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People's Daily Comment: High -quality supervision, the development of Internet diagnosis and treatment is more stable

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Not long ago, the "Detailed Details of Internet Diagnosis and Treatment (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Detailed Rules") jointly formulated by the National Health and Health Commission and the State Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration. The "Detailed Rules" aims to promote the healthy development of Internet diagnosis and treatment, to ensure the quality and safety of medical care and safety, and put forward clear regulatory requirements for medical institutions, medical staff, quality and safety of Internet diagnosis and treatment activities. It is of great significance to resolve the safety risk of Internet diagnosis and treatment and ensure the safety and quality of medical services.

Internet diagnosis and treatment is an emerging format for the medical industry and an important part of my country's medical service system. In 2018, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Development of" Internet+Medical Health ", and the development of Internet diagnosis and treatment ushered in" spring ". By the end of 2021, there were more than 1,700 Internet hospitals across the country. The Internet diagnosis takes the Internet as the carrier, breaks through time and space restrictions, greatly simplifies the medical process, and effectively improves the patient's medical experience. At the same time, in the process of rapid development, individual irregular behaviors, such as the lack of strict qualifications for platform physicians, and the first diagnosis of illegal regulations, which brings risks to patients' life safety. The essence of Internet diagnosis and treatment is still medical services. The "Details" put medical quality and safety first, helping to standardize the behavior of Internet diagnosis and treatment, and use high -quality supervision to escort the Internet diagnosis and treatment to achieve high -quality development.

A good doctor is the key to ensuring the quality of Internet diagnosis and treatment services. In the past, an offline diagnosis and treatment, there were hospitals and departments as carriers. Patients communicated face -to -face with the doctor, and it was easy to distinguish the qualifications of physicians. Online diagnosis and treatment are connected to physicians and patients through the network platform, and it is relatively difficult to distinguish the qualifications of physicians. In this regard, the "Detailed Rules" emphasized that "the doctor must conduct real -name certification before receiving the consultation to ensure that he provides diagnosis and treatment services. Other personnel and artificial intelligence software shall not be used to provide diagnosis and treatment services to replace the physician himself." It is confirmed that patients' trust in Internet diagnosis and treatment will undoubtedly greatly improve.

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There are standards to see what diseases can be seen online. Retining common diseases and chronic diseases is the basic positioning of Internet diagnosis and treatment. But what is the retraining and how to judge, because of the lack of specific standards, the regulatory vacuum is caused. The "Detailed Rules" requires that "patients should provide clear medical records with clear diagnosis, such as outpatient medical records, hospitalization medical records, migrant discharge, diagnosis certificates, etc., and the consultant will retain relevant information and determine whether they meet the re -diagnosis conditions." When the patient's condition changes, when the doctor's judgment is judged as the first diagnosis or other unsuitable Internet diagnosis and treatment, the doctor should immediately terminate the Internet diagnosis and treatment activities and guide the patient to go to the physical medical institution. " The standards are more operable, and the professional authority of the physician has been further clarified.

The prescription medicine on online is more standardized. In the past, in order to sell more medicines, some Internet diagnosis and treatment platforms adopted the method of buying medicines first, and then due to drug formulas, and even automatically generated prescriptions by artificial intelligence software to provide hidden dangers safely for patients. The "Detailed Rules" stipulates that the prescription should be prescribed by the consultant himself, and it is strictly forbidden to use artificial intelligence and other automatic prescriptions. Prescription drugs should be sold, adjusted and used by the prescription of the physician. The prescription is regulated to effectively prevent drug abuse and provide more solid guarantees for patients' drug safety.

The quality control of online diagnosis and offline treatment is integrated. Although online diagnosis and treatment are more convenient, the doctors and patients do not have face -to -face communication, and quality control is more difficult. In order to ensure the safety and quality of medical services, the "Details" grasp the criteria for enrollment, full supervision, management of homogeneity, data sharing, etc., and make targeted management regulations. From "to carry out online and offline integrated quality control from physical medical institutions", to "medical institutions should ensure that Internet diagnosis and treatment activities can be left and traceable throughout the process", so that the quality control of the Internet diagnosis and treatment can be followed, which reflects the wisdom and system of intelligence and system. The organic integration of governance will definitely urge medical institutions to continue to improve the quality of Internet diagnosis and treatment to better meet the needs of the people for medical treatment.

Quality and safety are the eternal theme of the medical industry. With the introduction of the "Details", relevant departments from various places should formulate implementation measures to promote supervision and implementation in accordance with the actual situation. Let the medical institutions involved in the Internet diagnosis and treatment give full play to their own advantages and provide more convenient and high -quality digital diagnosis and treatment services. "Internet+Medical Health" will definitely achieve more development results. Big role.

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