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Zhiwang was checked! Cyber ​​security censorship may become a normalized element of network security ecological governance in my country

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Southern Finance All -Media reporter Li Runze 21st Century Economic Herald reporter Guo Meiting Intern Luo Tianen Guangzhou report

According to the news of the WeChat public account of "China" WeChat public account on June 24, the relevant person in charge of the Cyber Security Examination Office said that in order to prevent national data security risks, safeguard national security, and protect public interests, according to the National Security Law, "Network Security Law" The "Data Security Law", in accordance with the "Measures for Cyber Security Review" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures"), on June 23, 2022, the Cyber Security Examination Office interviewed the person in charge of Tongfang Zhiwang (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Start network security censorship.

Experts interviewed said that under the background of my country's high attention to network security, network security review has become a normalized work. Through the accumulation of recent cases of cases, my country's network security review law enforcement practice will become more and more mature, and the number of relevant law enforcement cases will also increase. Cyber ​​security and data protection will become a major compliance issue that enterprises must face up.

  The first public review after the revision of the new law

This is the first time since the newly revised "Measures for Cyber Security Review" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures") on February 15 this year, the official conducts network security review from an enterprise for the first time.

According to the "Internet Information China" notification, Zhiwang has a large number of personal information and important data involving national defense, industry, telecommunications, transportation, natural resources, health, and finance, as well as major projects, important scientific and technological achievements and key in my country Sensitive information such as technical dynamics.

As the largest academic electronic resources integration in China, Zhiwang contains more than 95%of the officially published Chinese academic resources. In the "Single Source Procurement Publicity on the Source Procurement of the China Zhiwang Database (2022) project" issued by Zhejiang Security Vocational and Technical College, the data capacity of Zhiwang is given intuitively. Taking the "Chinese Academic Journal (Network Version)", one of the sub -databases of Zhizhi.com, as an example, as of January 20, 2022, more than 8,540 journals were included, and the total number of documents reached more than 60 million. Among them, more than 1970 core journals were included. The complete rate of core journals and important evaluation databases is higher than 95%; the complete rate of other academic journals is higher than 93%. The complete rate of the literature is higher than 99 %. The annual period is from 1915 to the present.

According to Article 2 of the Measures, the objects of network security review include two categories: key information infrastructure operators to purchase network products and services, network platform operators carry out data processing activities, affecting or affecting national security.

"Judging from the current public information, Zhiwang is more likely to be an online platform operator." Wu Shenkuo, assistant to the dean of the Internet Development Research Institute of Beijing Normal University and deputy director of the Research Center of the China Internet Association, speculated that Zhiwang had previously trapped The storm of public opinion, this time, is reviewed by the network security review of its business operation model and data resources, but also in response to the concerns and doubts of all sectors of society. It can be regarded as a pragmatic measure for relevant national departments to study and respond to security risks in a timely manner.

He further pointed out that the "Measures" stipulates that network security review focuses on the national security risk factors of relevant objects or situations, including factors that harm key information infrastructure security, network security and data security. As far as the business is concerned, the content of the network security review may include the security, openness, transparency of products and services, and core data, important data, or a large amount of personal information being stolen, leaked, damaged, illegal use, illegal use, illegal use, illegal use, illegal use, illegal use, illegal use, illegal use, illegal use, illegal use, illegal use, illegal utilization, illegal use Multiple factors such as outbound risks.

In addition to the huge amount of data held by Zhizhi.com, Deng Zhisong, a senior partner of Dacheng Law Firm, also analyzed the content of the network security review of this cyber security combined with the direct shareholders of Zhiwang. Qixinbao showed that the main body of Zhiwang was Tongfang Zhiwang, while Tongfang Zhiwang was controlled by 100%of Zhiwang International Holdings Co., Ltd., and the latter was a pure foreign -funded enterprise established on the Cayman Islands.

"Combined with this, I understand that the content of the review is most likely to be the provisions of Article 10 (5) of the Measures, that is, 'core data, important data, or a large amount of personal information are stolen, leaked, damaged, illegal use, illegal use, illegal use, illegal use The risk of leaving the country '. But it does not rule out the application of Article 10 of the Measures. "Deng Zhisong said.

  Cyber security review law enforcement practice is becoming more mature

According to the 21st Century Economic Herald reporter observation, after the listing of platform companies went to the United States last year, the discussion on the impact of the Measures was mostly concentrated on listed companies abroad.

However, according to Wu Shen Kuo, in fact, the network security review itself is a normalized work. The supervision of listed companies abroad is only part of its specified content.

According to the "Measures", the members of the network security review mechanism consider or the network products and services and data processing activities that affect or affect national security. The provisions are reviewed. In order to prevent risks, the parties shall take measures to prevent and reduce risks in accordance with the requirements of network security review during the review.

In Wu Shen Kuo's view, compared with the previous cases such as Didi, Zhiwang, as a huge ecosystem of knowledge products, actually involved more complicated.

Deng Zhisong believes that considering that Zhiwang has a large amount of personal information, important data, and sensitive information, in the process of network security review, the law enforcement department may systematically review the network security status of Zhiwang, evaluate the stolen, leaked, damaged by these data to be stolen, leaked, and damaged. As well as the risks of illegal use and illegal outbound, and to strengthen network security compliance from the aspects of security systems and technical measures.

"But network security review may not affect the normal use of Zhiwang. Zhiwang includes more than 95%of the officially published Chinese academic resources, and the exclusive authorized journals account for more than 40%. Sexual replacement of its services. "Deng Zhisong believes that from the perspective of downstream users, before the promulgation of feasible alternatives, the law enforcement department will carefully consider the control measures that affect the normal use of Zhiwang.

In the context of the current fierce competition for data sovereignty, platforms to master a large amount of data, and network security issues, ensure network and data security, especially platform networks and data security, it is becoming more important to maintain national security.

Cyber security review is an important system in the field of network security. In Deng Zhisong's view, my country's network security review shows a trend of advancing with the times and continuously exploring and perfecting in practice.

The "Measures" was officially implemented in June 2020, and the network security review of Didi and other companies had not yet begun. After one and a half years of experience accumulation, due to the need to adapt to the new situation of international and domestic network security and promote the stable and healthy development of the platform's economy, the Measures were revised and implemented in early 2022.

Wang Yinan, a partner of Beijing Deheng Law Firm, pointed out that the Didi incident made the network security review of platform operators such as network platform operators.

Wu Shenjuo said that the "Measures" had had a major ecological positive impact in the short term. The first is to maintain the concept of national security and consciousness generally rooted in the hearts of the people. It has also become an important business pointer for daily operations of various market entities. More and more business entities are actively the establishment and improvement of the system of risk control systems in accordance with the "Measures".

"It is believed that the future network security review will become the normalized elements in my country's network security ecological governance and related regulatory law enforcement, an important guidelines for compliant operations of various operators, and an important mechanism for all circles to protect public interests and national security." Wu Shenjuo said.

Wang Yinan said that regulatory law enforcement is gradually mature, and business involves core data and important data, and a large number of personal information companies should pay more attention to the provisions of the Measures. "After all, the Damocles Sword will fall at any time."

(Author: Li Runze, Editor Guo Meiting: Wu Liyang)

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