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Has the approval right of game version number been delegated? The industry expects detailed rules to be clarified and implemented as soon as possible

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"When the number was just sent out, the colleague in charge of the application of the number also discussed with us what the word 'pilot' really meant." June 20, a game industry insiders told new express reporters.

A few days ago, this year's second batch of game plate number. The suffix "pilot" has been added to some "domestic mobile games". Analysis believes that since 2014, Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hainan and other places have been included in the indigenous management of online games pilot. This signal releases or adumbrative domestic network game apportioning the further landing of management pilot. However, a number of game manufacturers told reporters that because the official has not yet made a specific explanation of the "pilot" and other relevant content, the industry is currently in a state of research and observation.

■ New Express reporter Liang Ruxin

 16 games added the word "pilot"

According to the website of the National Press and Publication Administration, a total of 60 new domestic games were granted license numbers in June, 15 more than the previous batch. This is the second batch of approved games this year after the resumption of distribution in April. The outside world is very concerned about, different from the previous "mobile" "mobile - leisure puzzle" "client", the description of the category of the declaration into "domestic mobile games" "domestic client games" "domestic web games" and so on. Among them, 16 games are labeled "pilot" and are published and operated by the same city, from Beijing and Shanghai.

There was much talk of the new changes. The relevant person in charge of Boke city admitted that although the brand's first self-developed IP product "Cat Apartment 2" is in the "pilot" category, but the meaning behind this change has yet to be officially given "confirmation", to further analysis. "The National Press and Publication Administration hasn't made it clear yet, and most people are still studying and watching," said an official from a manufacturer whose products were also marked "pilot". However, it is certain that there are pilot cities that can directly accept application and issue approval for game license numbers."

Some analysts believe that the "pilot" is the "fourth type of game" that requires operating units and publishing units to be in the province. To put it simply, games labeled as "pilot" are approved by local authorities, while products not labeled as such are submitted to the National Press and Publication Administration for approval according to the normal process.

An official from the Guangzhou Game Industry Association explained to The New Express that "the fourth category" refers to products with complex plots, relationships between characters and functional gameplay. Compared to other relatively simple products, such games require substantial approval. "All games are first submitted by local publishers to the provincial bureau, which then reviews them. At present, the provincial bureau of some pilot cities has a certain priority audit right, that is, after the provincial bureau audit, the general administration is generally directly recognized, no longer repeat the approval process. But what we've seen over the last year or two is that basically every game that comes in is reviewed again."

  Territorial management pilot or accelerate industry health up

In fact, the concept of territory-managed game plates has been around for a long time. In reality, with the increasingly strict and meticulous approval of the license number, the game submission process is far more complicated than the outside world imagined. Enterprises can get the license number as soon as one year, as slow as two or three years, or even take longer.

In this regard, it is particularly necessary to put forward territorial management. According to the accepted view of the industry, the territorial management of the copyright number refers to the way of applying for the record of the general Administration through the territorial review, reducing the time limit of approval to improve the efficiency of approval. In 2014, Shanghai took the lead in launching the pilot project of territorial management of domestic online games. As long as games are published and operated in Shanghai, they can be censored directly in Shanghai. According to the data released by relevant local departments, after the introduction of localized management, the time limit for approval of online games in Shanghai was reduced by 50%, and new products could be completed within one month at the earliest from application to approval.

A year later, the then deputy director of state general administration of press and publication, radio and television Sun Shoushan in China international exhibition of digital interactive entertainment revealed more positive news, says it will gradually expand the scope of domestic network game apanage management pilot, strive for in the years to include 2-3 online game companies relatively concentrated area of publication administrative departments at the provincial level to pilot work.

At the same time, this domestic network game approbation management pilot "green channel" also gradually in each free trade pilot area to establish. On September 2, 2021, The State Council issued several Measures on Promoting the Reform and Innovation of Trade and investment Facilitation in Pilot Free Trade Zones, proposing 19 measures in total. Article 16 of the measures states that "pilot projects of territorial management of online games will be carried out, and pilot projects of online game examination and approval will be promoted in the locations of qualified pilot free trade zones." Take Hainan as an example. On April 8 of the same year, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce issued opinions on Several Special Measures to Support the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and Relax market access. The guideline clearly points out that the development of online game industry is encouraged; We will explore ways to delegate to Hainan the power of pilot examination and approval of domestic online games, and support hainan in developing its online game industry.

After less than half month, the Ministry of Commerce issued the general plan of comprehensive pilot services open still wider to the outside world of hainan province, further deepening the above opinion, put forward "support hainan deepening of network game content audit pilot, strengthen the network game of intellectual property protection, attract creative team gathered themselves together, and promote the innovative ability of the game industry as a whole". Up to now, Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hainan and other places have been included in the homebred network game apperial management pilot.

In the view of the industry, the orderly expansion of the pilot project of territorial management review can give better play to the enthusiasm of territorial management departments, improve the efficiency of examination and approval, so that healthy and beneficial products can be operated in an orderly and fast way, and thus promote the long-term healthy development of the game industry. For enterprises, restrictions on copyright numbers and stricter policies will no longer be the core contradiction of industry development, and the focus of market competition in the future will return to core competitiveness such as product and content quality and whether it can highlight cultural confidence. In this process, it also means that clearer and more detailed regulations are needed to resolve the uncertainty of the industry's progress.

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