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Byte buying gear for the metasverse again?

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Byte is buying equipment for the metasverse again.

Recently, Bytedance acquired Wave Particle and is now mainly responsible for byte's VR social business.

PoliQ is an Internet startup that focuses on the two-dimensional virtual social world, the metasverse concept, and has previously created an avatar makeover entertainment App called Vyou Weyou to great success.

However, after a series of user transformation and business transformation failures, the wave particle in the downturn finally accepted the olive branch handed by byte. Bytedance and Particle began negotiating an acquisition agreement in early February 2022. There is no doubt about the outcome. Bytedance's "cash power" has successfully recruited Boyun, who is now in charge of PICo's VR social business.

1. Wave particles and the meta-universe

Beijing Wave Particle Creative Co., Ltd. is a technology company focusing on the two-dimension virtual social world, founded in January 2020, the founder is the former head of Xiaomi VR Maggie.

The core technology of the company is a set of two-dimensional virtual character image customization system and virtual character face and body movement driving system. For example, we brush some virtual anchors and virtual character filters on the network, using similar technology. Before the acquisition, Wave Particle has actually made an app "Vyou Micro You", which has achieved good results. The company also plans to start from a lightweight Mobile app single point, and eventually grow into a multi-platform virtual world spanning Mobile/PC/VR/AR, pointing to the meta-universe. "Vyou micro you", is a new social software, you can model the image of the character you want to create, commonly known as "pinch face". Then this image, through the release of dynamic form, and the community of friends to interact.

It has three main functions, namely pinching, virtual shooting, and dynamic social networking. Virtual shooting: Through the virtual shooting function, you can choose the background you want, want to pose the character, action, adjust the appropriate Angle, shooting.

On November 21, 2020, Vyou was officially launched. At the beginning of the launch, Vyou micro You attracted many fans with its novel face pinching and high degree of freedom virtual dressing. With product iteration and optimization, the concept of meta-universe exploded. Vyou Micro You began to add the function of "meta-world", ushering in version 2.0. The APP label changed from "3D virtual face pinching and photo changing" to "two-dimension virtual image social meta-universe".

Benefiting from the "meta-cosmic concept" and quadratic KOL marketing, Vyou Micro You also ushered in a round of development climax. According to diandian, Vyou ranked 35th in the AppStore's social app category in September 2021.

However, according to the user profile of Vyou, most of the app's loyal users are teenagers with weak spending power, which also makes it difficult for Wave Particle to further monetize its users.

In the middle and late stages of the development of Vyou, users began to report the APP as more and more krypton items were added.

Unable to achieve user conversion, the realization of blocked wave particles experienced a relatively long period of downturn. From October 2021 to January 2022, the app ranked 150-200 on the App Store, with an estimated daily average of less than 1,000 downloads.

On March 11, 2022, Vyou Weibo officially announced that the game would cease operation. According to tianyan, a series of industrial and commercial changes took place during the month, including change of enterprise type, relocation of residence and withdrawal of external investment institutions. Wave particles during the downturn, which caught byte's olive branch, were acquired by Bytedance.

Bytedance founder James Magers joined bytedance in March this year, and the original team of about 50 people has been integrated into the Pico social center.

2. What you need to do is "socialize" in the meta-universe

With the popularity of the concept of "metasomes", VR, as the most potential entrance to the metasomes, has once again become the focus of attention. Bytes to beat last year "spent" acquisition of Pico again this year in the acquisition of wave particle do Pico vr social business, in addition to based on their rich media content products, as soon as possible to yuan tickets of the universe, at the same time, it seems, of the concept of the universe is still present in the yuan, beating byte is to use vr, make a breakthrough in the field of long entrenched social.

Bytedance has never been social. Bytedance has successfully built "Toutiao" and "Tiktok" by distributing content based on interest recommendations, and has become a powerful streaming media giant. However, it is undeniable that bytedance's media products do not have strong social attributes, which puts it at a disadvantage with Tencent in the content field.

The popularity of the metasverse seems to have given ByteDance a new opportunity to build social products using games and VR.

Facebook, which claims to be a future metaverse company, may have inspired ByteDance's understanding of the metaverse. In Zuckerberg's view, the metasemes will not only be reflected in games, but will project much of human life directly into virtual worlds. He believes that current voice and video social networking cannot provide a better sense of presence and space, but through VR, access to the meta-universe, people are expected to experience more immersive virtual social networking.

In 2019, Facebook released FacebookHorizon, a VR social platform. In Horizon, users can create characters, hang out with friends, have fun, and each person can define their own avatar and build their own activities.

For now, it looks like ByteDance wants to do something similar with "VR social."

Although HorizonWorld is not currently monetizing Meta, traditional social software advertising (wechat moments ads) and value-added services (QQ membersetc.) have proved that social software can make a lot of money, and HorizonWorld is positioned as an open virtual world. All virtual space, props, items can become selling points.

Bytedance is looking for a way to expand its VR social network. After all, VR "social" is as much a part of the virtual world ecosystem as "gaming" is.

With the third party known VR social software RecRoom, for example, in April this year, it said its monthly active users has more than 3 million - strong viscosity, this is the attribute of social software, compared with the traditional mobile Internet social networking, VR social will also be able to use in the virtual world, custom avatar and 6 dof interactive technology, Enhance user experience.

It can be said that VR social networking and meta-universe social networking are a future trend. With the acquisition of Boparticle, Bytedance is not only planning for the meta-universe, but also continuing to buy equipment. It is more likely that Bytedance will make a breakthrough in VR social networking and break Tencent's social encircled circle. The text/day li

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