personal information protection, and minor protection system It will also improve the institutional cost of Internet companies and allow the operators of Internet companies to focus their main energy on compliance, rather than business development.

In the end, although some disappointment, life still has to continue. It is hoped that the Internet industry will take this opportunity to strengthen internal skills, continue to promote compliance work, and wait for the next development opportunity. In addition, there are more than 20 new rules for applications, and the content is very easy to understand. Everyone is interested in reading the method by themselves.

Author: You Yunting, senior partner of Shanghai Dabang Law Firm, intellectual property lawyer.

(Disclaimer: This article only represents the author's point of view, and does not represent the position of Sina.com.)

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