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Foreign -funded retreat Tencent reduced its holdings of "knowledge with goods" or only instantly

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Dong Yuhui became popular, and New Oriental rose 600%after 5 days.

In the past two weeks, the latest online celebrities who took over Liu Genghong were Dong Yuhui, a new oriental teacher who laughed at the "Terracotta Warriors". With the unique "bilingual" style, Dong Yuhui has countless fans, and the East selection of New Oriental's Oriental selection in June was strong in June. Data show that from May 30th to June 16th, the stock price of New Oriental's online online rose 741.18%, of which the stock price of 5 trading days from June 10 to 16 rose 6 times.

Just when people enthusiastically discussed whether knowledge with the goods can rise from the Qingliu to the top of the live e -commerce community to the top flow, and whether the New Oriental will "turn over" from then on, Tencent, which has been holding the shares for 6 years, on June 15th and June 16th, June 16th Selling New Oriental Online Stocks in a row continuously, foreign investment such as Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Citibank, etc. also reduced its holdings high, dragging down the two consecutive trading days of New Oriental Online on the 17th and 20th. Fall 32.08%.

At the same time, some e -commerce industry experts also pointed out that if Dong Yuhui's oriental selection adheres to the current positioning and does not do well in the supply chain, then the selection of oriental selection will not be big and not long.

■ New Express reporter Zheng Zhihui

 17 million fans, sold 340 million!

Dong Yuhui has been on the whole network

Recently, the New Oriental selection live broadcast room, and the anchor Dong Yuhui, who took the goods, once became popular, and will appear on the hot search almost every day.

It is understood that 8 years ago, Dong Yuhui entered New Oriental after graduating from Xi'an Foreign Studies University and became an ordinary English teacher. Last year, New Oriental suffered a policy influence and decided to get involved in the field of live broadcasts. At the end of that year, the boss Yu Minhong personally took the goods in person, and it was tepid for half a year. Until June 10th, the East selection was accidentally popular in Douyin.

The important reason for Dong Yuhui's sudden popularity is its unique style of carrying goods. There are various shouts such as "spike" and "buying explosion". Instead, they bring bilingual live broadcasts. From time to time, they are mixed with philosophy and history.

For example, selling shrimp, explaining the rapid freezing technology in English, and explaining each knowledge point; selling potatoes, telling how to from the potatoes that refuse the mother, to the potatoes grown on the back of the mother to Xi'an; The style tells the breeze, ears and sunlight of the rice field in October.

Nevertheless, Xin Oriental founder Yu Minhong also admitted in a recent public account article that he did not understand why this live video on June 10 can make Dong Yuhui become popular overnight.

One of the great gains of becoming a celebrity is the turbulent traffic. In just 10 days, the live broadcast room of Oriental Selection, which was silent and less than one million fans, became a popular live broadcast room with nearly 17 million fans and 340 million yuan a week. More than a hundred hot search.

After the East selection was rushed out of the dark horse, many benefits were released in the capital market. In just a few trading days, the stock price of New Oriental Online started from the 4.45 Hong Kong dollar/share on June 10, and it rose to the stage high at 33.15 Hong Kong dollars/share on June 16, an increase of more than 600%.

 The shortcomings of the supply chain emerged, and foreign investment retreat Tencent reduced its holdings

Just as the most popular concept of Dong Yuhui's "knowledge with goods", e -commerce expert Li Chengdong analyzed at the time that the East selection was able to fire. On the one hand, there were several reasons. When the big V head of the Tao department quit, the new player has the opportunity and space, and the Douyin platform that intends to exert its e -commerce company also silently pushed behind the back. The internal reason is that before the selection of the East, Yu Minhong was led by Yu Minhong. His people set up a life instructor, and selling goods would definitely not succeed. Now it has been replaced with New Oriental teachers. They have the foundation of the success of live broadcast, that is, eloquence and strong output ability.

At the same time, Li Chengdong also emphasized that there are two main points in the selection of oriental selection in the future. The first is not to "step on the thunder". After all, New Oriental is transformed by teaching and training, which is more sensitive. The second is to do your own supply chain and make good control. Oriental selection of the product control chain of the current main agricultural products is difficult to grasp, and uncertain logistics can easily bring a large number of returns and complaints. If you insist on this positioning, then the East selection is indeed not big, and it will not last long. In addition, people who invest in New Oriental Online stocks should be careful. The speculation is very large, and the probability of accidents is also very high.

Speaking, on June 20, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange disclosed documents that Tencent Holdings continuously sold the New Oriental Online shares held by Tencent Holdings from June 15th to June 16th. Fall to 1.58%. In addition, from June 14th to June 17th, a number of foreign "clearance" types such as Morgan Stanley, HSBC, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, and Bank of Paris reduced the holdings of New Oriental Online. From June 17th, the two trading days of New Oriental's online stock price fell 12.59%and 32.08%, respectively, and closed at HK $ 16.98 on the 20th. Compared with the highest price on June 16, the stock price declined as high as 48.78%. Essence

In addition, on the day of "618", the number of online viewers selected by the East only increased by 5%, and the GMV was about 64.62 million, a decrease of 3%from June 16. There was no grandeur that the classic e -commerce classic promotion day. On June 19, the GMV selected by the East dropped by 34%. On June 20, some media quoted the citizens that the peaches that had been selected in the East had about a quarter of the peaches that had mildew and long hair, and some netizens questioned that the Oriental selected 6 yuan and 1 fresh corn is too expensive.

On June 21, New Oriental's online stock price rose nearly 15%in early trading, and then fell again.

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